40+ Best Laundry Renovations Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

The laundry is one of the hardest-working spaces in the home. Most of us use it every day and couldn’t imagine life without one. Yet when it comes to renovating, we tend to spend the lion’s share of our budget on the laundry’s industrious siblings, the kitchen and the bathroom.

Although we may not spend a huge amount of time in the laundry, we believe that by investing a little planning and forethought into this often forgotten room, it’s possible to create a laundry you’ll love. 

On the hunt of laundry renovators in Melbourne, Victoria? Finding the right renovation company can be a stressful endeavour. After all, there are so many stores, options, and prices out there to consider. So, finding a laundry renovator that offers supreme service and a carefully curated selection of designs is a true life-saver.

To help you get started looking for a laundry renovator, we’ve rounded up our favourite laundry renovation companies from right across Melbourne, Victoria.

Read on to discover where to start your search.

Ultimate List of Laundry Renovations Melbourne

Hitch Property Constructions & Renovations - Kitchen Renovations Melbourne 


1800 221 111

Our renovation services cover everything from bathrooms, kitchens, garages and even hidden rooms or mancaves! We also offer all of the various renovation-related trades (including such things as painting, tiling, re-stumping and more) for all of those times that you don’t need a full renovation.

We are a small team of capable tradespeople who love what we do and want to help you to make the most out of your home. Our home maintenance and repair services, waterproofing services, and renovations are second to none.


Not sure if you should extend, renovate or rebuild? Since 2000 we have helped thousands of happy clients create their dream home in some of Melbourne’s most desirable suburbs. Call our building and design experts for answers or advice. With over 10 years of experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next renovation, driveway sett or home repair. We provide a professional service for private and commercial customers.


The maintenance division looks after every aspect of your home’s maintenance and repairs, both internal and external, from patching and painting a scratch in the wall to rebuilding collapsed fences. We’re also not just restricted to residential buildings – this division will also carry out repairs and maintenance to commercial and industrial buildings too. The waterproofing division looks after internal and external waterproofing, as well as recovery and repair services for properties damaged by inadequate waterproofing.



Are you looking to get a home renovation done? Whether you need a bathroom, kitchen, laundry, garage, or even a full home renovation, we can help you out! We have renovation services to suit every budget. Hitch Constructions has been helping Melbourne, Victoria’s growing families extend and renovate their homes for over 10 years. We specialise in design and construction and are able to fully renovate all types of houses.


The laundry, although arguably the most functional room in your Melbourne home, often ends up as the most neglected. If you are sick of walking into a dusty, outdated laundry full of cobwebs, you need to talk to our team at Hitch Constructions in Melbourne. If you have a small, cluttered space that is not fit for purpose, we have good news. We can help you design a laundry that works for you – so no more dreading laundry day. A well-planned laundry renovation can actually help simplify your life and provide extra storage for linen, clothing and other household products.


We have over 10 years of industry experience transforming laundries across Melbourne into light, airy and pleasant rooms with plenty of storage space. Why not make laundry day a little more enjoyable - talk to Hitch Constructions today about your laundry renovations in Melbourne and get your obligation free quote.


Has your laundry started to look a little sad or dilapidated? Years of constant use take their toll on the condition of the cabinet and storage units in your laundry, especially if these items were constructed using poor-quality materials or by inexperienced cabinet makers. If this sounds like your laundry, then it might be time to consider a renovation.

No matter the size of your laundry, Hitch Constructions can transform it into a practical and attractive space that will only add to the value of your home. As licensed Master Builders with over 10 years of experience, we guarantee that your Melbourne laundry renovation project will be completed to the highest standards of workmanship and quality.

Talk to our friendly team today to begin designing a laundry that will accommodate the needs of you and your family as well as look stunning. Our services can also add space to your laundry. Whether it’s a small closet set-up or a larger room, we can provide ample and appropriate storage space that also serves to heighten the aesthetic value of the room. Pack cleaning products securely away from the kids, finally have space to collect all those mismatched socks or just de-clutter space; whatever it is your bathroom and laundry needs, we have the designs and materials to make it happen.


Laundries are one of those ‘throwaway’ rooms that no one really thinks about or cares much for. They’re small, usually cluttered, utility areas that serve a purpose but never really have much ‘soul’. Don’t you think that it’s about time to do away with these tired laundry cliches?

A laundry renovation could bring some much-needed love to a forgotten room. It could also help improve the utility of the room itself. We have performed works on countless laundries, ranging from basic makeovers such as refreshing the cabinetry and putting a new basin into full-scale laundry renovations. We’re talking about new plastering, painting, tiling, waterproofing, plumbing and more! Even though laundries are a bit of a ‘boring’ room, it still needs to function well and fit in with the look of the rest of your Melbourne home.

About Us

Hitch Property Constructions is a small, flexible and friendly drafting company established in 2005. Hitch Property Constructions’ vision is to design a contemporary, unique and stylish home connected to the surrounding environment, which provides a flexible and comfortable living area.

We provide professional renovation and installation services with a real focus on customer satisfaction.

Our installations are carried out by fully trained staff to the highest professional standards.


We combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge and low prices to provide you with service unmatched by our competitors.


We have the experience, personnel and resources to make the project run smoothly. We can ensure a job is done on time.


Work with us involves a carefully planned series of steps centred around a schedule we stick to and daily communication.

Waverley Kitchens - Laundry Renovations Melbourne


(03) 9561 2422

Welcome to Waverley Kitchens, Laundries & Bathrooms

Do you dream of walking into a modern, free-flowing, well organised and efficient kitchen? Your kitchen is the most passionate room in the house and quite possibly the area that you spend most of your time in. If you desperately need to update or completely redesign your kitchen, laundry or bathroom, we will bring your dream to life.

We invite you to come to our showroom and speak to one of our friendly team who can assist you with any queries and can arrange for your free onsite quotation. We guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy and affordable your new renovation can be.

Waverley Kitchens and laundries have been satisfying the needs of residents in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne and surrounding areas for over 24 years. We are a licensed builder, registered with the building practitioner’s board with the appropriate class of registration and also a member of the HIA.

We are a family-owned business that provides an honest, professional service, generally unseen with larger companies and franchises. Our simple philosophy is that the quality and timeliness of the services we provide to our customers is all that matters.

We ensure strict compliance with all relevant industry legal regulations, which gives our customers great comfort, confidence and security. We employ approximately 11 full-time team members, qualified and licensed tradespeople, which allows us to complete most of our projects within a 2 week period. Importantly, this also allows our projects to start and finish on time as we are not dependent on external contractors.

S & W Kitchens & Bathrooms - Laundry Renovations Melbourne


0430 828 899 

Are you planning to renovate your laundry room? If you are, then why not choose a team of experts who can turn a messy laundry room into a spacious utility room. With the best laundry renovations solutions, you can more storage space in your laundry room, add worktops, shelves, and cupboards to make it functional and easy to access. With laundry renovations, it is now extremely easy for you to install complementary materials and make your laundry room more refined and spacious.

Add a refreshing touch by going for laundry renovations in Melbourne. S & W Kitchens & Bathrooms specialise in offering a variety of exciting practical solutions for renovation problems. Have a disorganised shelf? Do not worry, as we have the right tailored renovation designs to make your home the perfect living space for you and your family. Book an appointment with our designing consultants and browse through our collection of stylish and flexible designs of superb quality and finishes.

At S & W Kitchens & Bathrooms, we pay special attention to details and finishing touches. With our clever designing techniques, we assist our clients in choosing designs that are cost-effective and compatible. Want to renovate your home? Give us a call and get an instant quote for laundry renovations in Melbourne. Our professionals will visit your house to analyse the style and structure.

S & W is an Australian family business that specialises in quality kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, study rooms and living rooms. Sukie is the owner, certified Building Practitioner (Domestic Builder) and our head designer. She will be your main contact throughout your renovation: from developing the concept, selecting the right materials, to organising all relevant tradies to turn your dream project into a reality. At S & W provides A One-Stop-Shop to you.

We understand that your kitchen and bathroom is vital to your home, so we will work to ensure that the renovation is as fast and trouble-free as possible.

Berwick Bathroom Renovations - Laundry Renovations Melbourne


Investing your renovations budget in your laundry is a great way to get the wow factor into even the smallest of rooms in the house. From more efficient storage through to a crisp, clean-cut tiled design, there’s plenty of ways to make sure you’re getting the most from your laundry space.

Considering your laundry is probably the second most visited room in the house to the kitchen for getting the daily household chores out the way, wouldn’t you want the time spent there to be less than hard work!

Light up your laundry and turn that dull space into something that could sell your home. Make it space you enjoy venturing into and see the different solutions we can offer to help streamline your storage and laundry service.


We’re the leaders in the field. With over 30 years of experience, we simply get the job done. From a complete bathroom pull down and install to advise and guidance on how to get the most from your new bathroom, we’re here to help. We can cater for all styles of homes and room sizes and guide you through our simple 4 step process. Keeping you informed throughout the design and installation is key, and we’ll make sure the works are done to the highest standard every time. We’re HIA registered (1255658) and a licensed Vic Builder too (DBL64823), A member of the HIA and Fully Insured too!

Over 30 Years Experience

Unlike some of the others out there, we back our work up with something that can’t be bought - and that’s a good old experience! Chances are we’ve already done a project just like the one you have in mind, and we’re ready to go. We can help you make decisions on the best use of a space or point out any potential issues you may run into in advance, saving you time and money.

Melbourne Renovations - Laundry Renovations


0417 633 124

Welcome to Melbourne Renovations

Here at Melbourne Renovations, we will transform a dream into a reality, and our professional team will work with you to advise, design and deliver anything you can imagine.

How to Make Your Laundry Renovations Work for You

When people consider house renovations, one room that is always neglected or left until last is the laundry. Unless you plan on spending a lot of your spare time at the laundromat, your home needs room for laundry. However, does your laundry space need a whole room? At Melbourne Renovations, we’re all about maximising space and helping you create the house of your dreams. When it comes to laundry renovations in Melbourne, there are few people more experienced and knowledgeable than the team at Melbourne Renovations. Here are a few ideas you can keep in mind when planning your next laundry renovation in Melbourne.

How Much Space Do You Need For Your Laundry?

The truth is, you don’t need a tremendous amount of space for your laundry unless you want one. Unless you spend a lot of time in your laundry, you probably don’t want it taking up too much space in your home. Here are a few tips you can use to find the ideal location for your laundry.

Keep it away from living rooms and bedrooms. Unless you want to be interrupted by the sounds of your washing machine, you’ll want to keep your laundry away from places you go to rest. Popular sites for the laundry area next to the garage, near the kitchen, or in the bathroom.

How big are your appliances, and how many do you have? The size of your washing machine and whether or not you have a dryer will dictate how much space you need to leave in your laundry renovation.

Period Extensions & Designs - Laundry Renovations Melbourne


03 8658 1314

Don’t let your laundry space become an afterthought. Most people don’t think about it, but it is one of the most active rooms in your house. Your life will be much easier if it has a good workflow, a well-planned layout, and great functionality. Investing in a well-designed laundry renovation is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

With Period Extensions & Designs, we can help you in designing and renovating your laundry room so you can maximise the space, increase the functionality, and get a practical space that works for you.

A good laundry design requires a good balance between the most important elements. Laundries are usually the smallest rooms in the house, so you need a clever design that will make the most of the space you have.

Builders Who Listen to You

We start by finding out what’s important to you – what does your home mean to you? Why choose to extend your home? How can we create a custom home design to suit your lifestyle needs? By asking questions like this before a home extension, we make sure you get the results you’re looking for.

BLK Renovation - Laundry Renovations Melbourne 


0477 210 964

If you are looking for a quality kitchen, bathroom or laundry renovation that doesn’t break the bank, then talk to Melbourne’s most experienced renovation team. We can help with any scale renovation from a small apartment kitchen through to a multi-room resort-style bathroom. Every single member of our team are experts in their trades and skilled in all types of installations, kitchen installation, bathroom installation and any other wet room.

The laundry is often the most forgotten about rooms in the house, but one of the most used. Renovating your laundry is also one of the quickest ways to increase your overall house value while improving functionality.

BLK Renovations is your one-stop shop for laundry renovations and can assist with remodelling, sinks, appliance replacement, tiling, plumbing, plastering, painting, extraction fans or any other aspect of your laundry. Our aim is to breathe new life into your tired and old laundry.

Don’t let your laundry be forgotten about. Talk to the laundry renovation experts and book a free visit.

Our commitment to our clients

BLK renovations are committing to providing our clients with quality in everything we do. From your very first appointment right through to your final inspection, we guide you through the whole process and take the time to explain every stage of the renovation. For peace of mind, we also provide a workmanship guarantee.

M.J. Harris Group - Laundry Renovation Companies Melbourne


(03) 9431 1187

We are the M.J. Harris Group, home to “design and trades under one roof.” For home renovation projects both big and small, our services range from custom-designed renovations to individual trade hire.

Here, you’ll find all your home, laundry, kitchen and bathroom renovation and maintenance needs in Melbourne. Our team consists of some of Melbourne’s best quality tradespeople, including builders, carpenters, painters, plumbers, plasterers, electricians, interior designers, tilers, and landscapers. Our work is made efficient and lasting by our knowledgeable team leaders and project managers. Whether you’re looking for kitchen, laundry or bathroom renovations, choose M.J. Harris to update your space. Call us today for advice on your project and book a consultation – we’d love to hear about your home reno plans!

Laundry Renovations

Whether you’re looking to convert your laundry into a European inspired retreat or enclose it off into a hallway cupboard, M.J. Harris Group is the team you can rely on. For a laundry renovation team that will expand on your ideas and breathe life back into a tired laundry, contact us today.

At M.J. Harris Group, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge when dealing with wet areas in homes, from kitchens to bathrooms and laundry renovations. Maybe you’d like your laundry to be converted into a European style laundry, enclosed into your kitchen or a hallway cupboard. Or, perhaps you’re after an open laundry with a mudroom. As the laundry renovation experts in Melbourne, we can help bring your ideas to life.

BK Bathroom Renovations - Laundry Renovations Melbourne


0417 345 465

Laundry Renovations

The services we offer include plumbing and electrical rough-ins, plastering, new cabinets install, splashback (glass or tiles), drop-in sinks install and others. See below pictures for the completed works we have done in this category.

Bespoke bathroom renovations Melbourne

BK Bathroom Renovations is renowned throughout Melbourne for providing customised, incredibly stylish redesigns. With over 20 years of industry experience and an eye for both elegant design and quality craftsmanship, we have earned a reputation for creating spaces that are beautiful, functional and a pleasure to have as part of a home or business.

Our small, highly experienced team understands the value of customer focus. We take the time to work closely with you, ensuring that you are happy with both the design and the way your redesign is taking place. We care about the quality of your refurbishment, whether for large or small bathrooms and will ensure we create something you will be thrilled with upon completion.

Operating throughout the city, we provide our first class service from Melbourne’s western to northern suburbs and beyond.

SF - Laundry Renovations Melbourne


(03) 9021 3772

Whether you’re keen to upgrade the cabinets, have a brand new floor installed, or take advantage of our expertise in any way – we are happy to assist. Our team of experts are friendly, knowledgeable and courteous at all times. There’s nothing we enjoy more than helping our clientele to get the most out of their laundries.

Why Choose Us for Your Project?

If you’re looking for a team of experienced laundry professionals that understand what it means to provide a world-class renovation experience, look no further. Not only are our team some of the most proficient in the field, but we also specialise in every aspect of laundry redesign and remodelling; we couldn’t possibly hope to list everything here.

We are always willing to help, provide a free, no-obligation quote and could work with you to maximise the functionality of your room with an equal blend of productivity and aesthetic enjoyment. Welcome to SF Laundry Renovations – where your perfect laundry reno project is our speciality. For 11 years now, our team have helped countless homeowners to take full advantage of their properties with high functionality, incredibly appealing laundry room.

We are fully insured and are also a proud member of the Registered Building Practitioners authority – so when choosing us, you know that you’ll be in great hands. Every aspect of our projects are entirely compliant with all statutory requirements, but if you aren’t here to learn about the technical side of what we do, you’ll undoubtedly be pleased to hear that we pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship.

Focus Kitchens & Bathrooms - Laundry Renovations Melbourne


03 8589 9190

Custom Designed Laundry Room Cabinets in Melbourne

Focus Kitchens and Bathrooms not only make stunning modern kitchens and breathtaking bathrooms, but we can also create custom-designed laundry room cabinets manufactured right here in Melbourne. Custom Designed Laundry Cabinets can make the laundry not only more functional but add value to your home when it’s time to sell.

We understand that the laundry is often overlooked, but there is no reason why your laundry shouldn’t be a pleasant place while washing or ironing. Focus Kitchens and bathrooms can deliver innovative laundry renovations to homes of all styles.

Focus Kitchens and Bathrooms can provide you with options such as under-bench cabinets to facilitate washing machines and dryers, tall broom-cupboards, benches with overhead cupboards or recessed troughs, all in styles that bring warmth and character to a room while adding function. We provide free laundry quotes within the South East Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula Areas.

Touch Home Renovations - Laundry Renovations Melbourne


1300 742 021

Touch Home Renovations specialise in home renovations across Melbourne, so you can be assured that your home will receive the attention to detail that it deserves. Touch Home Renovations will take your ideas and combine them with their expertise and experience to deliver a home renovation that is perfectly suited to your lifestyle and budget.


Touch Home Renovations is owned by partner’s Raz Uzumcu (Site Manager/ Project manager)M: 0490 364 103 and Dee Uzumcu (Interior Designer/Project manager ) M: 0412 758 518.

Raz’s carrier in the building industry commenced in 2005, using his knowledge and qualifications as a Trade Carpenter, Bricklayer, Concreter and Painter. Raz developed and continued his passion for designing and renovating homes. Raz has many years of experience in turning old to new. With his eye for detail, Raz is known to complete the best quality bathroom kitchen, laundry, full home renovations, structural, open plan living and many more.

Dee has extensive knowledge in the building industry is rewarded by a 10-year history working in a family-owned successful building company as an Interior Designer and continued her passion in complete designing all projects from start to end. It is here where Raz and Dee evolved their passion by combining and utilising their skills and qualifications by forming a highly successful team of “Touch Home Renovations”.

With over 15 years of experience in working in the building industry, Touch Home Renovations is primarily involved in building renovations.

Parine Renovation - Laundry Renovations Melbourne


0404 167 311

Get value for money laundry renovations that completely transform your laundry. From the practical to the aesthetic, Parine Renovation will meet all your requirements and create the laundry of your dreams.

When you want to work with a team that is honest and professional, you can call on the team from Parine Renovation. We’re dedicated to providing the affordable bathroom renovations Melbourne locals love and strive to exceed our clients’ expectations with every project.

Working with a network of tradespeople to complete projects large and small, we provide the project management and oversee every aspect, from the initial design stages, through to the finishing touches.


Over 20 years experience

Parine Renovation is a leading Melbourne Kitchen & Bathroom Renovator that keeps in mind that you would like an affordable kitchen & bathroom renovation with style and design. Keeping within a budget does not mean your kitchen or bathroom renovation needs to miss out on flair and design. Perhaps you are looking to redesign your ensuite or simply just modernise the existing family bathroom.

Both a renovated bathroom or kitchen can add value to your home. We have a dedicated, personally selected team to complete your renovation with experience and pride in the completed work. We provide only quality products and materials for your Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations. Best Value does not mean offering the cheapest products on the market. With over 20 years in the industry, we create a perfect design for home bathrooms, ensuites, kitchens, and laundries, delivering prompt, reliable service you can trust.

Bathroom King - Laundry Renovations Melbourne


0411 558 251

Laundry room designs and renovations

With all of the chaos of daily life, the last thing you need is a laundry that you can’t depend upon to get you and your family’s clothes clean.

Our innovative laundry room designs are tailored to your needs and can make all the difference when it comes to transforming your laundry into a functional space.

Why We Are The Bathroom King

Since 1985, The Bathroom King has helped locals in Ferntree Gully, Wantirna, the Dandenong Ranges and other south-east Melbourne suburbs, with gorgeous new or renovated bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. Our comprehensive start-to-finish services aim to get you a stunning bathroom, kitchen or laundry space in a flash.

We are against hidden costs and will always come out on site for a thorough consultation – to get our measurements, discuss options with you and exchange ideas about how we can make your dream space a reality.

A core part of our mission is the importance of customisation and creating something you will love. That’s why we allow all of our customers to pick and choose items for their laundry, kitchen or bathroom according to their personal tastes. Bathroom renovations and designs are at the heart of what we do here at Bathroom King - hence the name! But, we also set the standards in Melbourne for affordable, stylish and functional kitchens and laundries.

Matrix Bathrooms - Laundry Renovations Melbourne


0412 519 051

Create a sanctuary in your home and find escape in your bathroom with Matrix Bathrooms – a family-owned business dedicated to providing premium comfort and design to homes across Melbourne, with breathtaking results and a value you’ll love.


Here at Matrix Bathrooms, we offer a range of services to ensure that your bathroom is just like you envision it. We are committed to providing you with high quality and transparent service each step of the way, from start to finish and everything between. Matrix Bathrooms will deliver flawless results with efficiency and pride.


You know exactly when your bathroom will be completed, so you can get excited about your new bathroom.

Matrix Bathrooms is a family-owned bathroom renovations business with 40 years of experience in providing Melbourne with bathrooms of tranquillity and sophistication at a great value.

Our team is led by professional craftsmen and experienced renovators, who apply their knowledge and expertise into developing every Matrix Bathroom with efficiency and care. By cultivating our traditional ethics and modern finesse that we’re known for, Matrix takes pride in maintaining an honest and exceptional rapport with homes across Melbourne.

Our experienced advice, careful planning and love for extraordinary bathroom spaces proves every time what sets us apart as the best choice for bathroom renovation in Melbourne.

ES Builder - Laundry Renovations Melbourne


0452 087 354

Your dream laundry room has never been closer to reality. Get started on your laundry renovation today.

Your laundry room is for more than just washing clothes. A well-designed space can improve your storage options and functionality for your entire home. And considering how much time Aussies actually spend doing laundry — on average, about 384 days in our lifetimes, or over a year — it is important to make sure that you have the best experience possible in a room that works for you.

If you are tired of your outdated, unusable laundry, the team at ES Builder are here to help. We are the company that does laundry renovations Melbourne loves, ensuring our clients have access to the very best in laundry design.

Melbourne Laundry Renovations

Our team have performed quality laundry renovations across Melbourne for a decade now and are guaranteed to get you the results you want for your laundry room.

We can create a custom laundry design, providing you with tailored laundry storage solutions. Whether you need more counter space, storage space, or just want to update the area to fit with the rest of your home’s design, we can accommodate any needs or ideas you have for the room. We use only the best quality fixtures and supplies sourced in Australia to provide you with a finish for your laundry room that you will love.

Have an idea in mind for your laundry room? Show us!

If you’ve found a design that you love, our team will do their best to bring it to life. We recommend collecting some pictures of styles that you prefer and features you would like to see in your own laundry, allowing us to more accurately incorporate these in your renovation.

Our talented team can bring whatever design you want to live — simply ask during our initial consultation, and we can advise on the best way forward.

Absolute Bathroom Makeover - Laundry Renovations Melbourne


0424 908 383


Because we are industry leaders.

With an outstanding reputation for quality, style and expertise, we are a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals committed to delivering to our clients a stress-free bathroom makeover on time and within budget. Combining your vision and expectation with our expertise and knowledge, we take the time to listen, understand and discuss all aspects and ideas. We can provide you with the latest in product innovation, functionality, practicality and design, to fully complement your individual personality and taste.


Create your dream bathroom.

With our meticulous work ethic, incorporating our high degree of integrity, honesty and attention to detail, accompanied by our enthusiastic, thorough and realistic approach, we have quickly established ourselves as an industry leader that not only promises but delivers the best prices, products, workmanship, services and finished results. Aided by our extensive 25-year bathroom renovation experience and backing from industry leaders, holding all relevant accreditations, you can rest assured that your bathroom makeover will far exceed your expectations.


Delivering quality outcomes.

Recognising the costs associated with a bathroom makeover may be daunting. We have great confidence in our abilities, efficiency and commitment, placing a great emphasis on ensuring the best prices, products and services be made available to what is an investment in your family’s home. Let Absolute Bathroom Makeovers take the hassle out of this daunting process and guide you through a smooth and enjoyable one.

Providing creative designs, custom solutions.

Concept Bathrooms - Laundry Renovations Melbourne 


1300 851 956

When it comes to designing or renovating residential properties, the laundry is often only considered as an afterthought. That means that most of us think of laundry as a drab, grey and uninteresting space in our property, rather than as another room in our homes.

But here at Concept Bathrooms, we’re looking to change all that. Our skilled team provide leading laundry renovation services to Melbourne residents who are looking to bring a consistent and eye-catching design to their property. Our family-owned and operated business have been delivering in-demand renovation and property makeover services for more than 25 years, with satisfied customers through Melbourne’s many suburbs.

We only use the highest quality materials to provide each of our clients with stunning designs, professional installation services and eye-catching results that will last for years to come. Our team provides one-on-one consultation for each client, helping us to develop a clear understanding of exactly what they want to get out of their upcoming renovation project, how they want their laundry space to be used and what style they want it to feature.


When it comes to finding a trusted service in laundry renovations, Melbourne residents want to be sure they are working with a team that can deliver superior results on time and on budget. That’s exactly what they’ll find when they call the team here at Concept Bathrooms. We don’t simply provide one basic service to each of our clients. Instead, we take the time to understand exactly how much space they have available for their new laundry and develop a design to provide the most functional and versatile use of it.

There is nothing worse than a cramped and cluttered laundry, which is why we provide designs that ensure all the key features are included in a smart, economical and aesthetically pleasing way. All elements are considered, such as the ventilation of the space, whether or not it needs to work as a multipurpose room, and if outdoor access is needed to a clothesline or patio area.

Rosemount Kitchens - Laundry Renovations Melbourne


1300 476 739

Your laundry renovation – made in Melbourne

The laundry may often be one of the smallest rooms in the house, but it’s also one of the most used. So it makes sense to carefully plan your Melbourne laundry renovation to create a utility area that’s super-functional and easy on the eye. Rosemount specialises in laundry renovations that set the standard for design, quality and customer service. A well designed and organised laundry with plenty of cupboards and drawers makes full use of every possible storage space.

You can consider options like smart and space-saving pull-out laundry hampers, pull-down ironing boards, drawers for clothes baskets and broom cupboards. No matter the size of your space, Rosemount’s designers will help you create the best solution for you and your family. Want to find out more about our laundry renovations? Get in touch or call us.

Who we are

Rosemount Kitchens is a family-run business headed by managing director Mark Tonkin.

We’re absolutely passionate about making the process of renovating and installing a new kitchen as smooth and easy as possible. Our designers, cabinet makers and tradespeople have worked together for many years, and the list of hundreds of satisfied customers is constantly growing.

Rosemount started life in 2010 with our first showroom in Malvern East. Another opened soon afterwards in Nunawading, then Essendon and most recently in Oakleigh - helping us to serve customers across Melbourne and as far afield as Sorrento and Geelong.

Kitchen Shack - Laundry Renovations Melbourne


03 9317 7436


This laundry is a perfect example of a combined laundry with loads of extra storage cupboards – one can never have too much storage! The laundry in any home is one that should feature high performance and quality products. When it comes to DIY renovations, we believe in making the process easier by completing the kitchen and laundry at the same time. With our recommended installers, our customers have the convenience of getting everything they need for both rooms in one place.

Here at Kitchen Shack, we specialise in laundries that provide years of quality and style. With every home having different requirements, we made sure our collection offers an extensive range of benchtops, fixtures and fittings to suit any customer’s needs. By working with us for your laundry installation and kitchen design, we are confident your home will have a stylish finish that matches your existing decor.

We believe in low prices but high quality that suits your budget and doesn’t break your bank. With our laundry installation service, we offer customers the very best products at affordable prices.

It is simple to measure your space and sketch a basic layout on how you would like to configure your laundry, and then make an appointment in the showroom for a professional staff member to finalise your style. The showroom designer is qualified to design for such a wet space where lots of moisture is key. They will listen to your needs to design a laundry where there’s not only lots of storage but also a space for folding clothes or putting washing baskets. All our cabinets can be designed to suit any laundry space but think about where you would like the following position.

The Inside Project - Laundry Renovations Melbourne


1300 126 454

Making Your Laundry Shine

A laundry room renovation is a clever way to add value to your home. Bringing together high functionality with contemporary style and premium materials, the laundry design specialists at The Inside Project create smart, space-efficient solutions that are as beautiful as they are practical. 

Building Your Perfect Laundry

When it comes to improving your laundry interior, design thinking is the secret to success. Our renovation specialists work collaboratively with you to determine what you want and need from your laundry, then tailor a design to deliver these within your spatial and budgetary requirements.

Our team will also manage the logistics of your laundry installation through to completion, from sourcing elements to supervising construction. We work with premium materials and leading contractors to ensure a top quality outcome every time.

Laundry Designs Experts

Functional, space-efficient design is of the essence when it comes to your laundry renovation. Melbourne households need to look no further than The Inside Project for custom solutions that overcome space restrictions without sacrificing style and quality.

Our laundry room design specialists bring together highly functional layouts to accommodate your desired appliances in user-friendly, streamlined ways that are also a pleasure to use. The result? Long term value added to your home.

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Many people might not give the laundry much thought, but fresh new laundry cupboards or a new laundry renovation can make a huge impact on the workflow of the room and your home’s value. MHR will ensure every detail of your projects is looked after to the highest possible standards.


Master Home Renovators (MHR) with the goal of renovations that are of premium quality and design which complement the original home.

The MHR team having many years of experience in the building industry, has already developed a firm reputation for constructing premium quality renovations at an affordable price. Sergio’s background of renovation has given Master Home Renovators a strong reputation for structural sound buildings, as the motto goes “better that little bit extra than not enough”, unlike many other builders who will structurally put the bare minimum just to pass a frame inspection.


Master Home Renovators is the leading consultancy for custom-designed, prestigious homes in Melbourne. With this comes a sense of pride and a commitment to delivery in service and a product like no other. With experienced designing and constructing some of Melbourne’s finest contemporary homes, Master Home Renovators reputation has been built on outstanding professionalism, truly creative thinking, and superb quality.

We believe excellence starts with absolute design integrity and a commitment to a process that makes everything possible. Perhaps you think your project is too ambitious, maybe it has never been done before, or you just don’t have a clear vision of what you want. Whatever you are seeking, Master Home Renovators unique combination of contemporary design and construction expertise working together can make it happen perfectly.

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Specialise in Kitchen renovation, Bathroom renovation and laundry renovation

We have served thousands of clients over the years, equipping us with knowledge and experience of our services and our clients. We are renovations experts in Melbourne with crafted designs. This has been our advantage over our competitors, paving the way to becoming a leading provider. Moreover, we take pride in our workmanship and our relationship with our clients. Hence, delivering high-quality services to our valued customers. Every need, we are driven to satisfy.

Laundry Renovations

Our experts provide timely and cost-efficient assistance, ensuring that our services are delivered at the most suitable price. We have served thousands of clients over the years, equipping us with knowledge and experience of our services and our clients. This has been our advantage over our competitors, paving the way to becoming a leading provider.

Moreover, we take pride in our workmanship and our relationship with our clients. Hence, delivering high-quality services to our valued customers. Every need, we are driven to satisfy.

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Choosing Cameron Construction to design and build your extension means that you have chosen one of the most recognised and highly acclaimed builders in the industry. With over 40 year’s experience, Cameron Construction has built a reputation for being one of Victoria’s highest quality Award Winning Builders. As a member of the Master Builders Association and Housing Industry Association, you are guaranteed a truly professional organisation, assuring peace of mind in building your future investment with Cameron Construction.

The Cameron Construction team includes dedicated Builders, Building Designers, Engineers and Project Managers, represented by a network of more than 115 trade professionals. Cameron Construction is builders that provide building and design solutions. We engage architects, architectural draftsman and building designers to create beautiful “building designs” for our clients that carefully balance function, aesthetics and feasibility. That is the secret behind our many awards.

Not only are Cameron’s Family-focused, Quality driven, and Award winners (more than 20 awards in over 20 years), the company also boasts registration to the highest level attainable (unlimited residential & commercial). Contact Cameron Construction today and talk to an experienced home builder about your remodelling, extension or heritage renovation project.

Renovation Ideas for your laundry

At Cameron Construction, we conduct a thorough assessment of your space to ensure that all the finer details are accounted for. This includes everything from the placement of washing machines and dryers to the external positioning of ducting and chutes. Our designers have years of experience working on all kinds of projects and always deliver impressive results. Look to us for design solutions that meet the needs of families across Melbourne.

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The Renovation Hub saw the need to make the transformation process much more streamlined and personal for clients. Rather than seek out different trades, our team works seamlessly and collaboratively to create the best results for our clients.

Our team has over 20 years of experience in building and construction, managing all types of projects. We have a variety of trusted tradespeople who are committed to their chosen craft. We plan every project diligently with our team and clients so that there are clear stages to adhere to. This ensures open communication and a clear timeline to be developed.

At The Renovation Hub, we pride ourselves on being up to date with the latest trends, advancements in technology and also being committed to understanding the needs of each client. When we say ‘no job is too small, that is the truth. We can work with all facets of renovations. We do bring an extra dimension to our team, offering an interior design and styling facet. This allows clients to work with our designers to discuss material selections and design to fit any budget.

Exquisite Laundry Renovations & Design In Melbourne

Laundry rooms, possibly one of the essential rooms in your home. However, it’s yet another room left sitting in your home with no second thoughts. Most of the time, rooms associated with chores aren’t the ones you think about highlighting. But what if we told you that getting laundry renovations in Melbourne could help you add value to your home?

Laundry renovations have grown to be more and more common with every passing day due to the increase in value that they have to offer while you’re pinning a price on your home. In Melbourne, laundry renovations are considered to be one of the few refurbishment processes that could turn your house’s value upside down.

Kitchen renovations, turning a loft room into a bedroom, and laundry renovations are high in demand. After all, no one wants to enter a disappointing laundry room after walking into an extremely flattering kitchen.

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Do you need more space and storage in your laundry? Do you need a more functional laundry? Why not allow Cutting-Edge Renovations and Extensions to creatively redesign and renovate your new laundry for you? As with all our renovations throughout Melbourne, we make the process of any laundry renovation as easy as 1,2,3 and offer some of the best value, most affordable laundry renovations in Melbourne.

Cutting-Edge Renovations and Extensions specialise in delivering quality, affordable bathroom renovations throughout Melbourne. In fact, we believe we deliver the best value bathroom renovations in Melbourne! From the initial renovation design consultation through to the completion of your stylishly finished bathroom renovation, you and your family are going to not only love the finished bathroom renovation, you’ll love the quality and service we offer.

Cutting-Edge Renovations & Extensions offer a complete renovation service from design to completion. In fact, we offer the best value bathroom renovations in Melbourne, with your choice of fixtures and fitting at heavily discounted trade prices. Our team comprises highly respectful, fully qualified and licensed tradespeople. We offer value for money, affordable renovations and extensions with outstanding customer service and workmanship.


How to renovate your laundry room?

You probably use your laundry room at least once a week, but it’s likely towards the bottom of your list when it comes to home renovations. However, because you spend so much time in this room washing clothes, it’s worth giving this space an update. We’ll help you create a room that functions well and looks just as lovely so you can get your laundry done efficiently in an area that reflects your style.

What’s your time frame?

When does your project need to be completed? How will you do your laundry while you are renovating? At a friend’s or family member’s house? At the laundry mat or with laundry service? This is important to fully think out to decide what parts of the remodelling project you can realistically DIY and what parts you should hire out.

Make a list of must-haves.

Do you need counter space for folding laundry? More shelves? Closed cabinets for storage? A rack to hang clothes? An ironing board or sink? Will you need to add outlets or move gas lines, vents, or add outlets? Make a list before you start any of your projects, not to have any surprises once it’s too late. If space is an issue, consider the possibility of stacking your washer and dryer to save a significant amount of space in your laundry room—but note that this can only be done with a front load washing machine. We had a very small nook to work with, so stacking our washer and dryer was essential to making our laundry room a functional space.

Find inspiration.

Start a laundry room inspiration board on Pinterest to see how others have effectively organized their laundry room space—especially rooms that are similar in shape or size to yours. You might not have thought of mounting an expandable drying rack to the wall or adding a bench with hooks for coats, hats, and backpacks if your laundry room also serves as your mudroom. Of course, it’s not all about function, but fun, too. Maybe you’ve dreamed of having your wall of clean, trendy subway tile or a boldly experimental colour scheme. We spend many hours of our week in the laundry room, so yours should be a cheerful and beautiful space that makes doing chores, well, almost pleasant!

Decide what to DIY and what to hire out.

My family is all for DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects, but there are still some things we aren’t comfortable doing ourselves. For our laundry room renovation, we had to move a gas line and install a new dryer vent—and we had no qualms about hiring a professional to tackle these potentially hazardous tasks. As much as you love taking on a new project, it’s important to know your limits and when it’s best to leave it to an expert. Will you need an electrician or plumber? Drywall? What about demolition? Spend time planning out how and when the work is going to be done, how long it will take, and how this will affect your laundry room use in the meantime.

Make a budget.

As with any remodelling project, there will always be surprises that pop up just when you think you’ve thought of everything, so be sure to give yourself wiggle room in your budget. If you’ve decided to tackle some of the renovations on your own, don’t forget to account for quality tools, in addition to all your other supplies.

Do you need to special order anything?

For the sake of time and budget, choosing items in stock at your local hardware store is your safest bet. But in order to make your laundry room truly unique, you’ll likely want to special order a few things—perhaps a handcrafted pendant light or even some funky drawer pulls. This could add a bit of lead time, so make sure to plan accordingly. Also, things like countertops and custom cabinets can take extra time to be constructed and installed, so planning ahead here is key.

Tips for Renovating Your Laundry on a Budget

Add a new sink

If you merely want to dip your toe in the renovation pond, a new sink is a great place to start. Some beautiful sinks will elevate the space without breaking the bank, and you can pair your new sink with a new faucet for an extra punch. Easy to clean is a must-have requirement, and ideally, you want a deep sink for soaking clothes and hand-washing delicates. The quality should be good enough to withstand corrosion from laundry chemicals and moisture.

Switch out lighting

A cheap, easy, and instantly transformative change in your laundry can be the lighting. This is because lighting can change your laundry’s mood, look, and vibe with very little spending. Lighting in a laundry doesn’t need to be sterile, and warmly illuminating the space will make it much more inviting. This can easily be achieved using energy-saving downlights and flush mounts. You may also consider under cabinet lighting, long ceiling lights and track lighting.

Retrofit cabinets

Instead of getting brand new cabinets, retrofit the insides of the ones you already have. Install wire laundry bins for managing dirty and clean laundry, and add other upgrades such as extra drawers, shelves, or even storage for any pet items. The more storage solutions you have in your cabinets, the more bench space you’ll have to sort clothes.

Replace the benchtop

Most modern benchtops are available in lacquered wood, laminate, engineered stone or even marble. A contrast shade or material can make for a great visual feature against an all-white laundry. Choose a budget-friendly granite laminate to add interest to an otherwise plain space. Whatever style you choose, make sure the material is impervious to moisture.

Stack or group washers and dryers

If you have limited space, consider installing a stackable washing machine and dryer. Alternatively, opt for a pair of front-loading appliances fitted beneath a workable benchtop. This will free up the area around the sink and will create a designated dry area for folding and sorting clothes. Extra space could be just what your laundry needs, with no need to spend money on updating cabinetry and shelving.

Hang artwork

Adding artwork to your laundry immediately elevates the space and makes it feel like a true living area. Choose artwork that reflects your personality, so you feel comfortable in the space. You might also consider going bold in the laundry or doing something fun like wallpaper. The laundry is a great place to try something you haven’t felt brave enough to try in the main living areas, and there’s plenty of artwork out there that won’t blow your budget.

Lay a rug or runner

Laundries often feel cold and sterile, a forgotten zone that you dump your clothes in. By putting down a stylish rug or runner, you take the first step to warming the space up and making it feel more inviting. If you live in a location that gets cold in winter, you’ll be especially appreciative of your new rug. Just like artwork, there’s plenty of rugs and runners available at a good price.

Include greenery

In wet spaces like the kitchen, bathroom and laundry, greenery is a must. Plants bring a sense of nature, and one show-stopping plant in the corner or a cluster of smaller plants on a shelf can make a huge difference to the feel of your laundry room. Check out these ideas for plants at a good price, and you’re almost guaranteed not to kill.

It’s just a laundry room—don’t overstress yourself!

Yes, it can be quite a bit of work, especially if yours is an expensive or labour-intensive remodel, but these tips will ensure that the project runs as smoothly as possible. In the end, you’ll have a beautiful new laundry room to enjoy for as long as you live in your home. Who knows, you might even find yourself making excuses to throw in another load!

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