Top 15 Japanese Tutors in Melbourne, Victoria (2022)

Are you looking for a Japanese tutor in Melbourne, Victoria? If so, this blog post is for you! We will be discussing these top Japanese tutors in Melbourne. They are all qualified to teach elementary level and up. 

Whether you're looking for a one-on-one lesson or need help with homework, these tutors have what it takes to make your language dreams come true! Feel free to contact them if interested. Happy reading!!

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    Ultimate List of Japanese Tutors in Melbourne

    Japanese Tutor Melbourne Pty Ltd (Nunawading Japanese School)

    Nunawading Japanese School

    Address: 8A Wood Street, Nunawading Vic 3131

    Contact Number: 0421 234 951


    Japanese Tutor Melbourne Pty Ltd (trading as Nunawading Japanese School) was established in 2013. Since then our Japanese tutors have taught 1000's of students in Melbourne and across Australia in person and online. Our Japanese tutors are bilingual, 'native' Japanese and live and teach in Melbourne. Over the years our Japanese school has grown to become one of the largest adult Japanese course providers in Australia. We specialise in private Japanese tutoring and group classes for adults. Our Japanese tutors also provide corporate Japanese classes for company employees. Currently providing Japanese lessons for students in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Japan.

    Free Trial or Level Checks (links on website -

    JIC Language School Japanese Tutors Melbourne

    (03) 9654 5120

    JIC Language School was established in Melbourne, Victoria, in May 2002 with an aim to create an effective and enjoyable learning environment along with a high level of support for all our students. We provide a professional service that will increase your understanding of different cultures and communication in different languages. 

    Language Courses

    Japanese Classes

    Japanese is available as Group and Private Lessons. Group Lessons are conducted using ‘the direct method’ (immersion) by which students are fully immersed in the Japanese language and culture. At JIC, classes are conducted entirely in Japanese. Learn the language using our original textbook and other valuable resources. Our unique textbook contains numerous practical expressions which you may apply immediately in daily life. Courses encompass all levels for general classes. VCE, JLPT support, and Kids classes are also available. This applies to our online classes as well.

    Learn Japanese 

    Our Chinese Language classes are available as Group and Private Lessons. Courses offered are Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, as well as support classes for people interested in taking the HSK Exam. Off-campus lessons and courses are also available. Private Lessons are offered to students who wish to study specific areas and can be tailored to students’ needs. If you cannot attend lessons onsite, try our online classes.

    Learn Chinese 

    We offer General English language classes as well as IELTS Preparation classes. Please note that the minimum class time is 2 hours for IELTS enrolments. Our teachers have more than 15 years’ experience.

    Why our school is different

    Learning Quality

    We provide various language programs, and as far as we can, we endeavour to tailor-make lessons to suit individual learning needs. We assure all of our teachers are qualified, native speakers. The enthusiasm and professionalism of our teachers will support you throughout your language learning experience.

    On-Site Class

    We believe in small groups (3-10 students per class), flexible class times and friendly teachers. The benefit of small classes is you get a lot of opportunities to ask questions and get to know your classmates quickly to promote a relaxed but vibrant environment.

    Language Instructors

    JIC’s instructors are all approachable and well prepared before the classes. They are always willing to assist if you encounter any problems. 

    Japanese Melbourne Language School

    04 30 103 669


    Japanese Melbourne Language School offers face-to-face and online Japanese lessons across all levels – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Conversational, JLPT or VCE preparation, even the chance to study and work in Japan.

    The average size of our group lessons is five students. 

    We provide Japanese lessons 6 days a week.

    Click here for our lesson timetable.

    If you have experience in learning Japanese, we encourage you to book an online level assessment with one of our experienced staff here, free of charge.

    Our Japanese language lessons go for 50 minutes, 80 minutes, or 100 minutes, once or twice a week, both group and private.

    Our past students include ATO managers, television newscasters, local artists, town council members, Apple Geniuses, families planning their first trip to Japan, software engineers, photographers, primary school teachers, art directors, Santa Claus, architects, manga-addicts, students from Saudi Arabia, and more.

    About Japanese Melbourne Language School

    JM has been operating as a Japanese language school in Melbourne for 10 years.

    We are an Australian school with a Japanese heart. All of our teachers are native Japanese. The school started with an Ikea LACK table in a storeroom from 2007 to now occupying the top level of a building in CBD with 11 classrooms.

    We are the first school to populate the ‘direct teaching’ method to Melbourne. The direct-teaching method immerses the students in a full Japanese environment. As most Japanese don’t speak English in Japan, our students will learn to adapt easier and improve faster.

    Different people learn Japanese for different reasons: to prepare for a personal or business trip to Japan, to impress your Japanese father-in-law, to pick up another language as a hobby, to understand manga and anime, or simply to find out what exactly is an Oyako-don.

    Rest assured, we have the right course to get you on track.


    FAQs About Learning Japanese

    In a nutshell, learning Japanese requires a systematic method. You are advised to start with hiragana, the most common and popular writing system for the Japanese language.

    After, you should proceed to learn katakana and kanji. The next things you need to practice are pronunciation and vocabulary.

    Learning a new language will almost always benefit you, especially if you’re in the localization industry or work adjacent to it. Additionally, there are some secondary benefits of learning a language such as Japanese.

    It raises your status in the workplace

    Although this is quite obvious, it may not be in the way you think. Knowledge of Japanese for business will increase your value as a global employer and market player. Whether it’s business Japanese or just getting your foot through the door with basic greetings, your potential clients or business partners from Japan will greatly appreciate your efforts.

    Japanese business language might lack the conversational tone you are more used to, so more formality is required. It’s best to study exactly what is or isn’t allowed, and this will save you from committing any faux pas. Learning the basics helps get you started, and it helps you appreciate a foreign culture even more.

    You will become more approachable

    Japanese for business shouldn’t be your only goal. Unless you have lived in Japan, a little known fact is that the Japanese do not speak much English. Not only that, a large majority of the population is reluctant to speak or use the English they do know. Even if you speak just a little bit of Japanese, a simple “ohayho!” will make a noticeable difference. It will prompt Japanese people to be friendlier and more welcoming — after all, you took the trouble to learn something about them instead of expecting them to do all the work.

    You can further appreciate Japanese culture and entertainment

    While we’re pretty sure you have tried sushi or ramen in your home country, there’s a lot more out there. Learning Japanese can help you understand the origins of ingredients, styles of cooking and even converse with chefs (however basic the conversation may be).

    You may also be familiar with adorable animated characters such as Totoro and Hello Kitty. But do you know the thought and stories that go behind the creation of these beloved cartoons? Likewise, Japanese anime has taken over the entertainment world by storm.

    And take one of the most vaguely familiar aspects of Japanese culture: Sumo. Sumo wrestling is a sacred sport that originated during the Edo period. It’s unique, and the reason for the sport may not be known to many. Sumo is a religious ritual, and to be a pro sumo wrestler is a difficult task. Wrestlers live with many limitations but are very well respected.

    Knowing more about entertainment and what’s trending in Japan could open up conversations with your Japanese clients or business partners, which can be important in relationship-focused business cultures like Japan.

    It’s a self-imposed challenge

    In the workplace, many managers and supervisors give raises and promotions based on the work they produce. Many admire a person that challenges themselves with personal growth.

    It opens up more doors and job opportunities

    The Japanese have their own way of life, different laws and a unique way of doing things. This makes certain integration more difficult for some foreigners.

    However, the Japanese market is enticing to potential investors and organizations looking to extend their reach. The country is known to be very poised, educated, and tech-savvy, coming out with new and innovative technologies every year. This is a great reason to localize from a corporate perspective, and it’s a great reason to learn Japanese from a more personal perspective.


    Compared to the other languages, learning Japanese is much more difficult. Their grammar structures, letter structures are different from other languages.

    Japanese letter structure is very complex. Most of the letters are hard to read. Is learning Japanese worth it for you? After reading this post, if your answer is “yes,” you should know this language.

    Like other languages, Japanese has a certain accent that most speakers will love to have. However, you will hardly know the accent if you only focus on reading.

    Learning to speak first will let you understand how you can pronounce different words even before reading or writing them.

    At first glance, learning Japanese is a tricky undertaking. Compared to English, Japanese is a contextual language that employs subtlety and nuance over directness.

    Even though it’s very different from English, certain features of Japanese make it easier than you’d think. Japanese has very few irregular verbs and no gender for nouns. Plus, there are only two verb tenses: past and present. You can also count on most pronunciation to be phonetic once you learn to read.

    If you’re ready to learn Japanese, here are the tips for beginners.

    • Take a Class or Computer Course
    • Listen to Language Podcasts
    • Watch Japanese TV With English Subtitles
    • Learn Hiragana and Katakana
    • Read Manga or Children’s Books
    • Get a Workbook
    • Use Flashcards
    • Sing Japanese Karaoke Songs
    • Find a Good Japanese-English Dictionary

    iJapanese Tutors Melbourne

    0401 886 620

    Study Japanese in Melbourne with iJapanese

    In the Japanese language, the word for “I” has the same pronunciation as the word for “love”. At iJapanese Language & Culture School, our Japanese tutors promote a love for this ancient culture through their teachings, ensuring you’ll leave our classes with a passion for the country we love so much. We pride ourselves on being the best Japanese language school for Melbourne students looking for a well-rounded experience. With us, you don’t just learn to speak Japanese – you also learn about the country’s culture, history and way of life. And because we have classes available for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, you can be sure that we’ll cater for you. IT’S NOT AS HARD AS YOU THINK!

    Our Courses  

    At iJapanese, you will learn from trained and skilled native Japanese tutors with many years of experience teaching in schools throughout Japan and Australia. Whatever your reasons for studying this language, our mission is to ensure you gain the maximum enjoyment and benefit from all of your lessons. Our Melbourne Japanese school offers language and culture courses in:

    • General language skills
    • VCE exam preparation
    • Language Proficiency Test preparation
    • Travel survival
    • Business

    Our students can study Japanese in groups or private lessons, and there is even room to tailor your study timetable to suit your schedule and your needs. Just ask about this when you get in touch.

    What Will You Learn?

    Depending on the course you select, your Japanese tutor will cover:

    • Reading and writing skills
    • Spelling and grammar skills
    • Listening
    • Speaking and conversation
    • Exam preparation strategies

    Our friendly Japanese school tutors strive to make each class fun as well as educational, creating a supportive environment where you can learn to speak Japanese with like-minded people who share the same goal as you. Who knows, you may even find the perfect travelling partner!

    Whether you’re planning a trip to Japan, you’re fascinated by the country’s unique culture, or you’re just interested in learning a new language, iJapanese is the best Japanese language school for your needs. Our tutors work hard to make every class a valuable experience. If you would like to learn to speak Japanese, our Melbourne CBD office is waiting to take your call. We look forward to meeting you!

    JAPANEASY Japanese Tutors Melbourne

    0422 266 303

    Konnichiwa! Welcome to JAPANEASY, where once you step in, you can feel Japan in Melbourne.

    JAPANEASY was born in 2008 with a very tiny room (just 6 square metres!) and about 50 students. Since then, we have created a school of laughter, love and passion, supported by so many wonderful teachers and countless generous students.

    Our aim is to be the world’s happiest school. We are always here to listen to all of your voices to help your dreams come true.

    We believe that both languages as well as culture are important to discover the country and learn. We hope that through our activities, we will contribute to creating good relations between Japan and Australia, as well as between Japan and yourself.

    We welcome you to become a part of the JAPANEASY family and have a whole lot of fun with us.

    Arigato! We look forward to meeting you.

    Minako Fujita Jones

    Japanese Australia


    Learning Japanese with Japanese Australia means you’re in control. 

    You dictate the time, frequency, teacher, even the location. 

    Let us bring quality Japanese learning to you. 

    Try out a single 50-minute lesson for $30. We will deduct it from your full fee if you decide to continue after the trial lesson. 

    We provide online Japanese lessons across all levels - beginner, intermediate to advanced, JLPT preparations, Year 11 & 12 courses (HSC, VCE, ATAR), and more. 

    Learn Japanese online, Our lessons are available 6 days a week. 

    Why learn Japanese online with us?

    Starter Kit.

    We will send out a Beginner Starter kit to all beginners. It’ll help with studying during the lessons at home. Non-Australian residents will receive a digital version. 

    Quality Assurance.  

    Our teachers have gone through at least 420 hours of Japanese government accredited training or passed a Japanese Teaching Competency Test, or an equivalent degree. 

    Personalised Feedback.

    Our experienced teachers will analyse your strengths and weaknesses and tailor-make a unique study plan for you to help improve your knowledge of the Japanese language.

    Save time, save money. 

    Our admin team will help organise your lessons, send extra materials if needed for all your studying needs outside of lesson time, so you’re all ready to go. 

    Experienced students start now. 

    If you’ve learnt Japanese before, we’ll provide a free level assessment, so you can start at the right level immediately. 


    Who would have thought long distance could be a selling point? However, we still recommend washing your hands often and wear a mask when you leave home.  

    About JA

    It all started with an IKEA table.

    In 2006, our first classroom was the storeroom of a manga cafe, just enough to fit a white LACK table, four stools, a whiteboard with wobbly wheels, and a closet to store textbooks. 

    Fifteen years later, we now occupy the top level of a building with eleven classrooms, smack bang in the middle of Melbourne CBD. 

    We have taught families and students, Apple geniuses, ATO managers, council members, and even a Channel Nine news anchor. We are well-versed in engaging students from all backgrounds, culturally and geographically. 

    Thanks to (no sarcasm here) COVID-19, we moved our Japanese lessons online, and to our surprise, many students enjoyed it. 

    Particularly those who had to travel long and far. The students who hated coming into the city, the lack of parking, the introverts. Some even get to learn with their friends/families from different countries. Students who prefer to learn in their pyjamas, in the comfort of their own home. 

    And then we thought, hang on, if we can teach remotely to outer Melbourne, we can also teach to the whole of Australia. 

    Even the world.

    And thus, Japanese Australia was born. 

    Our goal is to be the bridge between Japan, Australia, and the rest of the world. 

    Vocational Language Learning Centre Japanese Tutors Melbourne

    03 9602 1606

    What does VLLC do?

    VLLC has been a language school since 1989. We specialise in teaching 12 languages for personal and professional purposes all around Australia.

    Why is the VLLC method unique?

    It is a structured program based on visualisation and association where you learn to ‘think’ in your new language rather than translate. Your course is tailored for you. It is a combination of up to 3 deliveries, including online lessons and one to one tutorials with native speakers on a regular basis.  

    Why is the VLLC method so successful?

    Flexibility and monitored lessons are the keys to enjoying your language journey and reaching your language goals. You will be speaking from day one. ​With a success rate amongst the best in Australia, 97% of our students have successfully completed their Certificates and gladly recommend VLLC.

    Learn to speak Japanese

    Japan has one of the biggest economies in the world and is your gateway to the Asian culture. Enjoy the experience of learning about new cultures, new foods and life styles.

    What will I learn?

    All Japanese courses are designed to develop your competency in reading, writing, speaking and listening. 

    Courses are delivered by blended learning and can be a combination of: 

    - online learning with individual tuition, 

    - regular chats with the Tutor and Student Coordinator,

    - homework tasks.

    What Japanese courses are available?

    VLLC has:

    - a Certificate II in Applied Language,

    ​- a Certificate III in Applied Language,

    - a Certificate in Social Proficiency,

    - a Certificate in Intermediate Proficiency and

    - a Certificate in Vocational Proficiency.

    Available both online and in our schools.

    ​Whatever your capabilities, there is a learning style available to suit you, and our course co-coordinators will tailor the course to meet your personal requirements.

    ​Contact Us to find out about YOUR program.

    Listen & Learn Australia Japanese Tutors

    (03) 8652 1381


    Stay inside and entertained with our online courses in more than 100 languages! Reach out to us, and we will prepare a fun and interactive programme.



    Our Japanese speakers, fully qualified to teach their native tongue, can train you and, if need be, the rest of your group at a time that is suitable to you, at your home or place of work. Sessions can take place on the day of your choosing—even weekends—whenever you want, whether it be morning, afternoon or evening. If circumstances arise where your home or office is not available, the classes can be held at your trainer’s office. Resources for the lesson are provided for you.


    Listen & Learn is a multinational company that specialises in tailor-made one-to-one and small group language courses for individuals and corporate clients alike. We offer a wide variety of language courses designed to fulfil the needs of every client.

    Our mission is to be one of the leading providers of tailor-made language courses customised to satisfy the specific needs and requirements of each client.

    Our promise to you is guaranteed through:

    • Hiring only professional and experienced trainers
    • Providing exceptional customer care and treating each client individually
    • Offering the most competitive prices for your tailor-made course
    • Appreciation and recognition of our trainers and staff

    Our trainers are all fully-qualified native speaking professionals who are hired not only for their qualifications but also for their experience and passion for teaching. Lessons are structured around you, taking into consideration your current level and motivation, your individual needs (or that of your business) and any particular requirements you might have from learning the language. Lessons are taught in a teaching style most productive for the student’s level.

    Avivo Australia Japanese Tutors

    0499 999 819

    Tailored Tutoring to Enhance Your Learning

    • Outstanding results are only part of our tutoring success
    • Mindfulness, study strategies and balancing mental and physical wellbeing
    • Working smarter, not harder, and reducing information overload

    We Work With You

    We work with you to create a personalised learning programme by understanding the way you learn best.

    In 2021, weekly sessions are delivered one on one by subject specialist tutors on premises and via our dedicated virtual classroom platform.

    Tutors are handpicked and trained by our Directors.

    We help you choose the most relatable, engaging and vibrant tutor for you. Your tutor will help you decide on your learning goals; gaining confidence in your ability, improving your grade or attaining a high study score. Personal achievement is celebrated.

    If you have an urgent question, a looming assessment deadline or an important test tomorrow…… don’t stress we can always help you via AirTutor for one off tutoring sessions. AirTutor is ideal when you need a tutor last minute.


    Avivo is a division of the Australian Institute of Elite Education and a member of the Australian Tutoring Association. It is a preferred tutoring centre for the Ronald McDonald Learning Program, enhancing the learning of children with serious illnesses.

    We also provide tutoring scholarships for disadvantaged students and rural families facing financial hardship.

    About Us

    Avivo Australia is dedicated to tailored and vibrant tutoring. We engage students with a relatable tutor to deliver information in an easy to understand way.

    Our vision is to create an exceptional learning experience. We do this by listening to our students and working with them to achieve individual outcomes.

    We use innovative methods to understand each student’s learning style and goals. This allows tutors to engage students with techniques to either improve or strengthen core competencies or consolidate and extend developed technical skills. The use of mindfulness, study planning and effective time management are also encouraged for achieving peak learning performance.

    We work closely with education and health professionals to refine our service to deliver what matters.

    Avivo’s elite tutoring team constantly keeps up to date with a new curriculum, current issues confronting young people, monitoring student and parent expectations, implementing improvements and innovating the way we deliver our service.

    Avivo believes in working smarter, not harder and focuses on rewarding personal achievement rather than simply measuring academic success.

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