Top 10 Best Electrician Training Sites 2024

Do you want to become an electrician? If so, you must know the best and most reputable sites. There are many companies out there who will offer training for a fee but don't be fooled by their promises of what they can do. It's not worth wasting your time or money when these sites offer the same thing.

You're not alone! Many people want to become an electrician but don't know where they should start out. Luckily, there is plenty of information available online about the topic, and we've picked some of our favourite sites below for you to take a look at!

We have compiled a list of 10 websites that will provide you with all the knowledge and information needed to become an expert electrician sooner rather than later! These are some of the most respected and reliable sources on this topic, so make sure not to miss out on them!

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    Ultimate List of the Best Electrician Training Sites

    Electrician Mentor - Electrician Training Site 

    Electrician Mentor - Electrician Training Site

    Electrician Mentor is an electrician training site dedicated to all things related to electricians. We help people become electricians and provide informational content to help electricians do their jobs as knowledgeably and effectively as possible.

    The goal of Electrician Mentor is to encourage and teach people how to become an electrician. It has been an incredible journey.

    Electrician Apprenticeship Job Description

    There are many ways to fulfil certification requirements in different fields, but an apprenticeship is the best option for new applicants. This is the entry position for someone desiring to become an electrician. They are also referred to as apprentices, but some contractors call them helpers.

    New apprentices/helpers need professional hands-on training along with formal education to be qualified for certification. The electrician apprenticeship can be combined with the course, or it can be done separately. Some aspiring helpers participate in training while attending trade school, and some choose to train after school is completed. Some helpers even do apprenticeships for Master Electricians in their local area before starting any vocational program.

    In the case of an area that requires the fulfilment of the apprenticeship after being licensed, the student becomes licensed during school and joins the internship after on-site training.

    Apprentice electricians or helpers work with electric systems during different processes such as installation, maintenance, replacements, repair jobs, and other related tasks. Helpers work in both residential and commercial environments. Duties are not limited to projects. However, there is sometimes work to be done in emergencies. Those scenarios require unconventional hours of work at times. 

    Electrical 4 U - Electrician Training Site 

    Electrical 4 U - Electrician Training Site

    Electrical4U's goal is to educate people about all facets of electrical and electronic engineering. If you want to learn everything there is to know about electronics and electrical engineering, you have come to the right place.

    Visit our Voltage, Transformers, Electrical Symbols, Alternators, DC Motors, Induction Motors, Star Delta Starter, Lenz's law, Faraday's law, and DOL Starters pages to learn more about fundamental electrical engineering. We also evaluate the top books on electrical engineering.

    Electrician Apprentice HQ - Electrician Training Site

    Electrician Apprentice HQ - Electrician Training Site

    Electrician Apprentice Headquarters was created with the intention of centralising and streamlining all the online jargon related to becoming an apprentice electrician.

    Thomas Hawkings, the CEO and founder, is a former apprentice electrician who completed both a trade school and an apprenticeship. He is aware of how challenging it may be to find clear information about the full process of beginning an electrical apprenticeship.

    Electrical Knowledge - Electrician Training Site 

    Electrical Knowledge - Electrician Training Site

    The exchange of electrical information is the focus of this website.

    A place for electrical professionals – including electricians, electrical engineers, electronics engineers and control engineers – to help each other out.

    Electrical knowledge's purpose is to collect, warehouse and make freely available information sought by electrical professionals.

    Electrical Engineering Portal - Electrician Training Site 

    Electrical Engineering Portal Electrical Engineering Portal Best Electrical Engineering Websites For Students and Professionals

    067 5098888


    Engineering Guides

    Becoming an exceptional electrical engineer needs a great deal of enthusiasm, training, and dedication. This comprehensive section is a resource for individuals and professionals interested in pursuing a career in electrical engineering. This section contains books and manuals on electrical science in general, AC/DC electrical circuits, network protection, electrical installations, lighting, and so on.

    Power Substation Handbooks

    Currently, substation engineers are working on projects spanning from design to maintenance. Many engineers specialise in electrical engineering sub-disciplines since electrical engineers are employed in so many different sectors.

    All About Circuits - Electrician Training Site

    All Aboutx Circuits - Electrician Training Site

    One of the biggest and busiest independent online communities for electrical engineers is called All About Circuits.

    With merely a forum and an open-source textbook, AAC got its start in 2004. Since then, it has grown into a vibrant group of engineers that work together and exchange information.

    In order to help EEs find practical answers to the problems they currently face, AAC makes resources available and encourages conversation among them. AAC is your home for technical information, news, and resources, whether you're learning RF design, advancing your PCB layout abilities, understanding Verilog, or looking for inspiration for your next design.

    Content From Industry Experts

    For engineers all over the world, AAC offers free access to technical materials like tools, manuals, textbooks, and technical publications.

    These resources are built from the ground up to educate both engineers who are new to the industry and those who are looking to continue their professional development.

    IEEE Electrician Training Site

    IEEE Electrician Training Site


    With hundreds of courses already available and more being added on a daily basis, ILN provides the most recent innovations in continuing education in engineering, technology, and other sectors. Whether you want to develop your abilities, brush up on them, or simply keep up with the current trends, ILN has the content you need. Topics will include the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, Smart Grid, Renewable Energy, English for Technicians, and others.

    Mike Holt Enterprises - Electrician Training Site 

    Mike Holt Enterprises - Electrician Training Site



    We believe in the idea of transforming people's lives. We design our products with the intention of not only assisting you in learning the trade, passing an exam, or fulfilling continuing education obligations, but also of improving your capability in the field and assisting you throughout your career.

    Mike Holt Enterprises is the leader in electrical training. We're dedicated to making the industry safer through training and state-of-the-art products. 

    While preparing for a local electrical exam in 1972, Mike developed a passion for the electrical business and for spreading knowledge of the NEC®.He was inspired to start a school that provided electrical training after being unable to find anything that was well-written or appropriately depicted. In 1975, Mike Holt Enterprises was established with the goals of enhancing electrical activity and offering clear, understandable literature.

    IEEE Computer Society - Electrician Training Site 

    IEEE Computer Society - Electrician Training Site


    Home for Leaders in Computer Science and Engineering

    International conferences, peer-reviewed papers, a strong digital library, internationally accepted standards, and opportunities for ongoing learning are just a few of our reliable resources.

    The Leading Computer Professionals' Association

    As the world's top member organisation dedicated to computer science and technology, the IEEE Computer Society advances the theory, practice, and application of computer and information-processing science and technology, as well as the professional standing of its members.

    Schneider Electric - Electrician Training Site 

    Schneider Electric - Electrician Training Site _2

    (02) 976 9999

    The goal of Schneider is to combine growth and sustainability for all, enabling everyone to get the most out of our energy and resources. Life Is On is what Schneider calls it.

    We consider access to digital and energy resources to be a basic human right. The industrial transformation and energy transition facing our age are being sped up by increased digitisation in an electric environment. When integrated with a circular economy strategy, electricity is the most effective and efficient way to reduce carbon emissions, helping us to meet the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

    Frequently Asked Question About Electrician Trainings

    An apprenticeship is when an apprentice is contracted to an employer to learn the necessary skills required to become qualified in a particular trade. It combines practical experience in a workplace with structured off the job training at a contracted training provider. The term of an apprenticeship in the electrical industry is four years.

    In Western, Australia apprenticeships are delivered under a competency-based, flexible training system. Workplace and off-the-job training and assessment procedures have been introduced based on the apprentice’s skills over the term of the apprenticeship.

    • You earn a wage while you learn the trade.
    • You will learn from a skilled journeyperson.
    • You will attend short periods of technical training to reinforce what you have learned on the job.
    • Some employers only hire individuals who have completed an apprenticeship.
    • You can earn your credential without incurring a large debt.

    Yes. Under the requirements of the training contract, your employer must release you from work and pay fair wages to attend training (also called supervised training or off-the-job training) and assessment with your training organisation as provided for in the training plan.

    Apprenticeships and traineeships are competency-based, not time-based.

    You and your employer can start the formal completion process once you have completed all units of competency in your training plan and can demonstrate competence in the workplace to industry standards.

    You must be supervised in the workplace by an appropriately qualified person(s) who works in the same workplace during the same working hours as you.

    You should present your training record to your employer and training organisation at regular intervals, using the opportunity to discuss your progress, encourage feedback, and review the training plan to ensure your training is progressing at a satisfactory rate.

    You must complete a WA recognised apprenticeship in the electrical trades or hold a Tradesman's Right Certificate in electrical works.

    Apprenticeships are generally four years in duration. This period is known as the period of “Indenture”.

    Your Registered Training Organisation (RTO) will issue you with a Certificate once you have completed the following:

    • Completion of “off the job “ training
    • Completed “on the job” training experience, called profiling
    • Completed a Capstone assessment

    This certificate is presented to Building and Energy, who have the authority to issue your Electrical Trade Licence.

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