Top 30 Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Clinics in Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

In order to best care for yourself, one of the most vital things you can do is seek assistance. Even if you have exhausted all other options, there is still a chance for recovery with the help of a drug and alcohol treatment clinic in Melbourne, Victoria.

If you are looking for drug and alcohol treatment in Melbourne, Victoria, a good place to begin your search is with this list, which features the top 30 rehab clinics in the area.

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    The Ultimate List of Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Clinics in Melbourne, Victoria

    Refocus Rehab Melbourne - Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Clinic

    03 9537 0880

    Drug And Alcohol Treatment In Melbourne.

    Your life is far too valuable to be wasted on an addiction of any kind. There is currently accessible treatment that is effective. When you take the initiative to look for assistance, you should make sure that it is proceeding in the most productive direction possible.

    If you are a family member or a partner of the individual you are trying to convince to enter treatment for their addiction, our compassionate team is here to offer you guidance and support.

    Rehab For Marijuana Addiction In Melbourne

    At our facility in Melbourne, we are seeing an increase in the number of patients seeking treatment for an addiction to marijuana.

    Over the course of the past few decades, there has been a gradual increase in the western world's tolerance for marijuana use. This has accelerated in recent times, in part because it has recently been legalised in more states in the United States.

    Access was also made legal in the state of Victoria in 2016, at which time physicians were granted the ability to prescribe the drug to patients meeting certain medical criteria.

    Simply because a drug is given the green light to be sold legally does not mean that it is free of the potential to become habit forming or addictive.

    Approximately nine percent of people who try marijuana end up becoming addicted to it (source). The majority of people experiment with drugs for the first time during their teenage years and then begin using them again at some point during their adulthood.

    Heroin Treatment Centre

    In recent years, the use of heroin in Australia has reached nearly epidemic levels, putting the country on the verge of a public health crisis. This is something that particularly applies to younger generations. According to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, nearly 2% of Australians aged 14 and older have tried the drug at some point in their lives, and that percentage is steadily growing.

    Heroin has a very high potential for abuse, which is why so many people seek treatment at REFOCUS. If you are looking for heroin rehab in Melbourne, feel free to give us a call or continue reading for more information. This article will hopefully help those who are affected understand how this drug works as well as why it can be dangerous to manage the withdrawal process on one's own.


    Getting treatment at a residential heroin rehab centre can mean the difference between a happy, sober life and one that is marred by addiction to the drug. There is no judgement, and clients are surrounded by support from counsellors and medical staff, in addition to other clients who are walking the same path towards being clean and sober.

    Our programs utilise a variety of treatments, including:

    • Cognitive behavioural therapy
    • Group therapy sessions
    • Meditation
    • Stress management training

    During each person's time here, we take measures to ensure that the atmosphere is cosy, inviting, and private so that they may experience a sense of ease and security.

    I want you to understand that you are not alone in this. You are welcome to call at any time to ask for additional information or to schedule a tour of the facility, regardless of whether you are struggling with addiction yourself or whether you have a loved one who is enslaved by drug dependence. Our goal is to assist you in regaining control of your life and leading a life free from addiction.

    What We Can Help With

    Refocus Rehab Melbourne can help you or your loved one get your life back on track. We specialise in supporting a range of addictive behaviours.

    • Alcohol and drug rehab
    • Ice addiction
    • Cocaine addiction
    • Heroin addiction
    • Other drugs and addictive behaviours
    • Rebuilding relationships with friends, work, family and other loved ones


    • For more than 20 years, our principal has provided addiction treatment.
    • There is no waitlist. Get rehab care right away in Melbourne!
    • Located near Albert Park Lake and St. Kilda Bay in the centre of Melbourne.
    • a short distance from our medical professionals and many different therapeutic options.
      private bedrooms and comfortable living spaces.
    • All of our therapists have graduate-level and doctoral degrees from universities in counselling. They have years of professional
    • and personal experience combined, and they have achieved great success in the industry.
    • 10 people maximum for an intimate and effective rehab programme that guarantees individualised care (We have the best staff to client ratio in Melbourne).
    • During Covid restrictions, an exercise programme is offered that includes a qualified Personal Trainer who works outdoors in
    • Melbourne's beautiful St. Kilda and surrounding areas.
    • In engaging groups and workshops, you will learn the skills you need to enjoy life (and you will grow more self-assured than ever before!)

    Rehab Melbourne - Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Clinic 

    refocus rehab melbourne

     (03) 9537 0880

    Drug, Alcohol & Lifestyle treatment and management in Melbourne.

    The Refocus program has helped our clients find the path to recovery for over 20 years.  

    Your life is too precious to waste with addiction. Effective treatment is available now. When you make the first step to seek help, ensure it is on the best path to success. 

    If you are a family member or partner, our understanding team can provide advice and support when trying to get your loved one into rehab.

    What We Can Help With

    Refocus Rehab Melbourne can help you or your loved one get your life back on track. We specialise in supporting a range of addictive behaviours.

    • Alcohol and drug rehab
    • Ice addiction
    • Cocaine addiction
    • Heroin addiction
    • Other drugs and addictive behaviours
    • Rebuilding relationships with friends, work, family and other loved ones
    • Programs for professionals
    • Digital Detox
    • Lifestyle management 

    Why Choose Refocus Rehab Melbourne for Alcohol, Drug and Ice Addiction Treatment

    • Get rehab treatment in Melbourne now!
    • Industry-leading Clinical Management team with over 20 years of experience.
    • Beach front location in Brighton.
    • Close to our medical practitioners and a variety of therapeutic resources.
    • Luxury hotel accommodation with private rooms and bathroom.
    • Beachfront views are available at an additional cost
    • All our therapists have decades of combined professional and lived experience and have had great success in the field. 
    • Intimate and powerful rehab program ensuring individualised attention.
    • Exercise programs with group personal trainers and yoga.
    • You will gain the skills you need to enjoy life in interesting groups and workshops (You’ll become more confident than you’ve ever been!)

    Melbourne’s Premier Rehab for Drug, Alcohol, Cocaine and Ice Addiction.

    Our team understands that a successful program must provide you or your loved one with a safe, supportive, enjoyable environment. Clients feel more in control and at ease in a small private-focused treatment setting. Our program allows us to provide the focus and individual attention necessary to assist you or your loved one in achieving goals towards a successful life.

    The Refocus Team

    Refocus, and its people are renowned for their sensitivity, warmth and the safe, confidential environment provided. The team are highly qualified, experienced, and committed to your happiness, well-being, comfort and needs. Your groups are limited to ten to keep them intimate and effective. Refocus puts you back in charge of your life with a new feeling of enrichment, renewal, confidence and self-esteem.

    DayHab - Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre in Melbourne

    1800 329 478


    DayHab's intensive rehabilitation model changed addiction treatment. Years of hard work, experience, and research led to our successes. DayHab's evidence-based, best-practices-based approach to addiction recovery is cutting-edge.

    Staff members show DayHab clients respect, consideration, and empathy. Our services are provided in a safe and encouraging environment, facilitating addiction treatment and healing.

    American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) officials say the definition of addiction should be rethought in terms of the brain. Addiction affects the brain's reward circuitry, for example.

    Memories of alcohol, food, sex, gambling, and other drugs can trigger cravings and addiction. Brain circuitry governing impulse control and judgement is also altered, resulting in the pursuit of meaningless rewards.

    Seahaven - Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Melbourne

    Sea Haven

    03 8738 4277

    We're in the city's south-east suburbs, just a short distance from some of the city's most gorgeous beaches and calm coastal reserves. Those looking for addiction treatment and recovery will find a truly exceptional environment at Seahaven.

    At Seahaven, we work to give people whose lives have been damaged by alcohol and drug addiction the tools they need to make positive changes in their lives. We provide the information and encouragement needed to make lasting changes in one's lifestyle that will improve their health and happiness for the rest of their lives.

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Clinics FAQs

    Identifying that you have a drinking problem isn't always simple, but there are some common signs and symptoms that you can look out for. Ask yourself the questions below to find out if you should be getting help.

    Signs Of Alcohol Abuse

    Sometimes it can be hard to notice when a regular couple of drinks has turned into too many, too often. The fact that you're thinking about whether you have a problem is a good start. There are some signs of alcohol dependence that you can look out for.

    Mental and social signs include:
    • worrying about when you'll be able to have your next drink
    • drinking alcohol, or wanting to, when you wake up in the morning
    • consuming alcohol regularly on your own, or trying to hide your drinking from those around you
    • worsening relationships with friends or family
    • always staying out late and encouraging friends to keep drinking when they've said they want to go home.
    Physical signs include:
    • sweating when you don't drink alcohol
    • feeling nauseous when you don't drink alcohol
    • being unable to get to sleep without drinking alcohol
    • needing to drink more and more alcohol to get drunk.


    There are many reasons that teens and young adults get involved with drugs, and unfortunately, there are many instances in which the root of substance use goes much deeper than "experimentation." Consider the following reasons that adolescents and young adults use drugs.

    In Attempt To Fit In: 

    Making friends and establishing oneself at school can be difficult for adolescents. The teenage years often come with many insecurities, low self-esteem, and fear of not being accepted. In order to fit in, to feel "cool," or join an older, more seductive social circle, many teens will start buying and using drugs.

    To Feel Good: 

    Many adolescents abuse drugs or alcohol to get high. They are looking for a thrill, an intensified feeling that they cannot obtain through simple pleasures like food or exercise. This is where the addiction cycle starts to kick in. Drugs interact with the way our brain produces and the way our body experiences pleasure. When drugs are used, the brain creates up to ten times the normal amount of dopamine and euphoria a person should experience. It is unnatural chemistry that takes place, but our brain remembers it. It craves it.

    To Feel Better: 

    There is the desire to feel good, and there is the need to feel better. These are two very distinct entities when evaluating teen drug use. Teens looking to "feel better" are, in truth, self-medicating. They are battling something deeper than peer pressure or a failed homework assignment. Some adolescents are suffering from deep-seated conditions like depression, social anxiety, and stress-related disorders. They use drugs to forget or replace their negative feelings with substance-induced pleasure.


    The brain does not finish developing until the age of 25. The last part of the brain to develop is the one that controls rational decision making, self-control, and judgment, making adolescents more prone to trying risky and daring activities. Drugs and alcohol are often easy, accessible outlets for experimentation that can severely impact the developing teenage brain.


    The need to perform, to impress, and to make proud is great pressure for adolescents and young adults. Whether in school or on the field, young people consistently want to prove they are the best to their peers and parents. The competition to be outstanding, however, can be intense. In academics, for example, teens and young adults often rely on the misuse of prescription stimulants as "smart drugs" or study aids to improve academic performance.


    Teens often experience a lack of purpose or talent. They feel like they are not good enough to shine or are lacking something to make them special. These feelings may drive them toward substance abuse. Some youth do not know how to become the best, so they choose to become the worst in hopes of getting their parents' and teachers' undivided attention.

    Lack Of Education: 

    Some adolescents and young adults grow up thinking drug and alcohol use is normal. Their favourite musicians are singing about it, and the movies are glamorising it, the TV ads are selling it. Whether you are sad, can't sleep, or have a headache, there is a drug for you. Our culture has adopted the "pill cures all" mentality, leading our youth to feel the same about drugs. Many do not understand the consequences of drug use. Many teens do not know how it can harm their minds, bodies, and relationships. They need proper education. They need someone to tell them the truth about drugs and alcohol.


    Some teens and young adults are stuck in the cycle. At such a young age, they are more vulnerable to developing dependence and addiction. They get in over their heads at an early age and do not know how to get out. They need you to extend a hand. They need us.


    The classic picture of an alcoholic is someone who always drinks too much and whose life is falling apart because of it. But that's not always the reality. Some people seem to be just fine even though they abuse alcohol. 

    What is heavy drinking? For women, it's having more than three drinks a day or seven a week. For men, it's four or more per day or 14 a week. If you drink more than the daily or weekly limit, you're at risk.

    That's not the only way to tell if you or someone you care about needs help. There are some other red flags. You might:

    • Say you have a problem or joke about alcoholism
    • Not keep up with major responsibilities at home, work, or school
    • Lose friendships or have relationship problems due to drinking, but you don't quit alcohol
    • Have legal problems related to drinking, such as a DUI arrest
    • Need alcohol to relax or feel confident
    • Drink in the morning or when you're alone
    • Get drunk when you don't intend to
    • Forget what you did while drinking
    • Deny drinking, hide alcohol, or get angry when confronted about drinking
    • Cause loved ones to worry about or make excuses for your drinking


    Alcohol rehab and drug rehab are designed to treat the root causes of your addiction and challenge and change the maladaptive thinking processes that drive compulsive behaviours. Rehab can definitely be a life-changing and life-saving process. During the rehab process, you will undergo intensive therapy to unearth and treat the root causes of your particular addiction. With the alcohol or drugs safely removed from your system with medical detox, you will look better and feel better and be able to think more clearly. However, it is important to remember that addiction won't disappear overnight. You must use all of your recovery tools learned whilst in rehab and apply them to your daily life to maintain remaining well and abstinent.

    On leaving rehab treatment, it is normal to feel a mixture of fear and excitement. Fear due to the fact that you will have learned the seriousness of the addiction and excitement due to returning back home to your family and loved ones. You may leave under the illusion that you are now able to deal with cravings easily. However, leaving the supportive environment of the rehab means finding the strength to continue recovery alone. Complacency and overconfidence are often what leads to relapse.

    It's true that some people have a higher risk of abusing and becoming addicted to drugs. Knowing your risk factors can help you to be proactive in avoiding triggers and other situations that may make drug use more likely.

    Here are some of the most common risk factors associated with drug addiction:

    Being A Man.

    Even though the progression of addictive disorders has been seen to be faster among women, men have a higher likelihood of becoming addicted to drugs.

    Family History.

    Is drug addiction common in your family? Researchers believe there may be a genetic predisposition to drug addiction, meaning if someone in your family has dealt with drug addiction, you have a higher risk of dealing with it yourself. This is only true among blood relatives, such as a parent, grandparent or sibling.

    Mental Disorders.

    Having other mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can make you more susceptible to drug addiction. This is because these disorders may sometimes lead to coping through drugs, alcohol or other substances.

    Lack Of Family Involvement.

    When parents aren't involved in their children's lives, or their children simply lack supervision, the risk of drug addiction goes up. This is because not only is it easier for the child to acquire and abuse drugs, but it also promotes difficult family situations and a lack of a bond, which may compel drug use.

    Taking A Highly Addictive Drug.

    Some drugs are more addictive than others. For instance, cocaine is known as a highly addictive drug. Painkillers may also create a faster tolerance and dependency. Even so, taking drugs that are thought to be "less addictive" can still put you on a path to drug addiction.

    While the above risk factors may increase a person's chances of becoming addicted to drugs, anyone can succumb to drug abuse and addiction. Addiction recovery programs can help.


    Wyndham Clinic - Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Melbourne

    (03) 9731 6678

    Our state-of-the-art facility was built to treat substance abuse and mental illness in teens and adults. We have two day surgery theatres with advanced technology and surgeons who specialise in many fields.

    We aim to create a supportive, secure, and comfortable environment for patients and their families.


    Our programmes are led by Dr. Rajinarayan Mahasuar, a consultant psychiatrist. Our multidisciplinary team uses evidence-based interventions for assessment and treatment.

    We also provide individualised, holistic care for each patient. Combining education, peer support, and innovative treatment methods, we help patients and their families reclaim control of their lives and free themselves from addiction.

    Every patient's alcohol and drug history is different. We work closely with family doctors, general practitioners, and other medical professionals.

    Odyssey House Victoria - Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment, Melbourne

    03 9420 7603

    Welcome To Victoria's Odyssey Home

    Everyone from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, as well as people from other cultural backgrounds and members of the LGBTQI community, are welcome to use our services. Our goal is to assist as many people as possible by customising our services to their specific needs.

    Our Impact

    Odyssey's staff, consortium and funding partners, supporters, and donors have all worked tirelessly to ensure that the organization's mission remains as relevant today as it was when it was founded more than four decades ago. Many, many thanks to all of you!


    The programme serves as a therapeutic community with its focus on a core value system. Up to 143 residents and 30 staff members work together in a structured setting to help individuals make the changes and decisions that will aid in their recovery.

    Betel Shalom Australia - Drug & Alcohol Rehab Melbourne

    1300 904 505

    Drug Rehab Melbourne

    Our curriculum places a strong focus on involvement and real-world application so that Betel Shalom residents and others can become valued and useful members of the community. Anyone whose life has been completely taken over by drink, drugs, worry, terror, or emotional trauma is welcome to seek our assistance.

    We use the programme at Shalom House in Perth, Australia's most rigors rehab centre (with their permission). Betel Shalom has strict rules and non-negotiable boundaries. This ensures that residents move through the programme quickly and get the most from it.

    Peter Lyndon-James, founder of Shalom House, spent 26 years addicted. He understands the need for rehab and how hard it is to overcome life-controlling issues. In response, Shalom House was founded. Peter was institutionalised at age 9 and has battled drug addiction ever since. His family is broken. His attempt to escape slavery gave him a lot of insight. Peter uses his newfound knowledge to help others escape the chains that enslaved him.

    Naturalis - Drug Rehab & Detox Melbourne

    03 8319 0978


    Issues with substance abuse and problematic behaviour can be effectively addressed at our MELBOURNE drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre. The atmosphere in Naturalis is always upbeat and encouraging of development.

    Our treatments, therapies, and programmes have all been extensively studied, and their efficacy has been established. Immediately accessible aid that is both highly economical and of the highest quality is now at your disposal.

    As specialists in health and wellbeing, we offer you personalised peer-to-peer support, actionable plans, relevant information, and meaningful connections with like-minded people. We take a new and exciting approach to drug rehabilitation by focusing on the whole person.

    Arrow Health - Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Clinic Melbourne

    03 9533 7883

    Addiction is among the most challenging conditions a physician may encounter. Even though there has been progress in both research and treatment, the disease of addiction is still seen as socially unacceptable. There are many situations that need to be handled with care and delicacy. It's never easy to see the effects of alcoholism on a patient and their loved ones. An inpatient programme may be necessary depending on the extent of your patient's addiction. They can overcome their addiction with the assistance of a modern, evidence-based, and sympathetic treatment programme. So considers Arrow Health's approach to patient care.

    We can aid in your patients' recoveries by providing a secure, trigger-free environment and employing sympathetic, tried and true methods of care. A referral facility can be located with relative ease.

    Hills & Ranges Private - Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Clinic Melbourne

    rehab. Melbourne

    1800 954 778

    Luxury Rehabilitation And Addiction Recovery Facility Just Outside Melbourne, In Olinda.

    Australia's most prestigious private luxury rehabilitation centre is called Hills and Ranges Private. Patients can benefit from the facility's elite detox and rehabilitation services. Alcohol, ice (methamphetamine), cocaine, gambling, Chemsex, and other addictive disorders are not the only ones they treat.

    We also supply a variety of mental health related supported resources. Towards the end of facilitating a healthy detox and recovery, our programme emphasises a long-term, multi-faceted approach to treatment. This isn't just a 12-step programme; it's much more than that.

    Qualified And Trained Staff

    Our team is made up of people who have struggled with addiction but are now living sober, fulfilling lives where they can help others. Their lived experiences inform their ability to guide and empathise with you as you make progress on your own road to recovery. All of our staff members are highly qualified experts in their fields, with advanced degrees and widely recognised credentials.

    Hills and Ranges Private is an environment devoid of criticism, with carefully crafted treatment plans and the guidance of trained experts in the fields of behavioural health and addiction recovery.

    Malvern Private - Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation Treatment Melbourne

    03 9885 9614

    Why Choose Malvern?

    We are a facility recognised and covered by all major health insurance networks. We are a private hospital, so private health insurance plans have different out-of-pocket costs associated with them depending on the patient's plan.

    Program for the Rehabilitation and Recovery from Alcoholism in Melbourne

    18% of Australians will have a problem drinking episode. Australia has one of the world's highest alcoholism rates. Many people start drinking occasionally and develop a compulsive need to drink daily. Drinking is no longer a choice but a driving force that dictates how people live. Many people can't quit drinking wine, beer, spirits, and other drinks but don't know why.

    28-day alcohol detox is available. If you have questions about alcoholism treatment, please contact us. 3.988.5621 (business hours) Alcohol addiction damages a person's body and mind and hinders their ability to lead a normal life, wreaking havoc on relationships, careers, and lives. The first step in overcoming alcoholism is recognising the problem. Stop procrastinating and start alcoholism treatment immediately.

    Uniting Care - Alcohol and Other Drug Services Melbourne

    03 9192 8198

    Alcohol And Other Drug Services


    Abuse of alcohol and other drugs (AOD) can have far-reaching consequences for a person's well-being, compromising not only their physical but also their emotional and social health as well as their ability to maintain stable relationships, stable employment, and strong community ties.

    We understand that one's personal story and experiences can influence not only one's attitude towards and engagement in AOD treatment, but also one's AOD use and perceptions of the efficacy of such interventions.

    Since this is the case, we work together with you to create goals that will inspire transformation and boost your quality of life in a variety of areas.

    Ramsay Mental Health - Albert Road Addiction Treatment Clinic

    03 9256 8389

    Melbourne's mental health services are conveniently located in the city centre. The Albert Road Clinic is a dedicated mental health facility located in the heart of Melbourne's commercial district.

    We offer a variety of acute inpatient therapy, neurostimulation services, and day and community programmes for patients with mood and anxiety disorders, psychosis, addictions, trauma, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

    We provide individualised care delivered by a multidisciplinary group of medical experts who view each patient as an integral part of the healing process.

    Ngwala Willumbong Aboriginal Corporation

    03 9510 3256

    Ngwala employs counsellors, welfare workers, case managers, family support workers, housing, outreach, and youth workers. By providing best-practice services, Ngwala aims to create a positive environment for people whose lives have been affected by drugs and alcohol.

    Residential Rehab Centers help people reach their full potential. Outreach Services provide community-based support for people leaving Residential Rehabilitation Centers and those with substance abuse, homelessness, family violence, or contact with the Adult or Youth Justice system.

    Beyond Addiction - Drug & Alcohol Addiction Experienced Rehab Melbourne

    04 1032 4398

    Addiction Counselling, Support, Experienced Rehab And Detox Advice

    Working one-on-one with addicts to achieve their unique goals or meeting with them for a set number of sessions to determine the severity of their addiction and refer them to the best service or treatment centre in Victoria or elsewhere in Australia is where my expertise lies.

    Gender, drug of choice, sexual orientation, mental health concerns, co-occurring addictions, availability of resources, and ability to pay are all considered before a referral is made. Addiction treatment is my forte.



    Successfully counselling addicts and alcoholics one-on-one, I am sometimes asked by clients where and how they can find the best treatment centre. Clients with a history of substance abuse, psychosis, or criminal behaviour may be denied admission. As part of the process, you might have to fill out some paperwork, go through detox, or attend a Q&A.

    In any case, I am here to help. With my extensive background in such healthcare facilities, I can help you save both time and money. Because of these "hurdles," some of the people I see are tempted to give up on treatment. You can find medical care waiting lists in Victoria, as well. The patient may experience distress and frustration as a result of the facility's unique requirements; however, these are essential to ensure that each facility has the necessary resources and personnel to care for the client.

    Recovery Coaches Australia - Drug and Alcohol Mentoring Melbourne

    0408 666 878


    Our years of experience as mentors and professionals led us to the conclusion that not all people's personalities are well-suited to the standard recovery process. Among the people we met were those who were eager to make positive changes in their lives but lacked the time or resources to undergo the months of treatment necessary to do so.

    We saw an opportunity to create a programme that would help these people find recovery and make sure they wouldn't fall through the cracks in the system, instead of letting them revert back to their abusive behaviour.


    Our established connections with Australia's premier treatment centres allow us to take the guesswork out of locating the best possible centre for you or a loved one. Completing this procedure can be difficult and time-consuming even under ideal conditions due to the existence of waiting lists and delays in receiving callbacks. Getting the right care at the right time is stressful, but we can make the process easier and more efficient for you.


    We work with certified therapists to help roll out interventions when needed. Meetings like these, which are facilitated, can provide the spark needed to kick off the recovery process, which can then be continued with additional measures like therapy or even rehabilitation.

    The Hader Clinic - Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Clinic Melbourne

    1800 957 453


    Addiction is a complex illness that can affect every aspect of life. It's not just for idiots. Addiction cannot be controlled, so there is no "functioning" addict. Addiction doesn't just "go away." The Hader Clinic, which treats drug addiction, is aware of these myths and works with patients to dispel them.

    Drug addiction treatment is patient-centered. Substances affect people differently. Our treatments include a variety of components, programmes, and price points, all designed to break the cycle of addiction from the start.


    After long-term drug use, the body goes through withdrawal. Drug dependence can be physical or psychological. They depend on how long an addict has been abusing drugs, the type of drug they're addicted to, and the withdrawal method used. Alcohol, GHB, and prescription drugs can cause fatal withdrawal side effects.

    The Hader Clinic provides a safe and comforting environment for patients to overcome withdrawal symptoms while undergoing drug addiction treatment. In addition to holistic care, we offer medically assisted detoxification monitored by a team of doctors. Our patients have the best long-term success.

    Sober Living Rehab - Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Clinic Melbourne

    1800 531 589

    Their main objective is to give clients a place to develop dependable support networks and safe, trusting connections with their peers, with the ultimate aim of mending and fortifying family bonds outside of the centre if required.

    Sober Living Rehab provides essential recovery facilities, including rehabilitation support, specialised medical care, and other recovery services. The facility offers inpatient life skills programmes, family support, and outpatient drug treatment to help addicts maintain their recovery at home.

    Sober Living Rehab has more on the primary treatment programme. It's a step towards a sober, healthy, and hopeful future. Contact us for more info.

    Addiction Solutions Victoria - Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Clinic Melbourne

    03 8374 7632

    Melbourne Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation Services

    For anyone whose life has been adversely affected by another person's drug or alcohol addiction, ASV treatment programmes and family support services offer evidence-based substance misuse/dependence (addiction) treatment, clinical support, psychological support, peer support, withdrawal and recovery support, and research-backed support.

    Addiction is dependence on a substance or behaviour pattern. It usually means that a person's habit interferes with their social, familial, or health commitments and has been maintained for a long time despite the negative effects.

    Effective therapy can help, but it's not always successful. Addiction can make a person appear powerless. Long-term change takes dedication and hard work.

    Recovery is often defined as healing and making progress by recognising problems, breaking bad habits, and rebuilding. It's not easy, but it can be worth it in the long run for the insight and ability to live a physically and emotionally clean life.

    The Banyans - Melbourne's Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre

    1300 226 977

    The highest quality mental health care, individualised rehabilitation programmes, and general health improvement programmes available.

    Our Approach To Recovery

    The rehabilitation programme at The Banyans Health and Wellness is designed to help people get better and stay better for the rest of their lives. Through a combination of medical and biopsychosocial methods, The Banyans Health & Wellness is able to offer Australia's premier in-patient addiction treatment programme.

    Addiction And Dependency

    Addiction and dependence are not indicators of weakness or moral weakness. There's a lot going on, and you're definitely not alone in feeling this way.

    Some people with addiction or dependency issues can still lead relatively normal lives at home and at work. However, it's likely that these actions are wreaking havoc on people's physical and mental health, leading to things like strained relationships, less productivity at work, a loss of happiness, and the onset of chronic diseases.


    There should be no more than two standard drinks per day for adults, as stated by the National Drinking Guidelines in Australia. One possible indicator of alcohol abuse is routinely exceeding these recommendations, though there are many other symptoms that are characteristic of alcohol misuse.


    Substance abuse as a coping mechanism can lead to harmful, compulsive behaviours that have serious consequences for one's physical and mental health. Without proper treatment, addiction to both legal and illegal substances can be fatal.

    Windana - Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment, Melbourne

    03 9529 7921

    Patients can choose from a variety of community-based recovery and rehabilitation programmes. We help people start over in a caring and secure setting, and we're here for them at every step of the recovery process.


    Since its inception in 1984, Windana has helped tens of thousands of people face down the challenges posed by alcoholism and drug addiction and make the necessary changes to live happy, fulfilling lives.

    Windana offers personalised treatment plans that are holistic, evidence-based, and tailored to the specific circumstances of each patient, regardless of where they are on the road to recovery. Community-based services, residential withdrawal programmes, and residential rehabilitation centres are all included here.

    Through our partnerships with experts and organisations from all walks of life, we are able to improve the quality of care we provide to those in need and increase public awareness about the realities of substance abuse and how to get help for it.

    Habitat Therapeutics - Drug / Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre

    1300 262 827

    Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation & Government Approved Detox Centre.

    You'll be using our brand-new, expanded facility, and to help you get there, we have some fantastically affordable options. The time to start living a sober life is now. We will arrange for transportation to and from the airport from anywhere in Australia.

    Your Foundation For Recovery…

    Your drug and alcohol recovery programme at Habitat is based on three cornerstones. 12-step philosophy, family involvement, and relapse prevention are cornerstones. First, you'll need residential treatment to address the factors that led to your addiction.

    Counseling and Education teaches you the skills and knowledge you need to live a clean and sober life using the 12 Steps.

    Turning Point - Addiction Treatment Centre Melbourne

    03 8413 8452

    Driving Change

    The goal of those working towards this world is to eliminate discrimination and stigma associated with addiction so that it can be treated like any other health condition.

    Inspiring Minds

    Turning Point educates the public, trains healthcare professionals, and serves as a thought leader in the industry through activities like yearly orations, frequent symposiums, and the sharing of knowledge.

    Building Evidence

    Turning Point is a leader in recognising problems in populations, creating innovative solutions, and improving people's lives. Turning Point is at the forefront of many important initiatives, including frontline services, clinical trials, and partnerships in Australia and around the world.

    First Step - Addiction Outpatient Clinic Melbourne

    03 9537 3110

    First Step is the only outpatient addiction and mental health clinic that also provides comprehensive legal services. For the past two decades, we have assisted tens of thousands of disadvantaged Victorians and their families.

    Our clients' family, professional, and educational responsibilities help them lead stable lives. Our multidisciplinary team specialises in helping people with complex needs, such as those facing mental illness hospitalisation, incarceration, homelessness, or worse.

    First Step believes chronic addiction is a painful adaptation to childhood trauma and neglect, and that prompt and effective treatment benefits everyone. Addiction is a treatable disease, too. We work hard to help people maintain family and community ties and retain control over their lives.

    First Step is Australia's first mental health and addiction hub, which comes as governments and health professionals emphasise interprofessional "hubs." Our unique idea will be featured in the Royal Commission into Victoria's Mental Health System's final report in 2021. The Productivity Commission investigated.

    Noosa Confidential - Drug, Alcohol, & Mental Health Treatment & Rehabilitation in Melbourne

    1800 210 012

    If you are from Melbourne and are looking for a beautiful place to seek treatment and rehabilitation away from the distractions that Melbourne offers, Noosa Confidential would be happy to help you. Noosa Confidential, on the Sunshine Coast, is the most exclusive residential enclave in all of Australia. We are nothing like any other "rehab centre" you may have visited.

    Our custom-made itineraries are made to enrich the lives of our guests and their loved ones.

    Long-term health is the goal of our highly personalised programmes, which include individualised counseling and treatments delivered by a large, medically-informed and integrated team using cutting-edge evidence-based methods. These plans are meant to aid people in reaching and keeping their healthiest possible state.

    Let's not waste today; let's use it to make a difference. Contact our helpful team today to learn more about the services we offer and the various treatment plans we can create for you.

    Connection Based Living - Drugs & Alcohol Addiction Rehab Services, Melbourne

    0403 242 420

    OUR WHY - Ethos

    According to the principles of recovery espoused by Connectivity Centered Livings, one must be happy, feel happy, and have a general sense of peace and contentment before considering themselves to be in a state of recovery.

    Modern addiction treatment and rehabilitation, in our opinion, suffers from systemic problems, fails to deliver desirable outcomes, and should be enhanced. We intend to become the world's most results-oriented provider of addiction solutions, and to that end, we'll stop at nothing to help those who are committed to making positive changes in their lives.

    We show people how incorporating the recovery equation into their way of life can lead to positive changes. With the help of the connection-based living recovery method, individuals are able to break free from addictive behaviours and instead live full, meaningful lives.

    We refer to this method, which we call "Connection Based Living," as a "formula" for facilitating recovery, transformation, and altered lives. It is not by chance that people recover; rather, there is a specific recipe that, when followed, leads to recovery, transformation, and altered lives.

    Palladium Private Retreat - Melbourne Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

    1300 573 001

    We've served over 5,000 customers since 2003. Our top priorities include enhancing your emotional wellbeing and general quality of life. We recognise the importance of an individualised plan in aiding recovery from trauma, stress, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. We are successful because we employ a wide range of tried-and-true methods supported by scientific research. Our residential retreat programme addresses the underlying causes of your condition by integrating psychological, physical, educational, social, and nutritional therapies. When it comes to international standards, Palladium Private meets all of them.


    Many different mental health issues are addressed in our programmes that last anywhere from one to five weeks. More time is needed to replace negative habits with new, positive, sustainable ones if you suffer from long-term depression, anxiety, or substance abuse. Group activities are essential for social integration upon discharge, but all talking therapy is conducted individually. The total sum will be determined by factors such as the depth and duration of the programme, where you choose to stay, and how far you During the initial assessment for admission, we will determine which programme will be most beneficial for your condition. Acknowledgements made in a private and discreet manner. For help getting sober again, please get in touch with our admissions team.

    AIR14 - Rehab For Alcohol, Drug & Behavioural Addictions in Melbourne

    1300 414 583

    Alcohol, Drug, And Behavioural Addiction Treatment

    The primary goal of the AIR14 residential treatment programme, which lasts for a total of 14 days, is the individualised treatment of alcoholism, drug addiction, and behavioural disorders.

    We opened in Malvern East as Australia's first 14-day outpatient facility in Melbourne. We have medical professionals running the place, and we have a unique programme that combines in-person meetings with virtual ones via an app. Our organisation was founded by sober former addicts and alcoholics.

    Some, but not necessarily all, medical costs may be covered by government-sponsored programmes like Medicare, the TAC, or the DVA (with the appropriate referral).

    21Renew - Rehab and Treatment Centre Melbourne

    1800 300 877

    21Renew's innovative approach to substance abuse treatment is unique. We have over 36 years of experience in recovery, so we can create a unique, individualised approach for each client. We know what works because we've researched it and told thousands of alcoholics and addicts. To help you become the best version of yourself, we created a 21-day programme with lifelong results. ​

    Through our life-changing and confidential programme, these individuals and their families can take steps towards a brighter future. Millions of people around the world are battling issues related to their drug use. Most won't get help. Therapy saves lives. It could save your or a loved one's life.



    Ice, or crystal meth, is an extremely addictive stimulant drug. A stimulant, its chemical effects are on those in the brain that cause hyperactivity.

    It's a stimulant with rapid onset and long-lasting effects, making users feel happy for hours or even days. Dopamine levels in the brain are increased by meth, leading to a sense of superiority in the user. Which means the pattern will persist. Abuse, addiction, overdose, and potentially fatal outcomes are all possible because more must be taken to achieve the same effect.

    Due to the use of other chemicals in its production, synthetic meth is extremely harmful. In sufficient quantities, acetone, bleach, battery acid, and engine coolant are all deadly.

    The Melbourne Clinic - Rehab and Treatment Centre

    03 9429 4688

    Over 200 accredited Psychiatrists, Addiction Medicine specialists, Pain Medicine specialists, experienced registered mental health nurses, Allied Health Staff (Psychologists, Social Workers, Dietitians, Exercise Physiologist, Art Therapist, and Pastoral Care Worker) in consortia provide the best care for our patients. Our Intake team triages all inquiries and admitted patients.

    The Melbourne Clinic offers patient-centered, inclusive care. We offer services that are attentive to cultural differences. We value each person's diverse identities. In 2017, Rainbow Tick accredited the Melbourne Clinic. We understand the importance of family and friends in our patients' lives and provide emotional and professional support throughout their recovery.

    Bali Beginning - Melbourne Drug & Alcohol Rehab

    1800 734 212

    About Our Luxury Rehabilitation Centre

    Our clinical service meets the highest standards of clinical excellence and patient safety. Highly trained clinical psychologists lead all one-on-one psychotherapy sessions at our facility, which offers 24/7 on-site medical care.

    The treatment programme combines conventional, holistic, and cutting-edge methods. This programme includes evidence-based psychotherapies like CBT, ACT, and CFT, as well as holistic approaches like reiki, acupuncture, and sound healing. These approaches to therapy are combined with activities that promote general well-being and leisure, such as meditation, exercise, and yoga. Participants also explore Bali's natural beauty and cultural significance.

    Bali Luxury Alcohol Addiction Treatment

    When compared to addiction to illegal narcotics, alcohol addiction (also known as alcoholism) can be more challenging to diagnose. This is because, unlike illegal narcotics, alcohol is socially acceptable in many nations. Many people have doubts about their alcoholism, and this can keep them from getting the help they need to live a more fulfilling life.

    ​VincentCare - Melbourne Rehab and Treatment Centre

    1800 825 955


    Similar to how youth services are aimed at young people, Aboriginal services cater to those who self-identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. Programs are delivered in a culturally sensitive manner with a primary focus on reducing substance abuse and preventing the negative consequences that can result from heavy drinking and drug use.

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