Top 20 Japanese Schools in Melbourne [2023]

There are several factors you need to take into account when choosing a Japanese school, such as its curriculum, teaching methods, student culture and extra-curricular activities. 

This post provides an overview of the Top 20 Japanese Schools In Melbourne so that you can make an informed decision about which school is right for your family. 

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    Ultimate List of Top Japanese Schools in Melbourne

    Nunawading Japanese School Melbourne

    0421 234 951

    Nunawading Japanese School is a Japanese school located in Melbourne, Australia. Since 2013 they have been providing fun, engaging Japanese courses for adults wanting to learn to speak, read and write Japanese. Face to face (onsite) classes are available for Melbourne students. They also facilitate online Japanese classes for students across Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide & Hobart) and Japan.

    Over the years they have developed their own unique curriculum with original teaching method. Their teachers are all ‘native’ Japanese who live and teach from Melbourne. Their reputation has grown to be one of the best places to learn Japanese in Australia.


    iJapanese Language & Culture School Melbourne

    0401 886 612

    The word "I" and the word meaning "love" have the same pronunciation in Japanese. In order to ensure that you leave our sessions with a passion for the nation we love so much, at iJapanese Language & Culture School, our Japanese instructors foster a love for this ancient culture via their instruction. With us, you don't just learn to speak Japanese – you also learn about the country's culture, history and way of life. And because we have classes available for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, you can be sure that we'll cater for you. IT'S NOT AS HARD AS YOU THINK!

    Our Courses  

    You will be taught by trained and skilled native Japanese tutors with many years of experience teaching in schools throughout Japan and Australia at iJapanese. Whatever your motivation for learning this language, our goal is to make sure you get the most out of every lesson. Our Japanese school in Melbourne provides language and culture courses in:

    JIC Language School Melbourne

    (03) 9654 5100

    Why our school is different

    Learning Quality

    We offer a variety of language programmes, and we make every effort to tailor lessons to individual learning needs. We guarantee that all of our instructors are qualified native speakers. Our teachers' enthusiasm and professionalism will help you throughout your language learning experience.

    Japanese Classes

    Japanese lessons are available in both group and private settings. Group lessons are taught using 'the direct method' (immersion), which immerses students completely in the Japanese language and culture. Classes at JIC are held entirely in Japanese. Learn the language with the help of our original textbook and other helpful resources. Our one-of-a-kind textbook contains a plethora of practical expressions that you can immediately apply in everyday life. For general classes, courses cover all levels. VCE, JLPT, and Kids classes are also offered. This also applies to our online classes.

    Japanese Australia Online Language School

    0430 103 664

    It all started with an IKEA table.

    Our first classroom, which served as a manga cafe's storeroom in 2006, had just enough space for a white LACK table, four stools, a whiteboard on unsteady wheels, and a bookcase. After fifteen years, we are presently located on the top floor of a structure with eleven classrooms that is directly in the Melbourne Central Business District.

    We've instructed families and students, as well as Apple geniuses, ATO managers, council members, and even a Channel Nine news anchor. We have extensive experience engaging students from diverse cultural and geographical backgrounds. We moved our Japanese lessons online thanks to (no sarcasm here) COVID-19, and to our surprise, many students enjoyed it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Japanese language programs enable students to develop strong cross-cultural communication skills and foster a broader engagement with Japanese culture. Japanese is one of the most important languages for Australia's cultural and trading relations within the Asian region.

    Japanese is the official language of Japan, Australia's northern neighbour in the Asia region. It is also widely used by communities of speakers in Hawaii, Peru and Brazil, and learnt as an additional language by large numbers of students in the Republic of Korea, China, Indonesia and Australia

    In 2016 there were around 14,700 enrolments for Japanese students on a student visa, for English language study in Australia (7,367), vocational and technical education (4,128) and higher education (just under 1,493).

    The Japanese government's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT, also known as Monbukagakusho) offers scholarships annually to Australian citizens who wish to study at Japanese universities. The four categories are: Undergraduate, Research, Teacher Training, and Japanese Studies.

    The JLPT N5 is the first level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). To pass the JLPT N5, you need to be comfortable reading hiragana, katakana, as well as about 100 kanji. In addition, you should have a vocabulary of about 800 words.

    Huntingdale Primary School - Japanese School Melbourne

    03 9544 2313

    Meet our Principal

    Being the principal of this fantastic Victorian Government school, which offers an outstanding education to all of our children, makes me proud. Huntingdale Primary School is a lively setting that promotes learning, giggles, and games in a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere. 

    Our school's motto is "Connecting Minds."

    'Engaging' children each and every day in a safe and secure environment is a key focus. We know that without children feeling safe, they are unable to engage fully with their learning. The key to engagement is curiosity and creativity, and these are key elements in the children's explorations and learnings each day at school.

    The thorough curriculum planning that serves as the foundation for all learning is the source of Huntingdale's academic rigour and effectiveness. Research suggests that learning a second language enhances brain growth, English reading abilities, memory, focus, and numeracy.

    We accomplish more when we work together. Students who are left alone will explore, but they will need guidance and scaffolding to succeed. More can be accomplished when the child, teacher, and parents work together to achieve the best results.

    International College of Melbourne

    03 9662 3343


    We provide instruction and evaluation for nationally recognised qualification programmes. We are authorised to offer vocational education and training to foreign students studying in Australia as well. 

    We are constantly looking for new ways to maximise the potential of our training environment to support students' learning while minimising elements that may impede it. ICM aspires to achieve this goal by providing learners with high-quality training programmes through established partnerships with businesses and other educational institutions across Australia. ICM's innovative courses are taught by highly qualified instructors with extensive experience and ongoing involvement in their fields. Our campus is conveniently located near services and public transit in the heart of Melbourne.


    The mission of the International College of Melbourne is to provide students with chances for global education that emphasise knowledge and skills that will help them become adaptable to a lifetime of social and technological change and enter the global workforce. We recognise that education is vital in developing skills needed for a productive society and essential in promoting the individual's sense of worth, values, and high ethical standards.

    The University of Melbourne - Japanese Studies

    03 9035 5523

    Australia's leading University

    Our research assists in addressing the social, economic, and environmental problems that the world is currently and in the future confronting. We have strong ties to the local, national, and global communities, which benefits our research, teaching, and education. The University of Melbourne has a rich and fascinating 160-year history.

    Every building, every department and every period of time has its own story. While some of these stories have been recounted many times over, a great number remain to be written.

    The University began as a cluster of buildings in a large park on the outskirts of the city, with four professors and 16 students, and has since grown to sit at the heart of a thriving international city.

    Japanese Studies

    How did one of the oldest political and economic systems survive complete defeat in the Pacific War and rise to power again in the 1980s? Considering this influential economy, how do we explain rising figures of unemployment and retrenchment? How do we explain the radical and usually ground-breaking successes of Japanese artists in the fields of popular and underground culture in a frequently conservative society? What products used in Asian and non-Asian societies are a result of these cultural forms?

    Avivo Australia Japanese School

    0499 999 831

    Avivo Australia's mission is to provide engaging and personalised tutoring. We pair students with a personable tutor who will clearly explain the material. Our goal is to provide an exceptional educational experience. We accomplish this by collaborating to meet each student's individual goals while paying close attention to their feedback.

    We employ novel approaches to better understand each student's learning style and goals. Tutors can use this to engage students in techniques that improve or strengthen core competencies or consolidate and extend developed technical skills. Mindfulness, study planning, and effective time management are also recommended for peak learning performance.

    BBI College - Japanese School Melbourne

    02 9264 8810


    From Japanese Beginners to Advanced Japanese learners!

    Your Japanese study at BBICollege is tailored for your study goal. General Japanese is for broad purposes such as staying in Japan for a couple of months and studying/working in Japan, and Travel Japanese is an intensive course for your quick preparation for a trip to Japan. Japanese Private Lesson allows you to focus on what you want to improve. The Japanese Special Beginner course is a great chance to start your Japanese study!

    The mixture of Indirect and Direct Methods

    Some schools use the Direct method, in which teachers use Japanese to teach Japanese. It is said that the Direct method leads students to understand more receptive languages. It is true, but the Direct method sometimes leads to misunderstanding. Therefore, we use both the Direct method and Indirect method so that the students are confident and ready to ask and answer questions, and they are more capable in class.

    Japanese Trial Class – 'Thursday Class'

    If you would like to experience the Direct method, yes, we provide a Japanese Trial Class course on Thursday night. That's why we call the class 'Thursday Class'. The Thursday class is being run separately from other General Japanese courses. Teachers in this class will be an adviser (qualified and experienced Japanese teachers) and trainees who are taking Japanese teacher training courses. Mainly trainees would teach Japanese and Japanese culture with an adviser. Therefore, the course fee is cheaper than the normal Beginner course. However, again, it is a great opportunity to study Japanese with the Direct method to develop your Japanese through a variety of interesting activities.

    Dandenong High School - Japanese School Melbourne

    03 9792 0563

    Dandenong High School has always led the way since its humble beginnings in 1919 as the twenty-fourth district government high school with an initial enrolment of 104 students. Dandenong's first secondary school began renovations in 2009 to become a "super school" with seven new award-winning residence buildings that can accommodate over 2,000 students.

    The very start

    When the school first opened, it was thanks to the hard efforts of a group of prominent people who approached education officials that students were temporarily housed in the neighbourhood fire station, temperance hall, and church of Christ. The foundation stone was laid in November 1919, and the permanent and substantial two-story red brick structure was completed by 1920. Almost immediately, the increased student population meant that the facilities were insufficient, necessitating immediate extensions. This pattern would be repeated over the next several decades. A new wing was quickly added, forming the familiar quadrangle that can still be seen today.

    Japanese Melbourne Language School

    0430 103 600

    Learn Japanese with Japanese Melbourne Language School

    If you have experience in learning Japanese, we encourage you to book an online level assessment with one of our experienced staff here, free of charge. Our Japanese language lessons go for 50 minutes, 80 minutes, or 100 minutes, once or twice a week, both group and private.

    ATO managers, television newsreaders, local artists, town council members, Apple Geniuses, families planning their first trip to Japan, software engineers, photographers, primary school teachers, art directors, Santa Claus, architects, manga addicts, students from Saudi Arabia, and others have been among our previous students.

    Melbourne Japanese Language School

    JM has been operating as a Japanese language school in Melbourne for almost 15 years. The school started with an Ikea LACK table in a storeroom in 2007 to now occupies the top level of a building in CBD with 11 classrooms.

    We are an Australian institution with a heart for Japan. Our instructors are all Japanese natives. In Melbourne, we are the first school to implement the "direct-teaching" method. The students are fully integrated into the Japanese environment using the direct teaching style. We instruct our pupils to adapt and advance more quickly with the DT approach because the majority of Japanese don't speak English in Japan (actually, they do, but they're just really, really shy most of the time).

    The Japanese School of Melbourne

    03 9528 1945

    Greetings from the principal

    Located in the southeastern part of the Australian continent, Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, is Australia's second-largest city after Sydney and is said to be the most livable city in the world. In the centre of the City, "City" 19th-century buildings and modern skyscrapers are in good contrast, and there are many wide streets, gardens and parks surrounded by trees, making it a beautiful garden city. It is also famous.

    The Japanese School of Melbourne is located in a quiet residential area with a rich natural environment, close to the park (Princes Park) in Caulfield, 10 km southeast of the city centre.

    Our school was established by the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Melbourne in 1986 and is a full-time private school approved by the Victorian Government. The school management board transferred authority from the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Melbourne. It is managed and operated.

    As a basic policy, Japanese children living around Melbourne will be educated in accordance with the Japanese curriculum guidelines with the support of the Australian government within the framework of a local school in Australia in the international community. We are working to develop the qualities and abilities to live independently.

    Victorian School of Languages - Japanese School Melbourne

    03 9474 0502

    The Leading Language School in Victoria

    The language curriculum at the institution is taught in-person at language centres all around the state and via distance learning. In 1935, the school began by offering Saturday sessions at MacRobertson Girls' High School to students who were interested in learning modern languages. 


    The school has a proud record of teaching languages to the community. The school had its beginnings in 1935 when it started Saturday classes at MacRoberston Girls' High School for pupils who desired to learn modern languages. The first classes offered were in Italian and Japanese.

    Centre for Adult Education - Japanese School Melbourne

    03 9652 0616

     In addition to a regularly updated schedule of enjoyable and brief educational courses, CAE offers recognised courses to assist people in finishing their secondary education and starting or changing their job path.


    The Council of Adult Education was founded in 1947 under Victorian Government legislation with a broad charter to provide adult education.

    Colin Badger was the founding director of CAE. Frank Crean was the original chairman and served in that capacity up to 1974.

    The Victorian Parliament amended the Adult Community and Further Education (ACFE) Act 1991 on March 1, 2001, bringing the Council of Adult Education under the purview of the ACFE Act. The organization's name was changed to the Centre for Adult Education at this time.

    In 2003, it was believed that the labels "Council" and "Adult" did not accurately portray the organisation. The current name did not include all pupils, both young people and adults, and had institutional and official implications. The organisation adopted the name CAE in its official capacity on July 5th, 2003.

    KonnichiWhat Japanese Language School Melbourne

    0480 354 577

    The smallest but friendliest Japanese school in Melbourne!

    Languages have always sparked my interest and affection. I earned a degree in Japanese language, literature, and education in Tokyo, as well as a Japanese teaching certificate. Since I moved to Australia, I have had amazing opportunities to teach Japanese in a language institute, a local high school and various companies. I am also a trainer in the Teaching Japanese as a Second Language course, and I have become a part of the progress and growth of several Japanese teachers. Our mission is to connect an individual to other learners who may have similar challenges and motivations. It is always great to share your journey with others!

    Oak Park - Japanese School Melbourne

    (03) 9306 9181


    Respect Responsibility Resilience

    At the edge of the City of Moonee Valley, in the City of Moreland, is where you'll find Oak Park Primary School. The school can only accept 400 students at a time, however there are presently 415. In 1954, the initial school buildings were built. The first phase of the school's overall renovation was finished in 2004. Stage two was finished in September 2007 after the last portion of the previous school was dismantled in 2006. New general purpose classrooms, a multipurpose centre, an arts centre, and a library were all included in stage two. 

    Teaching staff members are aware of the essential part they play in the lives of our children, and they agree that "teacher qualities," "professional learning," and "preparation" are the most crucial elements in enhancing student outcomes. Over the last few years, a major focus has been on assisting teachers in developing their paedagogy, gaining agreement on what good teaching is, and delivering it in every classroom. All teachers have more planning time than the previous two Victorian Government School Agreements, and they all have access to significant blocks of planning time with their Professional Learning Team.

    JAPANEASY Japanese Language & Culture School Melbourne

    0422 266 374


    Both the professors and the pupils provide a warm welcome to one another. Here, regular people learn about Japanese language and culture while having fun.

    When you join JAPANEASY, you become a member of our family as well! We are so proud of the passionate, positive atmosphere that has existed since the beginning. The wonderful energy among the teachers and students can be seen and felt. It truly makes JAPANEASY an incredibly passionate and enjoyable environment in which to learn Japanese.

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