Top 20+ Commercial Photographers in Melbourne, Victoria (2024)

What do you get when you cross a city of 4.5 million people with one of the most successful economies in the world? Melbourne, Victoria – a thriving hub for business owners and creative professionals alike. 

If you're looking to make your next big break as an entrepreneur or are looking to expand your portfolio, it's time to meet some of the best commercial photographers in town! 

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    Ultimate List of Commercial Photographers in Melbourne

    Commercial Product Photography - Commercial Photographers Melbourne

    0401 202 471

    Commercial product photography offers finely produced images taken under perfect lighting conditions for your catalogue and e-commerce needs covering – clothing, jewellery, fashion, food & accessories.

    The Lighting & Lenses

    I utilise three 400 watt strobes on two separate stages, including backlighting through perspex. The lenses consist of a range from Canon L series + 100 mm Canon L macro for fine close-ups. I offer the best.

    I Can Come To You

    I am also happy to provide onsite service for your larger objects such as furniture, and all my lighting equipment fits into a carry bag for portability.

    Quality & Cost

    All images are taken using a Canon digital SLR camera, and it is designed to produce perfect results in three resolutions – 50 | 28 |15 megapixels. I am able to offer a considerably more affordable service by offering product pack options with a few angles per product. While you’ll find my competitors starting prices are set at $15 per image, please click the packages link for further details on packages.

    Blue Tree Studios - Commercial Photographers Melbourne

    (03) 9024 9953

    Our team has a wealth of photographic and video expertise to assist clients in the delivery of their marketing needs. The experience within the group is considerable, with literally thousands of jobs photographed for all levels of government, for media organisations such as The Age and The Australian, a range of educational institutions and a wide range of major Australian corporate businesses.

    Our expertise covers major advertising campaign work, architectural projects, professional corporate imagery, editorial images that tell stories and lifestyle images that people can relate to and feel comfortable with.

    We are equally at home in a studio, on-site, on the farm, or in the suburbs. We photograph and film products, people, landscapes, and structures. We take photographs that are genuine, credible, fantastic, and ambitious. Importantly, we have the experience to ensure that every photographic brief is completed on time, within budget, and on-brief.

    Product Photos - Commercial Photographers Melbourne

    0414 620 840

    Product Photos prides itself on producing high-end imagery for use in websites, brochures, catalogues and large format printing. Operating out of a 4,000 square foot Kensington facility, we are the corporate & product photography professionals that many businesses trusts.

    We are the studio chosen by many who require a keen eye and attention to detail to satisfy their commercial, advertising and marketing needs. Product Photos is proud to provide a myriad of product photography services, including consumer products, Lifestyle shoots, Industrial photography, stainless steel photography and much more.

    We are the photographer of choice to several highly sought after premium companies. We are dedicated to providing outstanding product photos in Melbourne and nationally.

    In the fast-paced, demanding world of business, schedules can be a nightmare! For your convenience, we consult with you in order to find the best and more efficient process to suits your needs; whether that requires us to shoot your products at our studio at your place of business or at another location, we can work with you to find the best solution.

    Commercial Photography FAQs

    Even if you've never done commercial photography before, there are steps you can take to get your commercial photography business off the ground. The nice thing about this field is that there is room for photographers with a wide range of styles, as long as you can find commercial clients who like the look of your images.

    • Choose your specialisation
    • Gather your gear
    • Work on your editing skills
    • Create portfolio images
    • Build an online portfolio
    • Set your rates
    • Get your first clients

    While there is some overlap between commercial photography and advertising photography, the two terms imply a subtle difference. 

    While commercial photography is more geared towards showcasing a product in the best light possible, advertising shots create an emotional appeal and tell a story about the brand.

    Once you have an idea of the average rates in your area, you're in a better position to know how much to charge. The line items on your invoices should include:

    • Your hourly or day rate
    • Equipment rental (include this even for camera gear you own)
    • Assistant fees, if relevant
    • Prop or location rental, if relevant
    • Licensing fees, per image
    • Post-production fee, per image

    Breaking down your final rate in this way helps your clients see exactly how you arrived at your final price and helps them see that it is fair based on the work, experience, and equipment involved.

    Commercial use of an image entails use in advertising or otherwise promoting and selling a product or service.

    For each image you deliver, you can specify the usage limitations through a usage license. When licensing your photos, you typically include a licensing fee. Often, clients can expand their license to different uses or longer use periods by paying a larger fee.

    A commercial photographer offers various types of pictures to individuals, businesses and institutes. Once paid, the organisation or person will use your photos for their marketing, advertisement, promotion and/or branding initiatives. 

    Commercial photographers are always in demand due to the constantly flourishing business economy of Australia.

    According to PayScale Australia, the average commercial photographer salary is AU$ 58,500 annually.

    Nicole Herrick - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    0410 525 057  


    Lifestyle shoots are a great way to show the vibe of your products and brand. They can be used on your website, in catalogues, advertisements, and articles.

    Typically, lifestyle photography is an expensive process, but we try to offer simply styled photography at a lower price point to suit small businesses. 

    To offer affordable rates, we get you to bring along all the props we think you might need. We can do all the actual styling on the day for you, though.  

    Who Am I?

    Hello... I’m Nicole Herrick. I’m based in Melbourne and have 20 years of experience in the Graphic Design and Photography field. I also have a lot of experience in setting up small businesses. My first was at just 21, and I’ve had a few over the years. I have gone through the process of setting up from scratch many times. 

    “The biggest thing that I find my clients really appreciate is my advice on all subjects small business, not just photography. I have extensive marketing experience, and I know what works and what is a waste of money. All my clients can call and ask small business questions at any time, I’m here to help you grow!”

    I’m my own boss, and I run my business from home, so I don’t have huge overheads like commercial building rental; this allows me to keep my rates affordable.

    Image Workshop Photography - Commercial Photographers Melbourne

    0432 901 976

    The partnership between numerous award-winning

    We shoot commercial and editorial projects with a strong focus on people.

    Compelling and targeted imagery that stands out – whether it’s a single hero shot, custom image library, pop-up brand activation or a feature story.

    We're more than just camera technicians and Photoshop whizzes (although we are those things too). "Ideas People" is what we are. Our clients value the inventiveness and insight we bring to each project. We don't just ask, "What do you need a photo of?" but rather, "What story do you need to tell?"

    Melissa Martin Photography - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    0417 909 160


    Whether you’re a service-based professional or brand, in today’s world, you need to be visible, so you’re ideal clients can find you. Investing in quality photographs that showcase who you are and what you do is the best and easiest way to increase your visibility.

    Your photos will work for you 24/7 and be your best representative in an online world because people trust what they see far more than what they read. Hi, I’m Melissa, and I’m a Portrait and Commercial Photographer based in Mount Waverley, Melbourne.

    If you’re looking to have a collection of beautiful, high-quality photographs created for your business that showcases who you are and what you do, then you’re in the right place. I work with ambitious leaders and business owners who want to stand out and grow their personal brand and business online.

    Chris Magee Photography + Video - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    0401 164 878

    Expert Photography services:

    Every job requires my extensive experience in creating engaging images for products, people, events, and locations. Everything is shot with high-end professional cameras. Finishing, composting, and retouching are all done in-house using cutting-edge software. I also use AI software for restoration and digital conversion of old photographs, negatives, and slides.

    Every client has their own password-protected private online Client Galleries. You can order prints or download high-resolution photos directly from your gallery. Nulab prints are reasonably priced and come with a lifetime warranty.

    Expert Video Services:

    WRITING, DIRECTING, AND FILMING VIDEOS. When I was in Los Angeles, I worked on high-end television commercials for companies like Ford, GM, Master Card, GlaxoSmithKline, and major supermarkets.

    EDITING and FINISHING of video and media projects for delivery to websites, social media, television or cinema.

    Marcel Van der Horst Photographer - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    0409 621 087

    Melbourne Wedding & Commercial Photographer 


    From food trucks to luxury dining spaces, I have you covered—total package solutions for dining businesses from the photography of your premises to food and drink. Pricing is competitive with dedicated experience to go along with it. I can provide CI compliant imagery for Open Table, Uber and many more.


    If your place of business is what makes you unique and you need to communicate that to your audience, I can provide clear, well lit and precise imagery that screams ‘come visit me.’ Photographing spaces takes a unique skill set in both capture and edit with a range of specialist equipment. You will see what I mean when you see me at work.


    Are you launching a business or a product line? Whether you are selling yourself or a product or service, personal branding is the key to success. This is done through content photography that speaks to your audience. The businesses that have direction and vision in their web strategy will win. 

    Simon James Photography - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    0417 000 459

    Commercial Photography


    My adaptable photographic style can produce the ideal blend of documentation and creative photography to tell the story you require for your commercial project. I will collaborate with you to create an image library that exceeds expectations, tells your story, and meets your photographic needs.


    Our images are crisp, sharp and will show all of the details of your product. With fast turnaround times and local retouching, we can deliver the highest quality images to you. To lift your products to the next level of professionalism, be sure to get the best quality images, don’t let poor quality photography let your business down.

    Brabet Photo - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    0405 196 634

    Professional Commercial Photographer in Melbourne

    Good marketing is essential for selling any product or service in the era of online buying and commissioning.

    And the key to successful marketing is a great photo, whether you’re selling products or services. You need attractive photos that visually explain their qualities and benefits. You need to grab your customer’s attention with photos. Photos are the most effective method of both marketing and selling your products or services.

    Commercial photography is a team process. It all starts with the art director's creative vision. The art director requires the services of a photographer who can assist them in realising their creative vision. Brabet Photo is popular among commercial photographers in Melbourne.

    MD Photography Services - Commercial Photographers Melbourne

    0468 468 190

    Mark Dadswell’s Story

    Mark's career started early, when he was involved in the media and taking pictures of a variety of subjects and events thanks to his father's position as a local newspaper editor. The Olympic Games in Sydney, Athens, and Beijing, the world track and field championships in Helsinki, Osaka, Berlin, and Daegu, the Australian Football League grand finals, the Australian International Cricket tours, international horse racing competitions, and fifteen Australian Open tennis championships were all covered by him before he advanced to the renowned Getty Images company.

    For his entire career, Mark has received favourable reviews. His photograph of Usain Bolt winning the 200 metres title at the 2008 Beijing Olympics won a major award at the World Press Awards. 

    Zoom Studio - Commercial Photographers Melbourne

    0417 509 956

    Welcome to Zoom Studio

    Our work is very diverse, and we love it! In addition to product photography, we photograph and film business sites, restaurants, models, musicians and shoot for fashion catalogues. Give us a call, and let’s talk about your next project.

    Commercial photography and video services in Melbourne

    For all of your commercial photography needs, including advertising, product, events, and portraits, all at an affordable price.

    Business, industrial and commercial photography.

    Let us help your business with our commercial advertising photos. Your business places, products, people and whatever makes you successful. Let your clients see you in the best light.

    Peter Rosetzky - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    0412 045 010

    His images have a moody, dynamic feel thanks to the use of bright colours, powerful lines, and a strong sense of design in his clean, uncluttered visual style. Peter is known for his meticulous approach, and he typically oversees and produces shoots from the basic concept to the final post-production stage.

    Headshot - Commercial Photographers Melbourne

    03 9642 1659

    Award-winning photographers Andrew and Robyn Campbell saw clients wriggle through sittings for years before deciding to approach corporate portraiture in a simplified, expert manner that would be painless for clients.

    Andrew and Robyn wanted clients to enjoy the experience of having their photos taken. In a world of routine, run-of-the-mill pictorial clichés, an arresting or memorable portrait is a competitive edge – not to mention a personal affirmation.

    Having your photograph taken shouldn’t be a burden, or a duty, or an irritation. It should be about bringing out your best and showing it off to the world. It should be easy. It should be fun. The Melbourne Headshot Company is about giving you the best possible experience – and the image to go with it.

    Lizzy C Photography - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    03 9017 1819

    Professional Headshots

    What does your portrait say about your brand?

    Professional portraiture for corporate entities, small enterprises, and professional individuals is our area of expertise at Lizzy C Photography. Together, we will design portraits that reflect your personality and brand.

    Visit Commercial Focus Photography, our specialised commercial photography studio, for staff portraiture and executive portraits at your office, as well as other corporate and commercial photography services such as advertising photography, architectural photography, lifestyle, marketing, or event photography.

    Portraits R Us - Commercial Photographers Melbourne

    03 8786 7319

    Portrait photography entails much more than simply aiming a camera. A truly beautiful portrait necessitates the services of a professional photographer with an experienced eye and the ability to make you feel at ease and relaxed. We know how to bring out the best in every subject and create portraits that capture each person's individual beauty.

    Located in Malvern, our studio is purpose-designed with a gallery and design room and a shooting bay. We also have a separate viewing room featuring a large monitor showcasing the high-quality, professional photos that were captured during your session.

    The Photoshoot Experience

    We understand that not everyone is a natural-born model. Some people simply don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera, and we get that. Our photographers understand how to make a photo shoot enjoyable and stress-free. We'll work to make you feel at ease so that your genuine personality can shine through and we can capture the greatest photos possible.

    We work with couples and families to ensure that everyone feels at ease, removing any awkwardness and achieving that natural intimacy and love between family members.

    Freelance Photographer Melbourne - Commercial Photographers

    03 8804 1383

    Corporate & Commercial

    We’ll work together to create imagery that speaks to your audience and complements your company’s messaging.

    My services for commercial and corporate shoots include professional photographs of your workplace, personnel, employees, corporate portraits and more. These images can be specified in advertising, brochures, catalogues and websites. As you can see in my Corporate & Commercial folio here, I cater to all industries and styles.

    To give you some context, when I was 13, my brother gave me an SLR camera, and I've been snapping away ever since. I was trained in the days of chemical-laden dark rooms, when a photographer required intense but firm patience while waiting for their vision to emerge. Sure, computer processing isn't as romantic, but I won't miss those fumes... In recent years, I have also gained experience in the field of cinematography. That work can be seen here.

     Melbourne Photography - Commercial Photographers

    (03) 9005 3551

    Melbourne Photography was established in 2005 and is regarded as one of Melbourne's top photography businesses, offering imaginative picture solutions to a long list of grateful customers.

    All forms of product and eCommerce photography, corporate portraits and staff headshots, events, and commercial photography are among the many photographic services we provide. We are a family run business, and our trained photographers have many years of experience, ensuring we maintain a high-quality service. We aim to provide an excellent service at a great price, empowering your business to grow with lasting impressions.

    Anthony Jeong - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    0401 861 058

    We specialise in fashion, advertising, corporate, food, architectural, editorial, and product photography and are situated in Melbourne. Anthony Jeong, the principal photographer, strives to capture high-quality images at all times. He works as a corporate photographer for the government, community, law firms, magazines, and businesses.

    Also, corporate headshot photography is very popular now. His work has been published in annual reports, magazines, books and newspapers. We are always happy to see clients in advance to discuss and plan the photoshoot in detail. We are working with other professional Anthony’s teams such as Make Up Artist, Stylist to satisfy your needs.

    Blush Creative - Commercial Photographers Melbourne

    03 9826 8656


    We will work with you to create powerful images that best represent your product, service or concept in a way that captures the attention of your ideal customers and helps you grow your brand.

    We provide lightning-fast turnaround and dependable, professional service for all of your commercial photography needs.

    Great product imagery is crucial to your commercial success. High-quality professional imagery will drive sales, increase brand awareness and build credibility for your brand. Whether you are a small operator or a large established business, the internet gives an even playing field for all businesses to sell online, provided your visual brand is portrayed in a way that connects with your target market.

    Liquid Photography - Commercial Photographers Melbourne

    0414 620 840

    Photography Studio Established in 1999

      We are the studio chosen by many who require a keen eye and attention to detail to satisfy their commercial, advertising and marketing needs.

    We are the go-to photographers for a number of prestigious, high-end businesses. We are committed to offering top-notch corporate pictures in Melbourne and across the country. Plans can be a nightmare in the fast-paced, demanding corporate environment!

    The most crucial factor to take into account for a business to properly advertise its products is fantastic product photographs in Melbourne. It goes without saying that excellent product photography boosts sales and gives the goods and companies that sell them a professional and credible image.

    Michael Evans Photographer - Commercial Photographer Melbourne

    0421 853 978

    Commercial & Industrial Photographer based in Melbourne

    What an amazing time to be working as a professional photographer! When I first started shooting large format films over 25 years ago, I could never have imagined the incredible versatility and quality that I would achieve with modern digital capture. Subsequently, with the advent of drone photography, I can now capture stunning images from above or use my high megapixel cameras with an extensive range of lenses to document the world at work from the ground, hanging out the side of a helicopter, or even while working down a mine shaft.

    As a commercial industrial and architectural photographer based in Melbourne, I thrive on creating modern dynamic imagery for use in company reports, websites and marketing materials. Because I specialise in corporate industrial photography, Government agencies, architects, construction firms, local small businesses, and individuals in need of product shots or simply a good, professional corporate portrait are some of the clientele I find myself working with.

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