As a tourist with an eye for eco-friendly products, you have probably noticed that most swimwear is made from materials like nylon and polyester. However, there has been a move towards sustainable swimwear made of natural fibres such as cotton and hemp in the last few years.  

The list of benefits of this type of material is long: not only are they better for your skin but also the environment! So if you're looking to purchase some new sexy bikinis or one-pieces, I recommend checking out these brands that use sustainable materials in their garments. 

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    Ultimate List of Eco-Friendly Sustainable Swimwear, Melbourne Australia

    Bombshell Bay Swimwear - Sustainable Swimwear Melbourne

    Bombshell Bay Swimwear is an eco-friendly Melbourne label that designs and creates sustainable eco-luxe swimwear out of floating plastics and other misplaced synthetics sadly found in our oceans.

    We only use Italian Carvico Vita recycled fabric to ensure the highest quality of swimwear is produced. Carvico Vita is made with 78% Recycled Polyamide with 22% Elastane. Not only is our fabric known for helping clear our seas from plastics and ghost netting, but it also has key benefits such as Excellent UV Protection, pilling resistance, incredible shape retention, Resistance to sunscreen and oil and ultra-chlorine resistant too. Did we mention that it has 2-way stretch, and it's SUPER soft. The Italians defiantly know what they are doing, that's for sure.

    We have a small dedicated team; we like to call our magicians who create our swimwear offshore in beautiful Bali. By doing this, we only create small amounts of each collection, which makes them not only exclusive pieces but it also really allows us to be a truly sustainable swimwear brand. We are a small but proud Australian owned label helping to do our part in making our oceans a cleaner place for our marine life while we continue to make only the best quality swimsuits for you, our beautiful customers.

    Seapia - Sustainable Swimwear Melbourne

    Our Sustainable Way

    One of the biggest improvements in fashion these days is transparency and accountability – what price are we paying to look and feel good?

    From the labour used to make the product, the fabric that it's produced from, the distance it travels to reach us, and the packaging it comes in, there's usually a heavy price on the environment to make us feel good on the beach or in the pool.

    Our brand philosophy is that looking good in swimwear shouldn't be at the expense of the world. We can look and feel great in sustainable swimwear that is durable, that doesn't cost the Earth and reduces our carbon footprint.


    Seapia reflects the tropical style of Costa Rica, where the brand's founder Fiorella Castro was born. Fiorella's diverse fashion background and love of nature have given her a unique perspective on life, leading to this iconic range of swimwear with a Latin American heart and high tech, low-impact structure.

    So by using materials carefully selected for their low impact on the environment, we can give back to the world without compromising on beauty and style, which provides a unique and rewarding experience for the wearer. 

    Aquadiva - Sustainable Swimwear Melbourne

    Eco & Ethical

    Aquadiva takes inspiration from our favourite season, summer, and the essence of hot days, starry nights and the feeling of wanderlust. We aim to create swimwear that not only looks magical but feels magical to wear!

    The beauty of the natural world is also very inspiring to us, so it makes sense to look after it as best we can! Our environmentally conscious swimwear is not only designed to last and reduce the need for consumption but is produced with as little waste and environmental impact as possible. We are totally committed to running an environmentally and socially responsible business to ensure the health of our planet for future generations to come.

    Firstly, they have to be of the highest quality possible. We believe in slow fashion, not disposable swimwear! When you buy an item, you should be looking to make good use of it, not throw it away after a few swims. In fact, many of our customers have full collections of Aquadiva pieces from seasons past. 

    Recycling - Waste Not! 

    All of the waste products created in our manufacturing process are recycled. Even the inks that are used in the Aquadiva fabric printing process are earth and human-friendly. We also pay to have all waste paper taken to a recycling plant while scrap fabric is donated to local community projects. 

    100% Australian Made 

    When you buy Aquadiva, you are buying a product that reflects the hard work and passion of many talented Australians.  

    Our team of dedicated artists and craftspeople produce Aquadiva right here on the sunny Gold Coast, in Queensland - not in a foreign country. We believe in providing Australians with a means to live and prosper, not taking advantage of cheap labour in developing countries to maximise profits. Be wary of brands that produce cheap quality items and pocket the price difference - success should not be at the expense of others.  

    Eco-Friendly Sustainable Swimwear FAQs

    What Material Are Swimsuits Made Of

    The last thing you need in a swimwear fabric is your bikini or swimming shorts to turn see-through underwater. A fabric that shrinks when wet can also cause a few embarrassing problems.


    One thing you don't want in a swimwear fabric is anything too heavy. Lighter fabrics will look and feel like comfortable underwear. Most swim-quality material is made from lightweight synthetic fabrics. An ideal weight would be between 180-200g per square meter of material.

    Look and Feel

    Swimwear fabric needs to look good and help you feel confident. It should be soft, flexible, and have an attractive design or print. Let's face it. Most modern-day swimsuits leave little to the imagination. What's on show needs to look fantastic, so you don't feel anxious wearing the garment. The fabric should enhance your assets, not detract from them. Avoid neon colours if you are at all body-conscious.


    An uncomfortable swimming costume is going to hamper your enjoyment severely. As well as your freedom of movement. A swimwear fabric needs to be flexible enough to allow your body to move. It also needs to be soft enough to prevent rubbing and chaffing. When it comes to swimwear, the softer the material, the better.


    Everyone likes to look good at the beach or the side of the pool. Unfortunately, today's swimwear fabrics contain elastane, which is figure-hugging. Able to control and contain those areas of our bodies we'd all rather hide, the best swimwear material will make us look thinner with more of an athletic silhouette.

    Fibre Content

    When it comes to swimwear, the best fibre content for your fabric is stretchy synthetic. Created by blending either polyester or nylon with elastane, swimwear fabrics are naturally durable, water-resistant, and quick-drying. A polyester/elastane mix will also give protection from UV rays and be resistant to chlorine.


    The last thing you need is the colour from your swimsuit coming out in the pool. Ensure your fabric is colourfast before diving into the deep end. Materials known to fare badly when it comes to colour retention include nylon. Not only does it fade quickly, but any printing or ink on the material is also likely to bleed into the water. If you want a logo on your swimming shorts, play it safe and stick to polyester-based fabrics.


    Particularly important, if you are taking the plunge daily, you need a material to be quick-drying. There's nothing worse than having to carry a soggy swimsuit around with you after your morning swim. Most synthetic fibres have a water-resistant quality making them ideal for regular-use swimwear. They'll not only dry quickly but can also be rinsed out, dried, and ready for your next trip to the pool in no time.


    Swimsuits are designed to be close-fitting. The closer the fit, the less likely they'll accidentally fall off underwater. To be figure-hugging, the fabric has to be flexible and stretchy. Unfortunately, many swimwear is made with negative ease, meaning there isn't much space available when you're wearing it. Make sure your fabric has the necessary stretch to accommodate both you and your need to breathe. Try to find fabric with a four-way stretch with at least a 60-70% stretch in any direction.


    Swimwear fabric needs to be durable and resilient. It comes into contact with pool chemicals and UV rays, and both can cause degradation. A key element for any fabric used in swimsuits is the ability to resist damage caused by chlorine, sunshine, and other abrasive substances like sea salt.


    For a long-lasting, durable swimsuit, try to pick a fabric that contains anti-pilling properties. Nylon is known to pill over time as it lacks resistance to chlorine damage. The best fabric for resilience to harsh chemicals is polyester. If anti-pilling is important to you, choose a material with polyester content.

    Ease of Care

    Any time you have a fabric coming into regular contact with harmful chemicals like chlorine, you need to wash it. The great thing about synthetic fibres is they are easy to care for. A quick dip in a cool wash, followed by a drip-dry, is all it takes to get the smell of bleach out of your swimwear. So make sure your swimming fabric has a wash-and-go element built in.


    This is a hard box to tick when it comes to swimwear. The best fabrics are synthetics due to the resilience, durability, and flexibility inherent in the material. Unfortunately, synthetics are also the least sustainable of all fibres. Many are petroleum-based and rely heavily on fossil fuels. All is not lost, though. By considering recycled materials, you can go a long way to counteracting the environmental impact of your swimsuit.


    Fabric for swimwear can vary in price. The choice is down to your budget, from the inexpensive polyester-based materials to the slightly higher cost of a nylon garment. The ideal fabric for your swimwear should be the best quality you can afford. Ensure the material has longevity, and the investment you make in your swimsuit will repay you with a garment that will look good after multiple swims.

    The amount of fabric needed for a swimsuit depends on the style of suit you are making. There are a couple of things to consider when calculating material amounts. First, do you want to line your swimwear and a full suit or a two-piece bikini? For this example, let's make a bikini.

    Commercial swimwear is made with negative ease, meaning it's cut smaller than your measurements. This creates the tight-fitting, figure-hugging silhouette swimwear is known for. As a rule of thumb, it's normal for an amount of up to 2 inches to be deducted from your size. This figure will change depending on how tight you want your bikini.

    The next thing to do is measure your bust and hips and decide how much coverage you want. For example, do you want a low-cut top with tankini briefs? Or full bust coverage and low cut briefs?

    The actual fabric needed will be determined by your measurements, but between ½ to ¾ of a yard in a 60-inch wide fabric should be ample. Remember to purchase the same amount for your lining!

    When thinking of bathing suits, the one-piece swimsuit springs to mind. Because more of the body is covered, fabric needs for this option will be slightly higher than for bikinis, tankinis, and briefs.

    Bathing suits or one-piece swimsuits are made with negative ease. Measurements for the one-piece option will need to include coverage for your stomach and back. A yard of fabric measuring 60-inches wide should give you enough material for an all-in-one bathing suit.

    Two Sparrow - Sustainable Swimwear Melbourne

    We are committed to ensuring that our garments are ethically manufactured in Australian factories. We can manage quality, ethical working conditions and ensure fair wages because our products are manufactured locally.

    As a result, we are able to produce high-quality pieces that reflect our values and ethos while utilising sustainably sourced fabrics. Feel good doing what you enjoy, and look good while doing it.

    About Us

    Our goal is to design season-appropriate, well-fitting clothing that will last for a long time. All Two Sparrow clothing is produced in Melbourne, Australia, in a facility that has earned ethical certification.

    Our swimwear is developed and sold locally in Torquay, Australia, and is constructed entirely of recycled plastic bottles and fishing netts in an effort to lessen the negative environmental effects of rapid fashion.

    SNDSTNE - Sustainable Swimwear Melbourne

    Saving Our Oceans

    At SNDSTNE, we are passionate about creating timeless garments that withstand fast fashion trends and last a lifetime. Billions of plastic bottles go into landfills and our ocean every year. But now, we are doing something about it! 

    Our technique embeds qualities like wicking, adaptive warming and cooling, water repellency, and more at the fibre level for dependable, enduring quality. We turn recycled bottles into stunning luxury swimwear.

    We are committed to our sustainability efforts. And we will continue learning, developing and researching to bring you luxury garments you can love and stand behind for their ethical roots.


    Swimwear brand SNDSTNE was developed by a mother and daughter team and is only produced in Sydney, Australia. Their goal is to offer high-quality clothing made entirely of recycled and recyclable materials.

    "From a metaphysical perspective, SANDSTONE is a stone of creativity, aiding in the development and reinforcement of relationships' cohesion and unity, fostering truth, supporting clarity, ease of movement, and transformation."

    Liandra Swim - Sustainable Swimwear Melbourne

    Sun, Surf & Culture

    We are constantly seeking to broaden our understanding of sustainable and ethical practises. Our fabrics are made of recycled plastics. We use environmentally friendly fabric dyes. Our hygiene stickers are suitable for home composting.

    We use swimwear fashion to showcase our rich culture through our signature prints. All our pieces are limited edition. Our pieces are unique in every sense of the word.

    We highlight the achievements of Indigenous women through our swimwear. Each of our pieces is named after a different ground-breaking Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander woman.

    Creating New Ways to Connect With Culture

    Our signature prints are inspired by our Aboriginal Australian culture. Our dream is to give you the opportunity to exhibit a slice of culture that has been tens of thousands of years in the making! Each collection we launch represents a unique story, with each of the prints delving deeper into that narrative. 

    The stories and prints we create are inspired by our livid experience and individual journey. Our prints are also a contemporary representation of our culture and how we identify with our heritage. Our Community Collection prints have been hand-drawn and are inspired by the landscape of location of Milingimbi, in North-East Arnhem Land (NT). 

    HAKEA - Sustainable Swimwear Melbourne

    Our Approach

    The water women should wear Hakea. It's for people who enjoy the sting of salt, the cool ocean current on their hand's heel, and the warmth of the sun's rays. It's for those who appreciate the blessing of sunny mornings, long evenings, and free time in between.

    Hakea is for a way of life that enjoys leisure and exploration. Take a minute, an hour, or even a day to carefully peel an orange, sneak away to go surfing, or prepare a lavish supper to be enjoyed outside. Inhaling the moment with the shoulders dropped, eyes smiling and mind at ease - Hakea is for that state-of-being – most fleeting and precious – of feeling uninhibited and free.

    Australian desert and dry coasts served as inspiration. Our classic styles in earthy colour schemes are manufactured in small quantities, shifting the focus away from material acquisition and onto a connection to the things that really matter.

    SAINT SOMEBODY - Sustainable Swimwear Melbourne

    What's the Story?

    The first thing you notice about the pieces is the quality. You can see it and feel it. Seamless, ethically handmade swimwear that is flattering, comfortable and made to last. The fit is focused on women in the average size range with designs in sizes 12-22 to suit busts both small and large. 

    The label was founded in 2018 by Sophie Henderson-Smart, a mum and beach dweller from Manly Beach, Australia. Sophie, although falling in the majority' average size' category, would browse store after store both at home and abroad, searching for high-quality designer swimwear made specifically for her shape, but it was fruitless. As the summers went by, she became increasingly body-conscious and frustrated with the lack of options and eventually avoided the beach altogether. Sound familiar? This is the story for far too many women.


    SAINT SOMEBODY is a movement of body positivity with authenticity and purpose at its core. Quite simply, we exist to make the world better by gifting confidence to women with luxury swimwear designed for curves and through our global giving to people in need.    

    Less is more. We like to take it slow, ensuring quality is of the highest possible standard. Everything is finished by hand in small batches and designed to last. We care about the talented people who make our garments. They are part of our extended team and a significant part of our success. This is reflected in both conditions and pay. 

    SKYE & staghorn - Sustainable Swimwear Melbourne

    About the Brand

    Since the beginning of SKYE & staghorn, our goal has been to create premium products with the best components and craftsmanship. We want to curate a timeless and meaningful closet at SKYE & Staghorn. We take the wearability of our clothes into account while designing them so that they not only withstand passing fashion trends but are also built with purpose and longevity in mind.

    Our clothing is designed with bright patterns and distinctive details that perfectly capture the female form for today's modern ladies. We support investing in the ideal timeless piece to be worn for more summers to come and taking a slow fashion approach.

    Each garment is designed in Australia and meticulously sourced and produced in Indonesia by our team of industry veterans with over 30 years of experience. We collaborate closely with our manufacturers and pattern makers to ensure that each design is not only beautiful but also functional.

    TJ SWIM - Sustainable Swimwear Melbourne


    We may not be perfect, and there is still room for improvement, but we value our planet and are committed to contributing to a better future. We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

    Premium Quality That Lasts

    With conscious consumerism at the core of our company values, our mission is to create premium swimsuits that you will look and feel your absolute best in. We work closely with our manufacturing team to ensure that each bikini is delicately hand made to ensure a unique standard of sophistication, longevity and optimum quality. 

    Compostable Materials

    Materials that can be composted are a crucial component of our effort to reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainability. Our compostable mailing satchels are used for shipping orders. 

    Burrows and Co - Sustainable Swimwear Melbourne

    Welcome Minis

    Our Minis collection! Burrows and Co are for the girls who are carefree and living it up in the sunshine, it's for the girls and her four-legged soul mate to love match with, and it's for the women stepping into the beautiful journey of motherhood. We are very excited to introduce our Minis line.

    We are an eco-friendly band with pride. Each piece has a premium finish while still being a sustainable product. Because of its eco-friendly practises and extra-soft, lux feel, @Vita Lycra is the brand we use for our swimwear. We are also 100% ethically created, and each item is made with love and designed with a tonne of soul.

    About Us

    Treena was the founder of Burrows & Co. A self-described salty soul that enjoys nothing more than lounging on the sand near to pure water and feeling the sun kiss her skin while holding her furry children in her toes. Burrows was founded in 2015 by Treena, who had the idea to develop a swimwear line that would inspire memorable seaside getaways in comfortable cuts and eye-catching, timeless prints. The products from Burrows would genuinely express the beauty and freedom of the Australian seaside lifestyle, and most crucially, the company would be a sustainable environmental brand that followed the slow fashion philosophy.

    Treena has spent the last six years making her vision a reality and building a brand that makes women feel confident and beautiful in their bikinis. Burrow's is about community and growing alongside our women as they progress through life. Burrows and Co is for the girls who are carefree and enjoying life in the sun, for the girl and her four-legged soul mate, and for the women who have embarked on the wonderful journey of motherhood.

    Cleonie - Sustainable Swimwear Melbourne

    Our Conscious Approach

    In the beaches north of Sydney, we operate a family-run independent label. We are always looking for ways to improve in order to lessen our influence on Mother Nature.

    With every product sewn, each piece is cut and created to order from our eco selection of materials. Conscious crinkle fabric, made in Australia, is our base cloth for the La Journée collection. We cut and sew everything to order, lowering the amount of waste in materials and excess stock. Only autonomous brands can produce their goods with the consciousness, love, comprehension, and completeness that we do.

    Share Love

    Because we can all feel a little blue sometimes, we will be donating 10% of all sales of our SKY BLUE range to BEYOND BLUE. An organisation determined to help fight mental illness and suicide prevention.

    Amongst these tough times we are all facing, Cleonie is sending you all love and strength. Be there for your friends and loved ones. Together we can make a difference.

    Our online store will continue to serve you from near or afar. We are remaining hopeful and grateful for what we have during this time.

    Vacay Swimwear - Sustainable Swimwear Melbourne

    Vacay Swimwear, an Australian business that produces distinctive male swim & resort wear, was born right there and then. It now satisfies the highest standards of comfort and style. The custom pieces have a handmade sense of European elegance and sophistication and capture the lively spirit of the travel-loving man.

    With iconic prints that give you the confidence to go from the beach to the bar with your head held high, our collections elevate swim and resort wear fashion to a new level. Whether the Vacay man is strolling the shores of Bondi or sailing the isles of Capri, Vacay Swimwear offers a contemporary twist on summers favourite styles.

    Vege Threads - Sustainable Swimwear Melbourne

     Our collections are made entirely in Australia from limited-edition organic and environmentally friendly materials and colours. We continue to reinvest because we think that business is a work in progress that can be improved for both the world and our consumers.

    Because of our dedication to openness and an ethical supply chain, we have once again received accreditation from Ethical Clothes Australia. We also take satisfaction in collaborating with regional knitting factories and dye houses. VT supports the trend towards slower life and aspires to offer our consumers clothing that is durable, useful, and exquisitely crafted.

    We seek to bring together a community that share the same values and are interested in sustainability as well as good design and style.

    Young Squad - Sustainable Swimwear Melbourne

    For the Young and Young at Heart

    Young Squad is an ethical fashion label specialising in unique, limited edition designs. My products combine beautiful fabrics with fabulous patterns to create gorgeous clothing and swimwear that is comfortable and versatile. The Young Squad brand has recently branched into small scale women's fashion and swimwear production as well to coincide with the increased desire for Mums to match their daughter's fashion.

    Young Squad is a brand that makes "fashion with a purpose." This concept is realised by the fact that all products are hand made locally, the swimwear utilises lycra made from recycled plastic, and my kids pocket pal range aims to help kids cope with their big emotions in a positive way. Look at our range to see why people are raving about our gear. Find out what our customers love about Young Squad.

    The Starting Point

    I started designing these one-of-a-kind prints in Photoshop one day in June 2014. I had the idea of having them printed and turned into swimwear.

    There weren't many companies at the time that printed and hand-sewed swimwear locally. We gained popularity, and as more and more clients started to know, enjoy, and trust our brand, I added a few more upscale seamstresses to the team.

    ZAZI SWIM - Sustainable Swimwear Melbourne

    Sustainability Made Sexy

    Our swimwear is constructed of ECONYL, a recycled nylon created from waste materials like fishing netts and other post-consumer goods. Almost 10,000 bathing suits will be produced for every tonne of fishnets that are recycled. This conserves natural resources and lessens nylon's up to 80% contribution to global warming.

    In order to preserve a luxurious feel while using less water and having a smaller environmental impact, our resort clothing is constructed from natural fibres like organic cotton and linens that are sustainably sourced.

     All of our packaging including garment bags are made from compostable and recycled materials so will break down in landfill and can go into your compost. We care deeply about the planet and creating a business that gives back to nature. That's why we're thrilled to share that we're partnering with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every order. 

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