50+ Best Dual Occupancy Builders in Melbourne, Victoria (2022)

Building a duplex has several benefits, whether you're a first-time homebuyer, builder, investor, or need extra space.

A dual occupancy property is also called a multi-dwelling, duplex, or'side-by-side' development. This gives investors flexibility and independence while maximising land returns. These properties are under one title and have a better ROI than two independent homes.

Melbourne dual occupancy builders? When planning your dream home, you want everything flawless. Selecting every vendor yourself is one of the finest methods to ensure everything goes as planned. So, you may choose the best location and services for your dream home.

Our dual occupancy builders in Melbourne, Victoria, save you time and money.

Melbourne’s Best Dual Occupancy Builders

MJS Construction Group - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


(03) 9570 1826


Team provides purposeful building projects. Trusted in Melbourne for over 35 years, we've built over 1200 new homes, duplexes, townhouses, and apartments.


Over 1200 New Home, Dual Occupancy, Townhouse, and Apartment constructions in 35 years. We've done everything.

If you're looking for a high-quality, affordable builder in Melbourne, you're in the right place!

  • Dual Occupancy & Duplex Developments
  • New Custom Home Builds
  • Townhouse & Multi-Unit Apartments
  • Residential Developments
  • Home Designs & Drafting


We're a full-service home building construction & project-management company.

Home is where the heart is. But you live there too. MJS Construction Group builds homes that care for everyone. Our devotion to design, building, and customer service reflects our custom homes philosophy and enthusiasm. We'll build your dream home.


The MJS Construction Group has 35 years of experience building hundreds of New Homes, Dual Occupancy & Duplex Developments, and commercial spaces. They work with private clients to large property developers and always take care to understand project details so you're thrilled with the finished product.

MJS Construction Group focuses on connections, details, and quality results. Not just "say" We deliver. Our innovative organisational structure has helped MJS Construction Group expand and thrive in the design, building, and construction industries.

Bentleigh East builders are on schedule, on budget, and detail-oriented.


MJS Construction Group's innovative building collaboration process ensures purposeful design and construction.


We develop single-, double-, and triple-story homes in Bentleigh, Bentleigh East, and Melbourne. MJS Construction Group guides clients through the entire process, providing better solutions to ensure homeowner satisfaction. Renovating?


As renowned dual occupancy builders, MJS Construction Group has a good reputation for having exceptional build knowledge and ability. Here's more.


Commercial developments demand project management competence from inception to conclusion. MJS Construction Group has delivered high-quality industrial and mixed-use commercial projects. Contact MJS Construction Group about your commercial and industrial project designs.


MJS Construction Group loves building townhouses since each one is unique. Building townhouses in Bentleigh, Bentleigh East, and Melbourne excites us. MJS Construction Group can make your townhome fantasies come true.


Multi-level and basement apartments demand detail. MJS Construction Group is a prefered builder. MJS Construction Group excels at meeting market needs, operating within budgets, and delivering high-quality service. We can help you build any type of apartment building.


MJS Construction Group promises planning, design, construction, and post-handover servicing. MJS Construction Group maintains the greatest degree of professionalism from the raw site through the handover of keys to ensure your residential development is finished on time, on budget, and with attention to detail. Contact MJS Construction Group to learn about our home development experience.


MJS Construction Group manages subdivision planning applications, Land Titles Office registration, development planning, approvals, permits, and construction. Our knowledge and experience managing subdivisions can benefit your project. MJS Construction Group can oversee your subdivision project.


MJS Construction Group treats every project as its own. We're confident in our capacity to deliver and happy to discuss joint venture ideas. Contact us if you have a site to discuss a cooperative venture.


Hamilton Bardin Builders Bayside Melbourne


0412 003 001


Hamilton Bardin is Australia's premier luxury home builder. Individualized, handcrafted residences that meet and surpass client needs.

This requires recognising that every family is unique and that your ideal living space is too. We help with everything from simple modifications to total destruction and rebuilding. Hamilton Bardin's only mission is to build your dream home.


Hamilton Bardin is a Melbourne building company that prioritises both its craftsmanship and client service. We've been a leading Melbourne design, construction, and refurbishment company since 2010.

Hamilton Bardin offers a full package for renovations, new buildings, extensions, bespoke joinery, and interior design.


Through exceptional customer service and attention to detail, we ensure each Hamilton Bardin job is finished to the highest standard.

VBuild Melbourne Pty Ltd - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne 


0425 752 803

VBuild is a Melbourne luxury house builder dedicated to delivering your dream home. We guarantee a spectacular, superbly finished quality house from your original ideas through custom design, planning, building, and beyond.

VBuild's goal is to deliver a project management solution that keeps our client informed and confident in the project's progress. VBuild's considerable project management experience ensures projects are always conducted professionally and diligently, both client-side and contractor-side.


We're always pleased to start a new home design and build with our clients. Our expertise will inspire you from day one by turning your concept into a beautiful, liveable house.


VBuild dual occupancy projects unlock wealth. Our Dual Occupancy team specialises on multi-unit and dual-occupancy developments. Our expertise, track record, and experience will unleash your property's investment potential.


VBuild townhouse designs offer high ROI. As experienced Melbourne townhouse builders, we provide front and rear loading townhouse designs and side by side constructions.

5AB Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


1300 000 525


5AB Homes is one of Australia's most reputable builders. Since we started, we've wanted to assist people realise their home ownership aspirations. With a history in construction, we know building a house can be difficult without help. Time, energy, and money are scarce in today's world. People lack the experience and knowledge to understand construction's details.

One must rely on contractors whose credibility is often hard to determine. Realizing the need for a complete package that takes on all the housebuilding obligations and hassles, we started this company. With our smart strategy, we've expanded and gained many pleased consumers over time. We value honesty, transparency, communication, delivery, and support. Our only goal is to make the client's house-building journey a pleasurable and memorable one, thus we provide open and responsive communication. The client is involved at every stage. This journey and our contact with clients make us market leaders.

Quality drives everything we do. We carefully select contractors and providers to ensure quality. Our team of professionals supervises construction to guarantee it meets industry standards. Our organisation also continues to support clients after the task is done. We keep in touch with them and support them with their homes.



We offer industry-leading warranties, guarantees, and sustainability. With structural and product guarantees, you can construct with confidence.


Our quality assurance programme means a separate team of professionals will assess our work. This ensures your home's durability. Full support

Melbourne Home Builders - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


0403 341 330

New Building Approach

Melbourne Home Builders wants you to emotionally connect with your home. When you enter into your home, we want you to feel like it's genuinely yours.

We strive to make your home a place you want to live forever. This won't lead anywhere good. This is better—the dream house. It's a "lifetime home."

Our Services

Personalise Your Space

Our team of specialists will make your fantasy a reality and build a location that is distinctive and unique to you. We can handle all element of the build, from planning to moving in. We've encountered and overcome every hurdle Melbourne's homebuilding industry has to offer. We'll work directly with your architect to achieve your goal within your budget. We'll coordinate all the essential exchanges so you can wait for the finished product.

Melbourne Home Builders was founded in 2009 by Robert Wandaller. Rob's blood is Melbourne. At 15, he began a carpentry apprenticeship with his talented father. Rob quickly honed his talents in fix-carpentry. Rob worked onsite for years and learned all parts of constructing. This comprised simple repairs and new home builds.

Rob's background in high-end building gave him a respect for delicate details and superior finishes. It encouraged him to start his own company and build lovely homes for his clientele. The dream was to control every part of a build himself, ensuring every detail was accomplished to his satisfaction.

Lifestyle by Design - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


1300 523 469

Boutique home builders Melbourne & multi-unit developments

A Feeling from LBD Homes: I'm Coming Home "Coming home is so nice," they say.

LBD Homes thinks your home should reflect your dreams. With our expert designs and staff, your ideal home is closer than you think. Understanding your taste and individuality is our main priority. As a reputable boutique home builder, we never sacrifice quality.

Let us build your ideal home.

Your heart should sleep, eat, and live in a beautiful home. As one of the most dependable multi-unit builders and boutique home builders in Melbourne, we know the latest ideas and technologies.

Luxury homebuilding has never been easier.

Luxury and style go hand-in-hand, we believe. We're a distinctive boutique home builder in Melbourne because we've worked with clients with varying tastes. Our brilliant design team gets fresh ideas every day, and one of them can help you build a home that matches your taste and personality.

We'll help you build a unique, personalised house. Elegant and distinctive home designs motivate us.

Modern homebuilders

Lifestyle by design is a leading Melbourne boutique home builder. Our homes are all unique. Your dream home trip will be easier with us.

Multi-home builders can help you design your dream home. Our team of Melbourne multi-unit builders is well-equipped and knows the newest architectural trends, so they can customise a house or investment for you. They'll ask about your lifestyle and plans for the home so they can provide you the finest Dual Occupancy advise.

Australian Building Company - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


+61 131823

We're Australian Builders. Top house designers develop our homes to fit modern Australian families that don't want to break the budget.

We want to make it easier for Aussies to create beautiful, affordable houses.

Top house designers develop our homes to fit modern Australian families that don't want to break the budget. We have designs for singles, couples, and families with kids and teens. We build single- and double-story homes. "ABC" means affordable, durable housing.

True Value Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


1300 438 825

Building your future together

Affordable luxury

True Value Homes is an award-winning home builder in Melbourne. True Value Houses, a family-owned firm, combines old-fashioned principles with modern building processes to create Victoria's most desirable homes.

With our knowledge and full-service team, we can build to your specifications. We offer three- and four-bedroom home designs with large square footage and a choice of layouts. We also build custom homes to fulfil your dreams. We provide house-and-land packages to make improving your home easier. Choose from eight desirable suburbs and estates to find your dream home in your dream neighbourhood.

We're happy to have over 75 5-star reviews on Product Review. We have only 5-star reviews. Our goal is to develop a stress-free, high-quality house. We help at every stage. We stay in touch with you after we hand over the keys to help with any subsequent questions. That's our real value.

Our consumers are frequently shocked to learn that we are one of the cheapest home builders in Melbourne. Our low rates are attributable to our close relationships with leading suppliers and the popularity of our homes. Contact True Value Homes to learn more about Melbourne builders who live up to their reputation.

About Us

100% family-owned True Value Homes. We provide a home with 'True Value' and quality that you'll be proud to own. True Value Homes features house plans for everyone. Whether you want a little, large, or complete bespoke build, we can help.

We enjoy building homes for clients. When we offer them the keys, their delight and gratitude solidify our vision and principles. We love our work because of this.

Thomas Archer - Dual Occupancy Melbourne


(03) 9999 5964

Thomas Archer is run by Frank Tarulli. Thomas Archer homes depict a sophisticated, contemporary Australian lifestyle created to last a lifetime.

Our homes are created with the right layout and floor plan, giving seamless communication between spaces. Thomas Archer is linked with gorgeous, architectural, and liveable homes because of his enthusiasm and attention to detail.

Distinctly Different

Thomas Archer prioritises you. When you build with us, we use your vision to create your house.

Service Philosophy and practises are meant to provide beautiful, liveable homes. Every home we develop is unique, just like you. Whether you adapt one of our Expressions Series floorplans or create a Landmark Custom Design, your house will fit your lifestyle. From our Founding Director to our Senior Architect to our craftspeople, we find possibilities in every design issue.

A personal approach

Communication is key in homebuilding. We pride ourselves on listening to our clients, being truthful, and working tirelessly to build your dream house.

From the minute you meet us until we give over the keys, an enthusiastic and dedicated team will ensure you are informed at every stage. We will personally take care of you through every step, encouraging you as you inspire us.

It’s all in the detail

Thomas Archer values huge and minute details. From our designer labels to the quality of our homes, we pay close attention to detail. We go above and above to build unique houses for our clients. We work hard to create a memorable experience and a forever-loved home.

Try Thomas Archer today.

Symmetric Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne

Symmetric Homes Dual Occupancy Melbourne


03 9676 2400


Detail-oriented. Various uses. Condos. Shopfronts. Warehouses. Always on-time and on-budget. You may focus on your business.


We're not just builders. More than a decade has gone into developing our methods. Choices. Longer. Confidence. Leaving only your imagination to guide your existence within these walls.

We've done this repeatedly for local and multinational owners. Streamlined procedures and clear communication helped us achieve this. It's big-builder reliability with small-builder detail. Never stop till you're satisfied. And you're seated.

Arden Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne 


03 8787 1300


Arden elevates house construction so you may design a distinctive, beautiful, economical home.

Our organisation was based on a unique understanding of homebuyers' needs. We believe your home should reflect you because everyone is different. This philosophy drives our purpose: to collaborate with you so you may experience a house planned and constructed for you at an extraordinary value.

Each Arden home has high-quality amenities and finishes without sacrificing value. With our Aspire range's design flexibility and Lumina range's structural possibilities, you may build attractive spaces that suit your life and style. With two categories, there's an Arden house for every lifestyle and budget.

Aspire is all about smart design, light-filled areas, and design freedom. Lumina has creative, popular design options and outstanding standard inclusions. We offer smart, sustainable, and energy-efficient building choices to help you live well in cleaner comfort while reducing your carbon footprint. We invite you to step up to an Arden home.

BH Prestige Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


0414 674 411


We at BH Prestige Homes have decades of experience in creating first-class residential homes in Melbourne. We can assist you with building the perfect dream home from the ground up with the latest designs and the highest quality materials. This is all according to your personality and taste. Our properties are built to stand the test of time and enjoyed for generations to come. We put the focus on the journey that you embark on as property owners, and this is why we enjoy long term relationships with you so that we meet your every need and expectation.

You should know that we consider a house to be so much more than an investment. It is an expression of who you are, and you can create and share memories with the ones that you love. We are privileged to start with the foundation of the next important part of the family’s life, and we take exceptional pride in the care and quality of work that we bring into your home.


BH Prestige Homes creates the best designs and build high-end homes that deliver a commitment to quality on all projects. We take pride in offering the best advice (due to our expertise) single and double-storey designs to suit your preference and lifestyle. Our team provides one on one service to each of our clients, and we keep them up to date with the building progress and all the details throughout the development process.

We operate policy transparency so that you do not feel like decisions are being made on your behalf or in your absence. We ensure and believe that everything that is built in the home with your own money should be done with your final say in every matter.

Orbit Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


1300 672 487


Two carpenters built an Australian-style home in 1979. They also intended to provide a stress-free home-building experience for buyers. Orbit Homes designs and builds family homes that suit the Australian lifestyle in a streamlined, open approach.

Our crew has been with Orbit since the beginning. Our brand represents sleek simplicity and stress-free building with decades of experience. At Orbit Homes, we want you to have years of fun, make treasured memories, and feel 'at home' Many team members have been with Orbit Homes since 1979.

We hope to build your dream home. We want to make home-selection easy for you. The payoff for making the correct choice is unbeatable: years of delight, precious memories, and the daily contentment and security of feeling at home.

G.J. Gardner Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


03 5975 1122

G.J. Gardner Homes has produced 36,000 bespoke homes in 37 years. The company grows by ensuring every customer will suggest a friend. We're committed to high-quality work when developing your new house. Each of our qualified builders and subcontractors is committed to excellence.


Greg Gardner's independent building enterprise in Queensland, G.J. Gardner Homes, grew to 8 regional offices and built 1,000 custom homes a year. G.J. Gardner Homes built quality, affordable homes fast. Greg franchised the firm and quickly became one of Queensland's largest privately-owned building enterprises. In Australia, New Zealand, and the USA, G.J. Gardner Homes is a household name. G.J. Gardner Homes continues to create a reputation for trustworthiness with over 120 franchisees and various global offices.


Your house build should be remarkable. We'll provide you a defined pricing and build time without hidden fees. Building a new home on a fixed budget is easy, and we'll make sure you understand everything up front.

Mimosa Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


03 8361 1909


We just released a new line of modern, architecturally designed residences. Mimosa Homes has over 45 new home designs and a gorgeous range of facades.


Mimosa Houses has new completed homes, display homes, homes under construction, and off-the-plan house & land packages.

Our History

Mimosa Homes is passionate about building exceptional homes in Melbourne's northern and western suburbs where families can live, grow, and enjoy their community.

Jenk Kaide leads Mimosa Homes. Jenk has built residences for 20 years. Mimosa Homes was founded in 2007 to address demand. Mimosa Homes is one of Melbourne's fastest-growing home builders due to its focus to quality, service, and detail. Mimosa Homes provides numerous gorgeous designs for busy families like yours.

Granvue Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


1300 135 449

The Best New Home & House Builders In Melbourne, Victoria

Granvue Homes has decades of experience building Melbourne homes. We can help you build your perfect house utilising the latest ideas and highest-quality materials, all according to your tastes and characteristics. Our properties are built to last and be enjoyed by generations. We focus on your property-owning journey. We build long-term connections to meet all of your needs and exceed your expectations.

Looking For Luxury Home Builders?

A house is more than an investment; it's where you make memories with loved ones. We're honoured to assist build your family's future, and we take pleasure in the attention and quality of our work. Luxury home builders in Melbourne should take pleasure in their work and go above and above for clients. Granvue Homes can help.

Expectations from Melbourne's Top Builders

Our Melbourne home builders are committed to quality. We have single- and double-story designs to fit your needs. We give each client a personalised, one-on-one service, keeping them updated on their building's progress. Transparency ensures that no choices are taken on your behalf or in your absence. You should have the last say when hiring one of our custom home builders in Melbourne. We hope you choose Granvue Home as your new home builder.

We understand that some of our clients have special lodging demands, thus our design team has created flexible choices. Our tradesmen and suppliers are longtime partners. We exclusively hire proven professionals and never offshore. This ensures that your concepts are executed to the highest standard.

SJD Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne 


1300 753 469

With our significant construction experience, we provide the same quality and skill as other major builders, but we also offer a more personalised service and competitive pricing.

HIA Readers' Choice 2013 Master Builders Awards Casey Cardinia Business of the Year at the 2013 Master Builders Awards


SJD Homes has 30 years of constructing experience.

Simon Dunstan has managed some of Victoria's major developers and homebuilders. Simon found a gap in the market for a product that better suited homebuyers' demands by listening to what they needed. Simon devised his own floorplan series, and the market response indicated this was what homebuyers wanted.

"Designing for homebuyers needs" is the cornerstone of SJD Homes' service and quality.

Our south-east show homes include our energy-efficient, low-carbon, sustainable Z-Range home. We pride ourselves on our quality, unique customer service, and adaptability to assist clients design their dream house. You can find a budget- and lifestyle-friendly property.

SJD Homes' involvement in volunteer and philanthropic causes reflects the company's dedication for developing a strong local community. SJD Homes hires local workers and supports local trades, suppliers, and industries, which strengthens the community.

AGN Builders - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


1300 880 556

We proudly put our name on every build.

AGN Builders builds custom architectural homes. Since 1999, we've built hundreds of single- and two-story houses and earned a reputation for exceptional service. Melbourne homeowners choose us when they want a small contractor's care and dedication with a large builder's budget and timetable.

Sometimes you love a location or neighbourhood, but it's time to start over and begin over. Maybe you're downsizing to make place for a growing family. AGN Builders can help you with a demolition and rebuild.


Since 1995, we've been Melbourne's favourite knockdown/rebuilder. If your location is great but it's not possible to renovate, a knockdown/rebuild gives you numerous benefits, including the chance to build your dream home from start.

AGN Builders offers knockdown/rebuild services. Customize one of our designs or your own for your new home. We're with you from permissions and inspections to move-in day. We're available afterwards to handle minor details. Not sure if your home needs a knockdown/rebuild or a renovation? We can help you decide what's best during a consultation. We welcome your message.

AGN Builders delivers unmatched flexibility, experience, and personalisation. From the first meeting to project completion and beyond, we care for our clients. Our long-standing cooperation with craftsmen and suppliers results in high-quality work. We're a family-owned firm that values personal service. We accept a limited number of projects every year as a boutique builder in Melbourne. This assures exceptional detail and work quality. We can satisfy the most discerning clients because of our devotion.

Hansen Living - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne



Melbourne’s Premier Custom Home Builder

Hansen Living is one of Melbourne’s leading boutique builders, specialising in luxury home design and architectural construction. We provide end-to-end home design – from brief to design to the final build. If you have specific design requirements in mind, we can build a home that is entirely customised to suit your preferences and lifestyle.

Hansen Living is unique in that we manage all phases of the project in-house. This includes the initial brief, custom home design, construction and final interior design. Our unique approach has helped us achieve continuously great results, receiving Master Builders’ Best Custom Home award for 2014.

We can deliver superior solutions for a range of properties, including two and three-story homes, apartments, townhouses, beachfront homes and penthouses. Our expertise lies in the Bayside, Port Phillip, inner-city Melbourne, Stonnington, Boroondara and surrounding suburbs, where we have established a strong reputation for our quality-driven, time-effective building processes.

Building Custom Homes for Lifestyles

At Hansen Living, we provide customised home design and building solutions. We build premium homes that are tailored to each individual client. As a boutique building company, each of our projects is directly managed by our director, ensuring that we can bring our client’s vision to life; in a way that exceeds their expectations.

Our director and the team will be there every step of the way – from the initial brief to home design, construction and interior design – to ensure your dream home is entirely tailored to your lifestyle and requirements. This means a timely, stress-free process for you and your family.

MPR Design & Build - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


1300 677 218

Our homes and clientele speak for MPR Design & Build.

We know what it takes to build genuinely great houses. Come discuss your dreams, needs, and budget with us, and we'll show you how MPR Design & Build can exceed them. Operating for over 20 years in Bayside and adjacent areas, our Director Michael Rodgerson has built his name on quality and service.

MPR Design & Build has the personnel and knowledge to fulfil your goals and surpass your expectations, whether you're building a new house, remodelling or extending an existing one, or developing multiple units alone or in partnership. MPR Design & Build can bring value to every step of your project, from bidding at auction to negotiating with a supplier to campaigning at Council.

MPR Design & Build provides architectural, interior design, and construction services to create iconic properties. Every client and property is important to us.

Burbank - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne




Burbank Homes has won honours for its homebuilding since 1983. Burbank Homes is a family-owned and run business that instils family values in every home. Burbank began as a small homebuilder in Melbourne's west and has spread to Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales, and the ACT. Burbank features a home for every lifestyle and price, with single- and double-story structures, townhouses, and flats.


Today, the Burbank Group includes the award-winning Burbank Homes and a host of subsidiary companies, such as a plumbing and electrical business, a land development company, a resorts business, a finance arm, an IT team, an aviation service, medium and high density living solutions, and a storage business.

This confluence of disciplinary expertise boosts Burbank Homes' reputation and gives consumers peace of mind.


Family-owned and operated since 1983. Along with experience, we offer fantastic inclusions and warranties to make your build trip as smooth as possible. Burbank is a reputable, award-winning Australian function Object.

Roda Developments - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


03 9460 7631

We're passionate about helping you build your vision.

We're committed to developing comfortable connections with our clients and pride ourselves on honesty, transparency, and collaboration. Over the years, we've developed a team of highly qualified craftsmen and partners who take pleasure in their work and embrace new technologies to improve our processes.

We adore the unique design and have great partnerships with designers, suppliers, and trades. We adore the entire building process, from the first customer meeting to giving over the keys, and we endeavour to make it as smooth as possible. New Generation Builders is authentic, open, and has no hidden costs. RODA delivers on time, on budget, and just as you imagined with a team you can trust.


Dual occupancy buildings might help you offset your mortgage and enter the property market. Dual occupancy properties offer for more profit from the same amount of land, thus more individuals are choosing to build them. Roda Developments builds elegant, smart, and functional multi-unit homes in Melbourne.

We serve the entire Melbourne metropolitan area, north to south, east to west, if you want to create a dual occupancy home.


Dual occupancy properties are popular for several reasons. They're a good way to enter the property market because they don't require more land. They cost about the same as a house but return more quickly. Building two homes on separate blocks is more expensive. Building a dual occupancy facility with one group makes administration easier.

Roda Developments exceeds expectations for multi occupancy buildings. We produce dream homes and investment properties with a team of expert designers and builders.

Latitude 37 - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


03 8795 3009



Bayside, from Brighton to Beaumaris, is a top Melbourne neighbourhood. Established lush neighbourhoods offer knockdown rebuild sites and rare vacant land to create your dream home.

Our Vision

Great homes, happy clients.

We assembled a team of industry professionals committed to honesty, ethics, innovation, proactive and transparent communication, and doing what we say.


From humble beginnings, we've become Melbourne's premier custom house design and build firm, winning HIA's Victorian Professional Medium Builder 2014 and 2020 and HIA Australian Medium Builder 2015 and Finalist for 2021. (to be announced).

We have 35 full-time specialists building custom homes for clients. Our staff is skilled in design, interior design, client service/project management, sales, marketing, and estimating/cost control.

Forme Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne 


03 8797 2138

Melbourne custom home builders

Forme makes building a house a personalised process. Each bespoke home is designed to fit your needs, so it's completely yours. Our builders have over 30 years of expertise building dream homes for Melbourne families, so you can trust them to listen to you.

Sloping Block House Designs

Many of our clients ask us about sloped land. Split-level homes are great for sloping, awkward, strangely shaped, and difficult-to-access lots. Our expertise can help you plan a home on a sloped lot.

Rebuild-from-scratch homes

You've discovered the perfect neighbourhood, but your home isn't working. Maybe your family has increased or the old residence doesn't maximise room. Forme Homes specialises in knock-down-rebuilds. We'll build your dream home so you can stay put.

Our Story - Forme Homes

It started with the idea that doing things differently produces exceptional results. Forme Homes was founded to revolutionise the housing business. To develop excellent luxury houses through a personalised journey, not a process. We believe your house should be unique, constructed to suit you and your lifestyle, with a journey structured around you and your needs. Whatever your lifestyle, we build for it.

Our directors Malcolm Watson and Vance Carpenter have over 50 years of residential construction experience. They love listening to clients' visions, turning them into houses, and moulding their lifestyles. It's our dedication to creating a simple, personalised, streamlined experience where the procedure is tailored to your travel.

U Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


03 9048 5735

U Homes builds unique homes to your specifications. This means improved liveability, style, flexibility, and comfort. When you visit our display home and meet one of our experts, we want you to have a good time. Personal service from start to finish. Once you're onboard, our in-house designer will craft your dream home. You'll also meet with our in-house interior designer/color consultant.


Your dream home, designed and built. That's U Homes. Since the 1950s and 1960s, the "Great Australian Dream" of home ownership has driven social and economic progress. Australians felt safe and proud in their homes. Where social events and family memories were made.

The modern home has been redesigned to meet people's changing lives since 60-70 years ago. U Homes designs modern and unique homes. We know it's not a "one-size-fits-all" world, as homeowners now want a space that reflects their needs. The ace? Our unique floorplans can adapt to your changing needs.

Design isn't everything. U Homes' success depends on high-quality materials, fit, and finish, as well as pricing and transparency.

Premier Traditional Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


03 8783 3458

Beautiful traditional styled homes designed for modern life

Premier Traditional Houses builds high-quality, character-rich homes. Everyone has a gorgeous, elegant home. Your vision is our passion. Choose from our iconic styles or our Premier Prospect Range.

Why Premier Traditional Homes?

Premier Traditional Homes has been developing high-quality, character-filled homes for Melbourne families for over 25 years. If you want a home with style and character, we're your builder. Custom-designed residences, knockdown rebuilds, sloping-block homes. If you want a home with style and character, we're your builder.

We provide high-quality service and honest communication to our clients, and we care about what motivates them to create a new house. Our team builds a home that meets your demands and complements your site, bringing your vision to reality. Our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing their biggest investment is built above code with quality assurance and industry-leading guarantees.

Porter Davis Homes - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


1800 767 834

So Why Porter Davis?

Porter Davis just turned 20. When our founder founded this business, he wanted to build homes with substance and style.

Porter Davis homes have grown into a vision of how 21st-century Australian families wish to live. I've listened to customer feedback. Our dwellings reflect physical and emotional demands. Uncompromising respect for our customers is at the centre of all we do, from laying the first brick to giving over the keys. Porter Davis takes delight in delivering founder's dream and customer's vision.

Creating is courageous.

We believe a new house is a foundation for life. It provides hope and context. It's strong when the dream falters. It changes with life and remains steady. To us, a home transcends building, service, design, and style. It's the foundation of hopes and dreams.

Creating is daring. We applaud individuals who build their aspirations on a new home. We understand the fragility of such visions and strive to protect them.

Our promise

We started with a group of guys who wanted to make a difference by respecting consumers and delivering homes that fulfil their needs. Our company's DNA remains. Our founder, our belief, our manifesto, and how we treat you all reflect this. Building a new home is HUGE, so you'll have questions. We asked for consumer feedback and made modifications as needed to better serve you. We pledge to always be available to answer your questions.

Destination Living - Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne


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Destination Living specialises in planning and building custom homes that are unique to you and your lifestyle. Together, our architects, interior designers, and builders will realise your idea. Our approach to designing and building luxury homes works for simple, narrow, and sloping sites. From brief to build, our process is simplified, quality-assured, and collaborative; we put you first.

Dual-occupancy benefits

In Melbourne, dividing a block into two properties makes economical sense. Owners often build a rental or sale home on their land while renovating or building a new home.

Capitalise on your land’s value

Dual Occupancy allows you to sell one or both properties to generate a profit or pay off your mortgage. It's ideal for retirees or couples looking to make their assets work for them. It's a good choice for folks who wish to stay close to relatives but maintain their privacy.

Creativity and quality.

Destination Living is a Melbourne-based architecture firm and custom builder with over 20 years of experience. Over time, we've modified our methodology to better meet client needs.

From your original brief to the completion of your custom-built home, our approach is clear, consistent, and collaborative. We focus on building a team of creative, innovative, and quality-minded professionals. Our staff pushes boundaries and incorporates new technologies to enhance your experience, such as a virtual reality tour of your custom-designed home before construction.

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Welcome to Carlisle Homes, a place where we turn your dream home into reality! If you are looking for a home builder in Melbourne, you are in the right place. Our team of experienced professionals stand at your disposal, ready to accommodate your personal needs and pair you with the home you’ve always wanted.

We are a new home builder in Melbourne and are recognised in the market for our best service, best homes, and best designs. Your dream home is just a click away!


Our team is continually working on delivering the best house designs and house plans to you. We have over 100 designs and plans for you to choose from. We are aware that your needs can be very specific, and that’s why we have introduced dozens of filters to apply when searching for a home. You can even add filters for extra options such as formal lounge, powder room, side alfresco, and rumpus theatre.


Buying your first home is a big step, but with Carlisle Homes, you’ll find the process easy to understand!

As a first home buyer, you’ll be happy to know that our home building process is an easy-to-follow and enjoyable journey. We’ll outline every step of the process so you know exactly what to expect, what to do and when. View our process and timeline.


Our remarkable service and unique approach to our client’s needs have made us the number one house builder in Melbourne, Victoria. Being a trustworthy brand in the housing market is not enough for us, so we have added additional perks to make your experience even more delightful.

Find the best house design and plan for your needs today!



What are the benefits of buying a duplex?

Purchasing a duplex—also known as a two-family house—or a multi-family property can be a smart money-making move as a real estate investment or as an owner-occupied home that will pay you back. But there are challenges as well as rewards specific to owning these types of properties. Read on for must-know info to help ensure that your big buy will be a slam dunk—and not a string of surprises.


A duplex home offers you monetary relief if you do choose to rent a section out to tenants. From a homeowner’s perspective, this is highly appealing, as the bills necessary can be split in half, and the tenant’s rent can help you pay off the mortgage. 

 Generally speaking, duplex homes range in a lower price bracket than single houses. Therefore, you may have the opportunity to buy in your dream neighbourhood, even if it seemed out of your budget. In most cases, duplexes are valued for a higher resale price than traditional homes as potential buyers reap the benefits of separate homes with their own kitchen, bathrooms, entrance/s and utilities.

Depending on the neighbourhood, you may find yourself feeling safer living in a duplex home. Living with tenants can provide extra security, but you avoid invading each other’s privacy due to living in separate house sections. 

A duplex maximises a piece of land’s potential without adding additional holding fees, insurance costs or other associated costs like subdivided land. It may also increase tax depreciation and returns on investment.

Buying a duplex is affordable 

Rising prices in most Australian cities have made it increasingly difficult to buy a house. This is particularly so for potential first homeowners. Buying a house in the suburb where you want to live may not always be possible as repayments for a detached house home loan may be unaffordable. However, buying one half of a duplex house is far more affordable and will give you an option that comes with more financial freedom.

Flexibility to rent out

Being an owner-occupier of the duplex and renting out the other half will help take the pressure off the mortgage repayments. Rental money can be used to pay off the mortgage, or you can add your own regular contributions to pay off the mortgage quicker.

Caring for an elderly family member

Do you have an elderly family member who you’d like to care for without intruding on their independence? Purchasing a duplex may be the answer. The family member has their own living space, but you are close by in case of an emergency.


Buying a duplex is beneficial both for its price tag and its investment potential. Purchasing one that is located in the right area will see its value appreciate over the years. Investors can expect to receive an excellent return in a strong market.

Flexibility for retirees

Purchasing a duplex home also gives retirees the flexibility to downsize. A duplex gives them the smaller space they desire while giving them the option of renting the other half, perhaps to a family member.


There is no way to avoid the fact that you live close to your neighbours when you live in a duplex home. Yes, there are divided sections, but you will never regain the same privacy when living in a traditional home. With privacy comes space. As you have essentially divided one house into two, therefore minimising the amount of space for a household. 

 At times, duplex homes bring more paperwork. Not all local councils allow the building of duplexes. This may force you to have to consider other neighbourhoods than the ones you were hoping to buy or build in. 

 Duplex houses may be cheaper than two free-standing homes; however, if you aren’t leasing the second dwelling, you may experience higher maintenance costs and other associated expenses as you essentially own two separate homes.   

There is a lot to be said about the positives of buying a duplex if you’re in the property investment game.


Duplex homes share a common central wall, and noisy neighbours may be disruptive. Privacy may be disrupted where there is one driveway or where access is at the back of the house. This may mean putting up with them walking past your property to enter their front door or garage. Buying a duplex with the correct design is vital to maintaining privacy.

Need to negotiate with your neighbours

Home insurance will need to be negotiated with your neighbours, as one overarching policy will be needed for the duplex property. While this is usually not a problem, talks will still need to be made between the two sides of the duplex. 

This also applies to any renovations. You will need to discuss any work you intend to do with neighbours beforehand.

Duplex titles

Is the duplex titled separately? This may affect its resale price tag, as one title limits the market to owner-occupiers and investors.

If you don’t choose tenants carefully and enforce rules, you may have to deal with a lot of noise, trash or frequent knocks on your door with requests for maintenance and repairs. You may also have to go through the unpleasant process of evicting a tenant. Research your state’s laws on tenants’ rights to make sure that you follow them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dual Occupancy

A Custom Home Builder Can Help You Identify the Perfect Lot 

A custom home builder has a ready team of real estate agents, architects, engineers, and employees in place to help find the perfect lot for you. Generally speaking, homebuyers don’t have the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to evaluate the lot’s potential.

As a result, a home buyer then will decide to assemble his team of agents, architects, engineers, and employees. This further delays the building of a home. 

Another process that slows the purchase contract “study period” a buyer would need to assemble a team. Take note that property sellers don’t want the risks involved in a lengthy study period. If a property seller decides to back out, it’s always a disadvantage for the buyer.  

A Custom Home Builder Can Help You Stay Within Your Budget

Compared to handling your team, like hiring your architect, engineer, and builder, it’s best to work with a custom home builder who can help you stay within your budget. Before any contract or construction is made, the builder will give you a rough estimate of the amount you need to set for your custom home project. 

With years of experience in the industry, custom home builders are the best source of information for the current prices of construction materials, labour, and other aspects of custom home building. In addition, you can take advantage of the builder’s vast connections and partnerships, from major manufacturers and suppliers of lumber, paints, and roofing materials, to the bathroom and kitchen fixtures at the lowest price possible.

A Custom Home Builder Can Help You Establish Your Vision 

Buyers usually have a lack of vision to see the potential of a lot or location. Most homebuyers search for a flat lot. However, flat lots aren’t always the best, and some lots with topography issues might be the best. 

You can take advantage of the expertise of a custom builder in finding the best lot because of years spent in one-on-one meetings, letter campaigns, and door-knocking with potential lot sellers. 

Build Your Dream Home Faster 

Compared to managing your team, hiring a custom home builder makes the planning and construction of your dream home faster. With years of experience, a custom home builder can prepare a plan with a timetable set to finish the project. It means more time, money, and effort saved on your part. 

Working With a Custom Home Builder Can Lessen Your Stress

Building a new construction custom home while working on a day job or managing a business can be stressful. You might think you can manage all the activities and pressure at first, but many end up getting burnt out and spending more.

A custom home builder will take care of the tiniest detail of your dream home project. You have to tell the builder what you want, and both parties set realistic expectations for a successful outcome. 

Custom home builders can help home buyers find the perfect lot, create a better vision, and finish the project faster and with less stress. Instead of building your team, it’s better to work with a trusted, reputable, and experienced custom home builder to help you set realistic expectations, attain the closest look for your dream home.

Pros of Building Your Own Home

There are several pros to building your own home instead of buying one that was constructed to someone else’s specifications.

You can customise the house to your exact desires. For example, you can ensure the primary bedroom has that giant jetted tub you always dreamed of or that your living room has the reading nook you want. Whatever you desire, you can ensure your custom-built home has it.

They can cost less to live in. In addition, new construction tends to be more energy-efficient, and you won’t be heating or cooling any unnecessary or unused spaces.

They can cost less to maintain because everything is new. Also, all new fixtures and appliances mean you have a while before anything needs repair.

You’re not paying for any features or amenities some other homeowner wanted. Every amenity or feature is one that you carefully selected and prioritised, and therefore is worth your investment while you live there.

There’s no competition from other buyers to get the house you want. Building your own home means there is no risk another buyer outbid you.

It’s new, and you’re the first to own it! But, of course, who doesn’t love the fact everything is pristine and perfect?

Cons of Building Your Own Home

It is more expensive than buying an existing home. However, buying an existing home will nearly always be cheaper than building a new home.

You’ll have to handle every little expense, and it can get pricey fast. Some of the factors you’ll need to consider are land costs, foundations, permitting, systems (HVAC, plumbing, electrical), appliances, finishing, roofing, fixtures, and so much more. For an idea of what these costs can look like, check the helpful chart at the bottom of this article.

Homebuyers, “Materials and finishes truly rack up your budget. People underestimate just how much cabinetry they require, how many tiles, how much flooring materials, and so on.

“Be sure to calculate the measurements of your space, and give yourself wiggle room when ordering your materials. Order a bit extra — always. Mistakes in cabinetry measurements can often be the most costly, for example.”

If you can find and qualify for a build-your-own-house program, you may have a bit more leeway, budget-wise.

Trends might fade more quickly than you think, leaving you with a dated house that is hard to sell.

You don’t have many options for negotiating on price here, but you can make decisions upfront that can help you dial in the cost. Decisions like where to build and how much help to leverage can greatly impact the price tag for your self-built home.

Complete Customisation

As the name suggests, custom home builds are completely customisable. From flooring and wall coverings to amenities and appliances, the future homeowner makes the final decision on every aspect of their custom home. Hate the current quartz countertops in your kitchen?

Let your builders know you want granite. Craving more natural light to brighten up the place? Create a wall of windows to let the sunshine in! Whatever your heart’s desire, your custom home builder is there to make it your reality.

Perfectly Personalised

Custom homes are masterpieces of your personal stylistic preferences waiting to come together before your eyes. By collaborating with an interior designer and architectural expert, you’ll be able to create a space that perfectly represents your tastes, personality, and individual style.

For instance, you might love the opportunity to bring the outdoors in for a closer connection to your natural environment. With a custom home build, you can choose to build a screened-in porch so you can feel more connected to your surroundings. Maybe you have an impressive book collection: Include a small library or built-in shelving for your living area in your custom home building plans.

Functional Floor Plans

It’s hard to find an existing floor plan that’s capable of meeting all of your family’s functionality needs. So when you’re searching for a home through the standard market, odds are you’ll need to make sacrifices when zeroing in on the property you plan to purchase.

However, the custom home building allows you to create the floor plan that makes the most sense for you and your family. Maximise functionality in every inch of your future living space to create the most enjoyable experience possible. Whether you need a walk-in closet to store your expansive shoe collection or a mother-in-law suite for your aging loved one, custom home floor plans make it all possible.

Cost Control

Many mistakenly believe that custom home building requires a much bigger budget than buying an existing home. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case: When you’re in charge of building your home, you decide which materials are used and what features are included in the build.

In essence, you control the price point of each detail that makes its way to the final design of your home. Your custom home builder will help you keep the budget a top consideration during each phase of the building process so you can stay within the realm of affordability with ease.

Quality Construction

Sometimes what first appears to be a solid structure is a money pit when you decide to buy an existing home. With custom home construction, you get to ensure that all materials used are of the highest quality possible.

Especially when you work with Lee Builders, our team partners with the most reputable vendors to provide you with the best possible materials and craftsmanship. By choosing to build a custom home, you’ll ensure that you’re able to enjoy the space for many years to come.

Peaceful Property

Perhaps the only thing more important than the look of your home is its location. Shopping for an existing home limits your possibilities in terms of finding a house that’s structurally sound while also located in an ideal neighbourhood.

Building a custom home allows you more freedom in selecting the perfect property. Whether you’re looking to be part of a community setting or prefer to be on the outskirts of town, you get to choose the place where you feel most comfortable.

Cut Competition

Today’s real estate market is incredibly tumultuous, with competition among buyers at an all-time high. While you’ll still need to bid on land for your custom home build, the competition for these types of properties is much lower than it is for existing homes. That means you’ll be able to secure the place you hope to call home quicker than you would if you chose to purchase an existing home.

Your Marital Status

While there’s no right or wrong marital status before building a home, there are some things to consider for different situations.

Your Lifestyle

If you leave this part out of the equation, you could make poor design mistakes. Think about how you live your life today — do you host overnight guests regularly? Do you need a trophy room of some sort? What about your hobbies and habits? For example, if you enjoy going for walks or bike rides, is the location you’re considering safe?

One face of homebuilding commonly misjudged is the amount of storage space you need (now and in the future). The size of closets and built-in storage spaces are often underestimated in the planning phase and can be difficult (and expensive) to add later. Understanding your lifestyle and habits well in advance will make the planning and selection process that much easier (and your house as functional as possible).

Your Financial Situation

You’ll need to crunch the numbers to have an idea of what you’ll be able to afford. And when it comes to building a home vs. buying, the financing process is a little different. Of course, it’s up to you if you want to get pre-approved from a bank first or talk with a builder first, but in most cases, there are a few extra steps you’ll have to take either way.

If you decide to get pre-approved from a bank first, you’re ahead of the game. That being said, not all banks offer construction loans, and some aren’t user-friendly when it comes to the process. A good builder will have relationships with many different banks and help steer you to the bank that fits your needs.

Location, Location, Location

Have you considered all the local building codes and restrictions in the area you’re thinking about building? Unfortunately, these codes can vary from state to state, even from county to county sometimes.

We recommend not purchasing a piece of land without having a building inspection to give you an idea of what you’re up against for things like lot requirements, driveway placement and regulations, attaining utilities, etc. For example, some communities have restrictions regarding overhead power lines, which requires installing underground conduit.

The location and community you live in will have a greater impact on your life than the house you build. This is where you’re going to raise your family, send your children to school, attend church, establish friendships with neighbours, and make your trips to local stores. A lengthy commute might seem tolerable at first, but will it affect your quality of life over time? Try to think long-term when building a home.

Choosing a Builder

Finding a builder is easy. However, finding a builder that fits your wants and needs might take some time. For one, you should pick a company that shares the same design aesthetics as you. Secondly, always check their references — client testimonials, past work, etc.

Prepare for Hiccups

Even if every last detail has been planned out, there are thousands of pieces that have to come together to make your dream home a reality — something unexpected will come up. It’s inevitable, but a good home builder will be dedicated to helping you anticipate these hiccups, guiding you through them as they arise, and minimising your stress.

The best way to choose a builder is to ask local friends and family who have built a home in the area. Then, create a list of builders that friends and family recommend and the builders they were NOT happy with.

Three important things to ask friends and family (or client references):

  • Did your builder help you stay on budget?
  • How was the communication with your builder?
  • How did the builder handle and fix issues that came up during the build?

If you are new to an area or don’t have any friends/family that have built a home locally, you can find builders through your local home builders association (search here).

Other great resources include local real estate agents and mortgage lenders. These professionals have experience with local home builders and typically know each builder’s reputation (good or bad). Ensure that the realtor or lender does NOT have a financial relationship with a builder that could sway their decision!

The bottom line … create your list of potential builders and interview ALL of them. Ask the same questions to each builder and write down all answers for later reference. Just by meeting with each builder, you’ll get a good sense of how you feel about them and how you think it would be to work with them.

Building a home is a lengthy and involved project, so you want to feel GOOD about your builder! Usually, the best decisions are made with your gut … so GO WITH YOUR GUT!

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