20+ Garage Storage Solutions & Renovations Melbourne, Victoria [2022]

Intentional or not, your garage often becomes the dumping ground for, well, everything. The problem: There are so many homes and garden essentials — tools, lawn equipment, outdoor toys, and so on — that need to find a home and really, your garage is the most practical place. To make your space as functional and clutter-free as possible, incorporate these garage storage ideas to reclaim prime real estate (or a little extra square-footage, at the very least).

Even if it’s not realistic to completely overhaul your space, ideas that take the inch-by-inch approach and focus on common problem areas in most garages like workspaces and garden stations give these space-saving organisation tips a try, ranging from pegboard organisers to vertical bike racks to make room for what really matters: your cars.

Located in Melbourne, Victoria, and on the hunt for garage storage solutions and renovations? Look no further! To get you started on your search, we have compiled a list showcasing the top garage storage solutions and renovations in Melbourne.

Ultimate List of Garage Storage Solutions & Renovations Melbourne

GarageSmart - Storage Solutions & Renovations Melbourne


1800 517 294

In 2005, GarageSmart® pioneered the garage storage category in Australia. Since we’ve built a reputation of providing a premium product along with friendly and professional service. GarageSmart is the nation’s leader in complete garage fit-outs. We are a privately owned company, and we are very proud of that. GarageSmart is a complete “do-it for you” premium garage fit-out company.


Garage Smart Garage Solutions has years of experience using modern technology and perfected techniques to remodel elite garages for satisfied customers. We work tirelessly to ensure that all our customers receive exceptional customer service and are fully satisfied with their premium garage renovation.

Our professionals provide a high-end variety of remodelling solutions, including garage shelving, flooring, cabinets, lighting, parking lifts, custom garage doors and more.


GarageSmart is the premium one-stop garage renovation & organiser company in Australia servicing Melbourne, Victoria & Sydney, New South Wales. We specialise in superior done-for-you garage storage solutions, cabinets, SmartWalls and garage de-cluttering. All ideal for both residential and commercial application. Custom designed cabinet and organisation solutions for ideal for garage, basement, storage and utility spaces.

In 2005, GarageSmart® pioneered the garage storage category in Australia. Since we’ve built a reputation of providing a premium product along with friendly and professional service. GarageSmart is the nation’s leader in complete garage fit-outs. We are a privately owned company, and we are very proud of that. GarageSmart is a complete “do-it for you” premium garage fit-out company.


Our years of providing elite garage storage solutions for Australian garages make us confident that we can turn your cluttered garage into a clean, crisp and highly functional area for your home. We offer a wide range of products to cover all dimensions of your garage. Store your belongings on the walls with custom-built cabinets, pre-built steel cabinets or a wide range of adjustable shelving, free-standing shelving or fixed shelving.

You even can store your stuff on your garage ceiling with a range of ceiling storage systems. Our work wouldn’t be complete without a custom flooring solution for your garage with the choice between Epoxy Flooring – feeling a bit overwhelmed? GarageSmart also offers complete Australian Garage Storage Solutions for all budgets; we can provide a garage transformation for anyone looking for a complete garage makeover.

GarageSmart’s tailored storage solutions are a highly effective and much-needed addition to the familiar chaos of household garages. Our Australian expert garage de-cluttering team will guide you through every step of the process, from the designing to the remodelling and organisation of your space.

If your goal is to turn a cluttered garage into a premium, fully functional extension of your home, we will turn your vision into reality. Our experienced and dedicated staff pay close attention to detail when providing renovation solutions to our clients.


The size of your Australian garage depends largely on how you wish to use it. Do you want it to be in place of a shed, a workshop, a home gym, or just somewhere to store bikes, balls, boxes of stuff or in an absolute minority of cases just to park your car?

Many different styles and modes of storage are available, from the budget solutions offered by GarageSmart to specially designed modular storage solutions designed exclusively for you and your needs. Your GarageSmart won’t design your storage, but the knowledge of how you want to use your garage will assist in calculating the size and shape it needs to be.

GarageSmart® tailored Australian storage solutions turn wasted spaces into functional (and adjustable!) storage. Whether you just need a single section of SmartWall and a few accessories or a fully customised fit-out, we will come to you to help create the best-tailored storage solution for your space. 

Our team of design professionals will provide you with personal assistance through the entirety of your garage remodelling project. We’ll present samples of products like garage shelves, flooring systems, parking lifts, modern cabinets for storage, garage doors, and other accessories from which to choose for your space. During the renovation project, the experts at GarageSmart Solutions ensure that everything is convenient for you, from setting an installation date that works around your schedule to garage storage for your belongings, providing quality product by experienced installation technicians. Once complete, a senior garage renovation expert will perform a final quality control check to ensure the job not only meets but exceeds your expectations.


GarageSmart® is a team of friendly, professional garage organisers committed to creating the perfect customised storage solution for your garage.

GarageSmart® is owned by Enficet Group, a 100% Australian owned and operated company. GarageSmart® aims to bring great products to the Australian market.

GarageSmart® pioneered the ‘SmartWall’ garage storage system in Australia in 2005 and has built a reputation for providing a premium product along with friendly and professional service. At GarageSmart®, we love nothing more than seeing our happy customers being able to clear up the clutter and reclaim their lives.

Tailored Solution

At GarageSmart®, we take pride in delivering a tailored storage solution that can adapt to your changing lifestyle and needs.

Customer Friendly

We enjoy long-lasting relationships with many of our customers who return to upgrade existing solutions or who require fresh ideas for their new home.

Quality Products

We pride ourselves in offering a variety of home and outdoor storage products that make organising your interior space, backyard and garage a stress-free process.

HP Constructions - Garage Solutions & Renovations Melbourne


1800 22 1111

Our renovation services cover everything from bathrooms, kitchens, garages and even hidden rooms or mancaves! We also offer all of the various renovation-related trades (including such things as painting, tiling, re-stumping and more) for all of those times that you don’t need a full renovation.

We are a small team of capable tradespeople who love what we do and want to help you to make the most out of your home. Our home maintenance and repair services, waterproofing services, and renovations are second to none.



  • Complete Garage Transformations
  • Garage to Room Conversion
  • Garage to Gym Renovation
  • Roof Repairs
  • Garage Walls & Ceilings

With your car parked in the driveway and your garage collecting clutter from the rest of your house, Hitch Constructions can help convert your garage into a new room that will supplement your hobbies and lifestyle! Whether you want to protect your car from the weather or a simple spot to keep all your tools, a garage is a necessity in any Melbourne home. We’re committed to providing a quality solution that’s made to last. We will complete an inspection and give you ideas on a brand new garage.



A carport is an ideal solution for shielding your vehicle from harsh elements. But it also makes unloading the car easier with a bit of overhead protection. They’re not only reasonably affordable to install, but you can customise and design depending on what your budget allows. If you change your mind about wanting a secure area, a lockable roller door or garage is a perfect solution!

Have you ever considered converting your garage into a liveable room to give you the extra space you need? If you’re craving a new addition to your home, rather than going through the hassle of buying a bigger house, you can simply convert your garage! A popular option among homeowners, a transformed garage can often increase your property’s value.



Garage conversions & renovations are an excellent way to maximise your property’s rental returns by converting a structure that’s usually cluttered with storage and knick-knacks. At Hitch Constructions Melbourne, we are the leading experts in garage conversions for both metropolitan Melbourne and rural Victoria. Once you call us, we will promptly travel to your property, carry out the relevant inspections, and we can usually have your approval done within just two weeks.

Whether you’re thinking of converting your garage to a yoga studio, a rumpus room, or a dedicated AirBnB space, the Hitch team can provide you with a stress-free transformation that matches your budget. We make the entire process easier and more streamlined. No matter how big or small your renovation, we promise to deliver on time and on budget.

Hitch Constructions take pride in providing a full package service from concept to completion, economically. We don’t accept that aesthetics need to be compromised for the sake of functionality. Whether you’re after a practical modern garage or to get maximum use out of the garage as an entertainment space, finding the right designers and garage builders in Melbourne is central to turning your dream garage into a reality.


Are you under-utilising your garage, or is it just plain old, dark and spider-infested? It might be time to consider a garage renovation, so you can make better use of all that space! Just think about it. With a garage renovation, you could:

Clear up the storage clutter;

Make way for a new office, workshop or studio;

And actually, utilise your wasted space properly.

Garage renovations are usually not all that complicated or involved, and minimal trades are required. To get you started, here are some of the most common requests we get in our garage renovations.

Garage to room conversions

A lot of people find that their 2-car garage just isn’t being used. We get a lot of requests to convert these into single car garages with an adjoining office or workspace. Some people even request that the whole garage be converted into a studio. This is more unconventional as it can sometimes damage resale value if you don’t have secure car parking, but it can work out in your favour too. Converting part of your garage isn’t as difficult as it sounds, and it’s one way for you to gain extra room for your home. 

These conversions normally involve adding additional frames and walls, extra lighting, carpets, and sometimes a window, depending on what sort of room is being added.

Walls and ceilings

A lot of older garages tend to have open ceilings and exposed brick walls. Now, these can actually be quite appealing, but the more common trend nowadays is for the walls and ceilings to be plastered. We can do this for you and add lighting into the ceiling so you can see where you’re going at night!

Roof repairs

We tend to fix up quite a few leaking or damaged roofs during garage renovations. This is nothing new and generally isn’t all that expensive for you either.

Door replacements

Are you tired of your old manual garage door? It’s probably time for an automatic one, and getting it done as part of your renovation is the best time to do it!

If any of these sounds like changes that you would like to make to your garage, contact us today. We can arrange to inspect your garage and advise you on the best way to proceed. You may even decide that you only want to do some general repairs or maintenance to your garage, and we can do that too!

About Us

We provide professional renovation and installation services with a real focus on customer satisfaction.

Our installations are carried out by fully trained staff to the highest professional standards.


We combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge and low prices to provide you with service unmatched by our competitors.


We have the experience, personnel and resources to make the project run smoothly. We can ensure a job is done on time.


Work with us involves a carefully planned series of steps centred around a schedule we stick to and daily communication.

Dwyercon - Garage Solutions & Renovations Melbourne 


0404 012 735

We're here to assist you in customising and improving your home to best suit your family and lifestyle. Throughout our website, you'll find information about extension and renovation services, examples of showcase projects, and client testimonials.

Designing a custom garage or carport allows for complete customization and style matching with your home. We will collaborate with you to determine the best way to utilise your available space and maximise the impact of this new addition to your home. We also construct driveways and parking pads.

For garage and carport projects, we provide full project management, including council liaison. If you have a question for us, you can always count on us to respond quickly and clearly.

We are experts in the design and management of home extension and renovation projects. Dwyercon is a Master Builders member as well as a VBA registered building practitioner.

We can collaborate directly with designers, draughtsmen, and sub-trades to help you realise your vision. Dwyercon can manage your individual project through the various layers of the construction process and phases.

BOS Storage Solutions - Garage Solutions & Renovations Melbourne


1300 010 200

In a nutshell, BOS Storage Systems is the most well-known Australian brand when it comes to commercial pallet racking and storage. In fact, we have a solution for every customised warehouse need. Selective, Double-Deep, Drive-In, Cantilever, Long-Span Shelving, Pick'n'Pack, or even Mezzanine shelving. BOS Storage Systems has the technical expertise as well as a strong supply chain. Provide customers with an excellent solution at a very reasonable price.

Today, we offer a complete warehouse solution, including material handling equipment and services.

In addition, we conduct Warehouse Safety Audits in addition to our sales and installation services. Indeed, our highly trained team will come to you and advise you on all aspects of warehouse safety.

We can also help you in a variety of ways, such as project management, installation, and continuous improvement of the solutions over time, thanks to our extensive knowledge of all aspects of the supply chain. In fact, we ensure that your material handling processes are optimised.

Tailor-Made Steel Buildings - Garage Solutions & Renovations Melbourne


(03) 9303 7587

Looking for a garage or a shed? Tailor-Made can build your garage or shed to exactly match the pitch of your home's roof. A quality garage will not only improve the aesthetics of your surroundings, but it will also increase the value of your property. We are not limited to standard sizes; Tailor Made can manufacture, supply, and install the exact design tailored to your specific needs. We offer a variety of garage and shed styles, such as gable, American and Australian barns, farm and machinery sheds, awnings, and lean to's.

We stock a comprehensive range of steel garages, storage sheds, garden sheds, verandahs, pergolas, and patios, as well as a variety of garden accessories such as pet inclosures and aviaries, in designs to complement any architectural style. Whether it's for your home, farm, commercial, or industrial application, you'll always get expert advice.

To continue to expand our company goals in order to be the best at what we do, we offer our clients a professional display centre, free on-site quoting service, knowledgeable and helpful staff, and a variety of complimentary services.

To be known as a reputable company in the steel building industry, offering quality, affordable steel products and the highest levels of customer service to our domestic, commercial, and industrial clients.

We have years of industry experience, which allows us to simplify our building process to make it as simple and stress-free for our customers as possible. No job is too small or too difficult for us to handle; we handle the entire process from start to finish.

Mr Verandah - Garage Solutions & Renovations Melbourne


03 9540 0737

Our Carport and Garage designs protect your car from the elements, provide security, and can significantly improve the appearance of your home.

We will custom design the garage and carport and provide options for combining wood, weatherboard, Colorbond steel, brick, or render, as well as organising a garage door. We can also match the design of your new garage or carport to that of your existing house.

Mr Verandah garage and carport designs enhance the look and value of your home without breaking the bank.

We can also create a completely new look for the front of your property by combining a carport and a front verandah that blends in with your home and provides an eye-catching and functional shelter area for your car as well as entry to your front door.

Mr Verandah is a family-owned and operated business that has been designing and building outdoor living spaces for over 30 years. You can rely on friendly, professional services and a high-quality result because we are members of Master Builders Victoria, Housing Industry of Australia platinum members, and Building Commission of Victoria registered practitioners.

Aussie Made - Garage Solutions & Renovations Melbourne


03 9739 6990

Steel garages made to order for commercial and residential applications. Aussie Made's steel garages are affordable, long-lasting, and visually appealing, thanks to the use of BlueScope Steel and Colorbond cladding. You can be confident that your investment will last for many years.

When it comes to building a garage, you need a team with the necessary skills and materials. Aussie Made specialises in custom-built garages of any size. We build garages with BlueScope Steel and genuine Colorbond cladding, roofing, gutters, and downpipes that are durable, long-lasting, and affordable.

Choose a garage that will not only meet but exceed your expectations. Turn to Aussie Made for a garage that will look great today and last for a long time.

We are authorised Fair Dinkum Sheds and SOL (Solutions for Outdoor Living) dealers, allowing us to provide a comprehensive range of outdoor steel structures. This includes barns, garages, industrial and commercial sheds, carports, double garages, Quaker barns, and farm sheds in the American style.

Gladiator Garage Works - Garage Solutions & Renovations Melbourne


03 3050 1216

Whirlpool held an innovation day in August 2001. Marketers, Engineers, clever ideas, people in suits and lab coats all assembled in a room to 'think'. They were mixed together, divided into smaller groups, and then assigned to different rooms of the house. Gladiator Garageworks was created by the garage team and released in the United States in 2002. Until that group of Whirlpool designers decided to think outside the box, the garage was just... well, a garage... a place to park your car and pile up the clutter that wouldn't fit anywhere else. Gladiator Garageworks, on the other hand, can completely transform your garage. You'll want to spend time there.

Gladiator Garageworks is a complete garage storage solution. These high-quality cabinets, wall systems with tracking, baskets, and hooks are made of heavy-duty steel and materials and will keep your garage organised in style.

Imagine a garage that anticipates your changing needs and easily adapts to meet them, a garage organisation system so sophisticated that clutter is eliminated. Imagine a garage that is as beautiful as it is functional, and that is the focal point of your home rather than an afterthought.

Colby Storage Solutions - Garage Solutions & Renovations Melbourne


1800 953 018

Longspan Shelving systems from Colby Storage Solutions are light-duty shelves that make general-purpose storage easier than ever. Longspan Shelves make it simple to store items such as boxes, cartons, and totes, as well as archive files and a variety of other lightweight items.

Our Longspan Shelving is a versatile product that can be used for storing items in warehouses, workshops, garages, or even a small-scale storage room. It is designed to be used as a stand-alone unit or to be integrated with any of Colby's high-quality storage solutions.

Our Longspan Shelving systems, like all of our specially designed products, have been meticulously designed and tested to ensure they meet the industry's relevant operational and safety standards.

Each unit is designed to stand alone or to be integrated with any of our other innovative storage ranges. The Longspan Shelving system is both functional and stylish, and it offers excellent value for money!

We take pride in providing dependable delivery, installation, and backup services, and we want to help you find virtually anything you need for your industrial facilities, including pallet racking and shelving, packing benches, pallet trucks, bins, totes, carts, and pallet or package conveyors. Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you, offering valuable advice on design, layout, equipment, and warehouse safety.

Universal Tradesman - Garage Solutions & Renovations Melbourne


1800 411 812

Do you like where you live but want to give it new life without having to rebuild? A renovation might be exactly what you need!

Bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and even hidden rooms or mancaves are all part of our renovation services! We also provide all renovation-related trades (such as painting, tiling, re-stumping, and more) for those times when a full renovation is not required.

Is your garage underutilised, or is it simply old, dark, and spider-infested? It might be time to think about garage remodelling so you can make better use of all that extra space! Just consider it.

Garage renovations are typically not overly complicated or involved, and only minor trades are required. Here are some of the most common requests we receive in our garage renovations to get you started.

Elite Garages & Barns - Garage Solutions & Renovations Melbourne


03 9369 7069

You are an important customer to us. You can rest assured that when you buy one of our stylish and modern garages, you are simply getting the best.

Our garages are available in a variety of contemporary styles and colours. We are a proudly Australian company that uses only Bluescope steel from Australia. We have bolted main connections on all of our garages and barns. Our roller doors can also be equipped with a variety of high-quality remote controls for easy entry into your garage.

When designing your shed, PA doors, aluminium steel sliding windows, skylights, and whirlybirds are all excellent products and options.

The insulation we use is Foamcel. Shed safe is proudly accredited. This will provide you with security and reassurance when making a purchase from us. Our steel garages are the best in the industry. We take pride in being a Fairdinkum sheds distributor. We not only deliver and sell in Werribee and Hoppers Crossing, but also throughout Melbourne and Victoria.

We can custom design any shed you can think of. Permits and concrete slabs. Elite's team is here to assist you. We can even arrange a free site visit if you want to buy with confidence from Elite Garages.

Pinnacle Hardware - Garage Solutions & Renovations Melbourne


1800 349 779

Pinnacle Hardware is your garage storage specialist, offering innovative and high-quality storage solutions, garden sheds, pet inclosures, hardware, and fasteners. Quality products at a reasonable price - that is our promise to you! Our product line is ideal for both tradies and DIY enthusiasts.

The Pinnacle garage storage collection has everything you need to organise your garage, shed, or workshop. You can build garage storage systems with our sturdy shelving and cabinets that keep all of your tools and hardware organised, safe, and secure.

You can design your own garage storage system using Pinnacle storage products. Our heavy-duty shelving units offer garage storage solutions for storing and displaying all of your tools and equipment. Pinnacle cabinets can be locked to protect your most valuable equipment. There's no need to sweat the small stuff when it comes to garage wall storage. Our organiser drawers are ideal for organising and storing all of your nuts, bolts, and screws. Pinnacle hooks are another option for garage wall storage. These hooks can be installed on a variety of surfaces to match your garage storage systems. If you enjoy DIY or crafts, you'll appreciate our selection of sturdy workbenches. Several of our workbenches have generous load ratings of up to 500kg. Some of our workbenches also include garage storage in the form of extra shelving and pegboards. The entire Pinnacle storage range is available at Bunnings.

Garage Outfitters - Garage Solutions & Renovations Melbourne


1300 843 249


With simple garage storage solutions, our garage storage cabinets can transform your Melbourne Garage, Shed, or Work Space into a place of order and tidiness. Garage storage cabinets are becoming increasingly popular in Melbourne, and with the right garage storage system, you will not only be the envy of your friends and neighbours, but you will also increase the value of your home.

Our garage storage cabinets can be professionally installed by our team, which has over 25 years of experience with garage storage systems. Most of our products can be installed relatively easily with our helpful installation guides and videos, and if you run into trouble, you can always give us a call.

If you've always wanted innovative, high-quality garage storage cabinets in your Melbourne garage, don't wait any longer; we are experts in the field and are here to organise your garage with friendly service, quality installations, and competitive prices.

The Garage Outfitters work closely with The Garage Organisers on design and installation. We have over 25 years of experience in all aspects of garage storage, design, and installation throughout Australia. Allow us to transform your garage, shed, or work space into a place of order and tidiness with high-quality garage storage solutions.

Trusteel Fabrications - Garage Solutions & Renovations Melbourne


03 9560 4323

Our garages in Melbourne are built strong to last longer

Trusteel Fabrications understands that the garage is more than just a place to store tools or your car: it is an Australian cultural icon. Our team stands out as the garage builders Melbourne residents have been looking for by using the best materials and employing solid design and construction techniques.

Since our inception in 1975, our creative and experienced team has been creating the best garages in Melbourne. We have the qualifications and licence to build our garages with welded plates and bolted-together frames due to our extensive knowledge, skills, and training. This increased durability and exceptional design ensure that your garage will stand the test of time.

Garage Builders Melbourne

Trusteel Fabrications, as passionate and professional garage builders, can be relied on by Melbourne residents to design and build the garage that best suits their tastes and needs. With over 40 years of industry expertise and experience, we have the skills and practical knowledge to include a variety of features and additions to your garage.

Local customers can be confident in the quality of service and workmanship provided by our skilled team, whether they come to us for a long-lasting garage or shed. We are proud to be known as an industry leader, and we work hard to provide our valued customers with the design, supply, and manufacturing services they have come to expect from our qualified and experienced team.

ABRSS Racking + Shelving - Garage Solutions & Renovations Melbourne


03 9762 9556

Racking Melbourne

Supplying commercial and residential storage systems while keeping product quality, customer service, and price in mind. The ABRSS team has over 45 years of industry experience servicing customers, businesses, and smaller jobs of all shapes and sizes!

We provide Melbourne business owners with pallet racking, long span shelving, and drive-in racking for their warehouses, as well as shelving and storage solutions for their garage or home workshop.


The ABRSS team draws on decades of industry experience to supply, design, and install the pallet racking Melbourne businesses require for versatile storage solutions. We are always happy to discuss your custom requirements for a better solution.

We are concerned about your safety and can advise you on warehouse layouts that increase efficiency, as well as supply the safety barriers and warehouse line marking that you require for better traffic flow and a safer workplace.

Melbourne Garages - Garage Solutions & Renovations Melbourne


03 5979 3674

Melbourne’s leading provider of Sheds and Garages

We are your neighbourhood builders, offering excellent service, skilled craftsmanship, and dependability. Clients from the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne come to us when they want the best garages, sheds, carports, or pergolas available on the market today. We take pride in our extensive selection, allowing you to select the product that best suits your home and lifestyle. Our team possesses expert knowledge and extensive experience to provide you with a comprehensive solution.

We will oversee your project from start to finish, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Our dedicated team can handle everything, including design, permit applications, and referring contractors such as plumbers, electricians, and erectors as needed. We are committed to providing you with the best possible trades and service at a reasonable price.

We are your neighbourhood builders, offering excellent service, skilled craftsmanship, and dependability. Clients from the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne come to us when they want the best garages and sheds at the best prices. We take pride in our exceptional and fully customizable range, allowing you to select the product that best suits your property and lifestyle. Our team has the expert knowledge and extensive experience to provide a complete solution and project delivery from start to finish.

We will oversee your project from start to finish, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Our dedicated team can handle everything from design to obtaining permits and referring contractors, plumbers, electricians, or erectors as needed. We are committed to providing you with the best possible trades and services that work alongside us personally and meet our stringent employment criteria.

StoreWALL - Garage Solutions & Renovations Melbourne



StoreWALL Australia's wall-mounted storage solutions will help you to expand and organise your space. StoreWALL's superior garage storage solutions will help you organise your office, garage, workshop, or laundry.

Our products are built to last thanks to superior materials and construction. Our superior power Slatwall panels are durable and waterproof, and they can be installed on a variety of surfaces, including plasterboard, concrete, brickwork, metal, and wooden studs. Add industrial-grade Hooks, Brackets, Shelves, Totes, Bins, and Baskets to your StoreWALL Slatwall panels.

All StoreWALL accessories include our patented all-metal CamLokTM. This incredible device keeps accessories in place... until you decide to move them. We have a wide selection of finishes to suit your needs. There is a look for every room. Put your trust in StoreWALL, the best value in garage storage solutions.

StoreWALL quality in Australia

StoreWALL designs and sells high-quality wall-mounted storage systems for your home, workshop, or business. Our comprehensive product line has everything you need to efficiently organise your cluttered space. We have a large selection of Slatwall panels, as well as hooks, brackets, baskets, tote bags, bins, and shelves.

Super Rack - Garage Solutions & Renovations Melbourne


1300 884 481

Garage Shelving Best Seller | Brisbane | Melbourne | Australia

Are you looking for Garage Storage or Warehouse Storage Systems? You've come to the right place! We have the widest selection of garage shelving in various sizes and load ratings. They are the most popular garage shed and warehouse storage units.

We've added a fully functional online store to our website, so you can now order your long span shelving, get a freight quote, and complete the entire purchase process all in one place! Most importantly, for your convenience, PayPal, Afterpay, and Zip are now available.

We always have something to suit your needs at Super Rack. Please browse our shelving collection at your leisure.

Our newest model, long span shelving, provides a variety of storage options. They are ideal for storing tools, boxes, and other items in the garage or warehouse. It has plenty of space and can hold up to 150kg / 200kg / 400kg on each level, for a total of 600kg / 800kg / 1600kg. Furthermore, the Shelves are fully adjustable and simple to install, taking only seconds. You can also add another level by purchasing additional beams and shelf panels separately. Furthermore, we can use customised Long Span Shelving parts as structural steel columns to support the mezzanine floor.

Super Rack is a storage solutions company based in Australia. We have extensive experience with pallet racking, cantilever racking, and long-span shelving. With over ten years of experience in the racking and storage industry, we strive to provide high-quality products backed by a reputation for excellent customer service. We currently have customer service and warehouse facilities in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Able Storage - Garage Solutions & Renovations Melbourne


(03) 9305 3675

The storage system you choose for your facility will invariably become the backbone of your operation. Managing storage and inventory in the absence of a solid, adaptable storage system is a logistical nightmare waiting to happen.

We use Colby Storage Solutions to maximise storage while taking up the least amount of space. We rely on Colby, so you can rely on us. We understand that there is no room for compromise when it comes to safety and productivity, no matter what your storage needs are or what industry you work in.

As an Australian-owned company, we take pride in our excellent customer service and high-quality products, offering premium warehousing and storage solutions to businesses throughout Melbourne and Australia.

With over 40 years of industry experience, our team has the knowledge and expertise to provide solutions that maximise efficiency while increasing your warehouse's space and storage capacity.

THE Shed Company - Garage Solutions & Renovations Melbourne


1800 821 032

THE Shed Company is here to help if you live in Dandenong or another South-East Melbourne suburb and need a new steel shed, garage, or building.

THE Shed Company has a shed to fit your needs, no matter how much space you have. THE Shed Company specialises in a wide range of steel buildings and can help you find a solution for your property.

If you require a garage for your car, motorcycle, caravan, or boat, we can help. THE Shed Company can design a garage for you and your buddy.

Our team can provide you with a quote over the phone and arrange delivery of your steel kit building to your location in Dandenong, Narre Warren, Pakenham, Emerald, or any other Southeast Melbourne suburb.

All of our garages are made of genuine COLORBOND® steel. With 22 distinct colours, matt or gloss finishes, and a variety of profiles to choose from, your new garage is sure to stand out and last.

Multiple Storage Solutions - Garage Solutions & Renovations Melbourne


03 8390 4487

Multiple Storage Solutions handles the entire process of designing and expertly installing the one-of-a-kind storage solution you require for your home, office, warehouse, or factory.

In addition, we operate on traditional small-business principles. This means that when you deal with us, the same person who answers the phone will come out and install your shelves, racking, or mezzanine floor in accordance with the highest Australian quality and safety standards. And the one you can always contact if necessary.

We have built a business on more than 20 years of ensuring that our customers are satisfied every time they deal with us - and we intend to keep it that way.

We will not only provide you with a great deal on your new racking, shelving, or mezzanine floor, but we will also install it to strict Australian safety standards.

We can then perform regular safety audits and repairs to ensure that your racking and shelving are in compliance with those standards, including WorkSafe guidance on pallet racking operation and maintenance.

MR Pallet Racking - Garage Solutions & Renovations Melbourne


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Since 2006, MR Pallet Racking has been Australia's leading supplier of high-quality pallet racking and accessories. We supply and install all types of racking at wholesale prices to best meet your storage needs. All of our products are certified and tested in accordance with Australian Standard AS4084-2012.

Our products are of high quality, long lasting, and ideal for small and large scale warehouses, industrial shelving, long span shelving, storage shelving, supermarket display, retail shops, and garages. Our headquarters are in Melbourne, and our products are installed and maintained in many well-known locations throughout Australia.

Browse our extensive inventory of pallet racking, long-span racking, warehouse shelving, pallet jacks, beams, frames, workbenches, accessories, and cargo trolleys. We are confident that you will find one that meets your requirements here.

Garage Storage Plus - Garage Solutions & Renovations Melbourne


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We can find the best solution for you through our extensive range of storage ideas and innovative products, whether your preference is through wall cabinets, flooring, overhead storage, tool cabinets, or wall hooks and shelves. We have the range and the experience to give you peace of mind knowing that you have maximised and improved your space.

Simply give us a call or send us an email, and we will provide you with a free quote and consultation on the best way to maximise your space. Tell us what kinds of ideas come to mind, and then sit back and relax while we take care of the rest.

We provide DIY kits for a more cost-effective solution as well as full installation in any area. We are so confident in our products and services that we offer a full, unconditional 12-month warranty on all of our installations and products.

The team at Garage Storage Solutions has been working with garage storage solutions for over ten years and is dedicated to finding a solution to all of your problems in any space or area.

Providing high-quality solutions for any need. The helpful staff is always available to answer questions and walk you through the entire process of updating your storage space.

Steelspan - Garage Solutions & Renovations Melbourne


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Steelpan provides a variety of garage storage solutions suitable for the shed, garage, and home workshop. Steelspan has the solution to your garage storage needs, including metal pegboard panels, steel shelving, garage cabinets, workbenches, and tool drawers, as well as complete storage systems.

Steelspan's strength is its simplicity, with only 12 main components. Using these integrated modular components, you can create a garage storage solution that is tailored to your space and usage needs. Consider our pre-designed garage storage solutions or use the Steelspan Garage Storage Solution Designer to create your own.

Steelpan Storage Systems is an Australian family-owned company. We serve clients from all over Australia and the world.

Steelspan offers a variety of customised storage solutions for the residential and commercial markets. A modular system of steel shelving, cabinets, tool hanging, lockable tool drawers, workbenches, and small parts storage bins is currently available. To see our current storage solutions, visit our product pages.

Absolute Storage Systems - Garage Solutions & Renovations Melbourne


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Absolute Storage Systems Pty Ltd is Australia's leading supplier of innovative industrial and commercial storage systems. From small office storage cabinets to warehouse design and fit-out of various types of pallet racking and automated storage solutions, we have you covered. Absolute Storage Systems has a solution for every business requirement.

Brian McNaughton and Merv Clemens, the company's directors, have both worked in the storage solutions industry for over 35 years.

Absolute Storage Systems was founded in 1991, and it quickly grew to become the largest selling outlet of the largest Australian storage products and solutions supplier. Absolute Storage Systems has a product or solution for you whether you need a set of simple office containers, the refit of a small warehouse, or a large complex turnkey storage & materials handling solution.

Absolute has invested in cutting-edge CAD and engineering systems to provide their clients with the best professional service possible.

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