Top 50 Male Strippers Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

If you plan a hen's night or hens party, you should consider hiring male strippers for your entertainment. 

If you're looking for a male stripper in Melbourne, Victoria, look no further. There are many different kinds of male strip clubs to choose from, and there is something for everyone. 

Whether you want the traditional bump and grind or a fun new twist on an old classic, this blog post will help guide you through your decision-making process so that when the time comes to book your event with one of the best male strippers in Melbourne. 

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    Ultimate List of Male Strippers in Melbourne

    Magic Men Strippers Australia

    1300 624 426

    Whether you're celebrating a birthday, hosting a hens night, bachelorette party, or simply having a fun girls night in Melbourne, our hot and hunky male strippers and cheeky topless waiters will make your ladies night unforgettable. The Magic Men can perform private shows in suites, private function venues, and residences throughout Melbourne.

    Each Magic Man possesses the body, moves, and charisma to excite and delight, delivering more than just a set routine. Our male strippers are also talented dancers who will customise a smart and sexy show to your preferences. Various shows are available to match the THEME OF ANY PARTY.

    Hens Night Melbourne

    Are you looking forwards to a fun night filled with chitchat, laughter, and all the glitter and glamour? Magic Men will make your Hens Night Melbourne spectacular. We provide a full-service package of entertainment, good looks, and professional service at an affordable price.

    Magic Men can make your Melbourne hens night entertaining, taunting, and hilarious. Celebrate your hen's party idea with live shows, e-shows, and private visits. Expect jaw-dropping performances from our Magic Men for a night to remember. Join us in celebration and have your phones ready to snap photos. Enjoy your last night!

    Cheeky Male Strippers Melbourne

    0403 714 658

    Here are the hottest male and female strippers in Melbourne. Our male and female strippers and topless waiters and waitresses will give you a night to remember at your place anywhere in Melbourne or at Melbourne's premier and liveliest nightclub 'Bond Bar' every Saturday between 7:30 pm and 10 pm (Male entertainment only).

    We have the most popular male and female strippers in Melbourne. Cirque du Soleil meets magic Mike meets the girl next door with spectacular dance routines, stunts, and a lively atmosphere featuring Melbourne's best male and female strippers.

    Cheeky Strippers offers topless male and female waiters, champagne, shots, and lap dances. Our topless waiters and professional male strippers have mastered stripping like never before. Check it out for yourself!

    For private events, topless waiters, waitresses, and male and female strippers travel throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria. Our male and female strippers will leave you speechless with their dance abilities, washboard abs, and scripted acts. Our topless male and topless female waiters will serve meals and drinks, as well as provide games and activities.

    Girls Night Afloat Male Strippers Melbourne


    Look no further for a one-of-a-kind, memorable night out for the girls, run by a professional, well-organized company!

    Join us on a cruise down the stunning Yarra River, where the scenery is breathtaking both inside and outside the boats! Our all-inclusive package is affordable and includes everything you need for the ultimate ladies night, whether it's a hen's night, a birthday, or just a night out with the girls!

    FAQs About Male Strippers

    A male stripper provides entertainment to an audience by stripping, often in a sexually suggestive manner. 

    Male strippers are usually expected to be well-built and attractive. Men may become strippers for personal reasons such as wanting extra money or because they enjoy the attention of women; some want to build careers as models or actors. 

    There has been considerable debate about whether female audiences should see male dancers perform.

    Yes, and it is one of the most common questions we get asked. Male stripping has been around since the early 1900s, so you are not alone in your curiosity! 

    A male dancer performs his routine by taking off clothing during his performance and performing other acts such as body rolls or gyrating on stage with another person. Male dancers can be spotted at bachelor parties, strip clubs, conventions, and more. 

    Strippers are usually male and often seen at bachelorette parties. A male stripper is a person who performs a striptease for an audience, typically in a nightclub or a strip club. Male strippers can be gay, straight, bisexual, transgender (male to female), or transsexual (female to male). 

    There are also drag kings and drag queens. These performers differ from traditional female impersonators because they do not dress up as women but instead embody the physicality of both genders simultaneously. 

    Drag performance is different from transvestism because it does not intend to be sexually provocative while still presenting an exaggerated form that many heterosexual men find attractive. 

    It’s impossible to please everyone. Whenever you’re creating something and decide to give your talent to the people, you always get some feedback – and you have to make peace with the fact that it’s not all positive. 

    Constructive criticism is good, and you need to learn to listen to people, pay attention and constantly try to improve yourself. However, there are always viewers who aren’t pleased, and there’s not always a good reason for that – everyone has their taste, and it’s ok. 

    You have to learn how to tell who in the audience is enjoying your show and focus your attention on these people. Then, let your colleagues handle the rest.

    Hunks 4 Hens Male Strippers Melbourne

    1300 522 820

    Look no further than our Hunks 4 Hens Melbourne for a memorable hen's night.

    We know how to bring ultimate excitement and blood-rushing fun to your party thanks to our successful stints at renowned clubs. You have the option of being adaptable: select one of our pre-designed packages or request a custom-made one to rock your and your girlfriends' night in Melbourne inspired by our creativity!

    Bare Nights Male Strippers Melbourne

    0409 777 015

    Hello and welcome to Bare Nights. We specialise in making hen parties, birthday parties, private functions, and corporate events steamy, spectacular, and unforgettable. Male strippers and topless waiters can be found in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth.

    When their handsome waiters arrive early to set up and stay late to clean up after serving all night, our customers are surprised.

    Our topless waiters are vivacious, charming, and welcoming professionals who enjoy socialising while serving. We always want you to have a good time. Our multitalented men can grill as well as mix cocktails.

    Bare Nights will make your hen's party unforgettable. We provide high-quality service and can meet your requirements. Our wait staff is frequently complimented. Several waiters are already booked three months in advance. Arrive early to ensure you get your prefered waiter.

    Hen’s Knights Male Strippers Melbourne

    0405 156 353

    We began in 2009 and have a great reputation for honesty and reliability, which is uncommon in this industry, so book your hunk or buff butler through us as they will be the best, most trustworthy, and attentive around - our lads will not go MIA just before your party. A special occasion is not complete without one of our Nude Life Drawing male models, striptease artists, or shirtless waiters. Your Bride-to-Be will never forgive you if she doesn't get at least one of these male entertainment options, no matter how much she protests with her maid-of-honour (that's probably you, right?). Don't worry about Nanas and Aunties; no matter how shy they are at first, they will enjoy our magical men more than anyone else at the party.

    Bridal and baby showers are also great reasons to hire one of our Adult Male Entertainers, and many females are booking male strippers and hens party waiters even for these typically more mild occasions - so if you're feeling it, just book it - it's all about the giggles and memories!

    Male Strippers Melbourne

    0431 431 994

    The stunning male strippers at Magic Men will make your night. They were chosen for their attractive bodies, wonderful personalities, and ability to make every woman feel beautiful.

    Rent a guy dancer (or two... or three...) for any type of party and we'll make your night sizzle. We have boys to suit your preferences. Our Magic Men strippers are hot and can dance.

    Their tremendous energy and fantastic attitude will make your special occasion even better. They were discovered from the best male modelling agencies and male strip clubs in Melbourne.

    Melbourne's top strippers are the Magic Men. They, like our bookers, understand that it's all about having fun. Our elite males are daring and gentlemanly. They have the power to make the birthday girl, bride-to-be, or best friend feel special.

    Exotic X Entertainment Male Strippers Melbourne

    1800 972 838

    Exotic X Entertainment (eXe), with over 1200 strippers, waitresses, and models, is one of Australia's top adult entertainment and stripper hire agencies.

    The entertainers at Exotic X Entertainment are both professional and personable. Our Exotic X Entertainers will light up your night!

    Our male strippers have the most costumes in Australia, ranging from cop to firefighter, pimp to tradie, cowboy to magic mike and everything in between.

    These guys will make sure you and your guests have the best night of your lives, with males who have toured Australia in male dancing revues and are famous for their striptease routines.

    Magic Hens Male Strippers Melbourne

    1300 411 877

    Magic Hens provides the best hens and parties in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Hens, girls, or other gatherings. We've been planning such parties and events for over seven years. Allow us to organise your hens party.

    We provide the best hens party packages in Melbourne for male strip clubs and parties. We offer private dancers as well as all-male revues. These party strippers are ready to have a good time with you and your friends.

    Choosing the right venue and package for your hens party in Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane is critical. Magic Hens can provide you with elegant venues for your party.

    Magic Hens believes that VIP treatment is a lifestyle that we strive to provide to all of our clients. We'll make sure your night is the wildest party of fun for you and your friends, from transportation to the venue to drinks and party entertainment.

    Aussie Hunks Male Strippers Australia

    0404 106 659

    Aussie Hunks is unquestionably the best option for a raunchy and seductive display of our hottest Melbourne male strippers. These hunks are more than ready to dance and strip to your heart's content. Explore the gallery below to meet the hot guys of Aussie Hunks Australia. There's a hunk for every occasion, from blondes to brunettes and everything in between. Make an enquiry with us today about hiring the hottest Melbourne male strippers for your next event. We're here to assist you in planning a truly unforgettable event and to advise you on the best entertainers for your preferences.

    The Aussie Hunks Adelaide male strip club offers nothing short of spectacular entertainment. From the moment you walk in until you leave. You're in for the wildest night of your life.

    Male Strip Club Melbourne

    1300 624 426

    If you're planning a birthday party or a Hens Night, you should consider hiring some male strippers. What kind of party or Hen's Night Do is complete without male strippers? When confronted with a semi-naked man, your friend's expression will be priceless, and something you'll remember for the rest of your lives.

    You want the ideal activities for you and your hens in order for your hens party to be a success. You can now book your male stripper in a much wider range of costumes as the perfect selection of strippers continues to grow. There are still cops and other uniformed men, but you can also have your own Christian Grey or a sexy guy in evening wear.

    Dreamgirlz Elite Male Strippers Melbourne

    0431 333 767

    Melbourne, Australia's second-largest city, is well-known for its diverse range of activities. This city hosts cultural events and festivals on a yearly basis. Moomba is the largest free community festival in Australia. These and other factors combine to make it a must-see destination.

    Melbourne has more entertainment options. This is especially true when it comes to adult-oriented entertainment. Females enjoy this type of entertainment as well. This increases the popularity of Melbourne's male strippers. These entertainers are frequently hired by females hosting hen or bachelorette parties.

    On a girls' night out, the future bride and her friends will enjoy a male stripper. Brides-to-be can enjoy being single. Male strippers in Melbourne are a fantastic addition to any party.

    Check out DreamGirlz Elite for the best male strippers in Melbourne. This website has a large selection of male strippers for mature entertainment. Hiring them is simple because they are available online.

    With this convenience, you should have no trouble selecting the agency. In Melbourne, there are several male strippers to choose from. You can reserve a male stripper and provide basic information there. To avoid problems, double-check the event's date and location.

    Male Revue Strippers Melbourne

    0431 431 997

    Sexiest Male Strippers Melbourne For Hire

    If you want to spice up an amazing girl's night out with the best male strippers in Melbourne, you've come to the right place! This is the place to be if you want to meet the hottest men in Victoria!

    Our supremely talented gentleman dancers and topless waiters know how to turn up the heat and show you an amazing time whether you're planning a hens night, birthday party, or any other event with your girls.

    We are concerned about your satisfaction. This is why our male strippers, whether they're a topless waiter or someone you've hired for a hen's party, will arrive confident and polite. Above all, they will keep a professional demeanour at all times and in everything they do.

    Do you want to spend an unforgettable evening with your girlfriends? Looking for the ideal way to de-stress? Looking for a spark to add to your event? Call us or check out our select waiters, topless hunks, and male entertainers for your wedding, party, or special event.

    Male Stripper Melbourne


    If you're planning a birthday party or a Hens Night, you should consider hiring some male strippers. What kind of party or Hen's Night Do is complete without male strippers? When confronted with a semi-naked man, your friend's expression will be priceless, and something you'll remember for the rest of your lives.

    You want the ideal activities for you and your hens in order for your hens party to be a success. You can now book your male stripper in a much wider range of costumes as the perfect selection of strippers continues to grow. There are still cops and other uniformed men, but you can also have your own Christian Grey or a sexy guy in evening wear.

    Strip-A-Rama Male Strippers Melbourne

    0417 069 960

    Strip-A-Rama Melbourne Strippers is a vibrant, well-established, and exciting Melbourne stripper and event booking agency.

    These hot male strippers in Melbourne are the best of the best, with killer bodies and the ability to dance! Aaron James, Billy, Brooklyn, Dancing Dave, Dragon Night, Harley G, Hawk, Jessie, Mark Anthony, Marty, Mason, Quentin, Tyrell, Tyson, and Possy Puss, the mascot, will ensure the success of your next hens or girls night out by providing the hottest male strip shows and strippers in Melbourne to perform for you and your party guests.

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