Top 30 Cardiologists in Melbourne (2024)

If you're looking for the best cardiologists in Melbourne, you've come to the right place. Our list includes some of the top specialists in the city, so you can be sure you're getting quality care. 

Whether you need treatment for a heart condition or just want to make sure your health is in good shape, these cardiologists will help you feel better fast. So what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment today!

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    Ultimate List of Cardiologists in Melbourne

    St. Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne - Cardiologists

    03 9231 2211

    We provide comprehensive cardiac services, with our consultants at the cutting edge of cardiac technology, employing internationally recognised best practises. The Cardiology Department includes the Coronary Care Unit, Cardiac Investigation Unit, Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratories, and the cutting-edge St Vincent's Heart Centre.

    St Vincent's Heart Centre aspires to be recognised as a world-class facility that provides cutting-edge technology and comprehensive ambulatory testing and consulting services under one roof, while also integrating clinical care, education, research, and preventative health. We are taking the lead in the fight against heart disease and vastly enhancing Victorian patients' access to specialised cardiac services.

    Melbourne Heart Clinic for Kids

    (03) 9345 6414

    Paediatric Cardiology Melbourne

    We offer consultations as well as appropriate same-day testing, such as ECG, echocardiography, and ambulatory monitoring.

    Alfred Health - Cardiologists Melbourne

    (03) 9076 2009

    We provide the widest spectrum of healthcare services in Victoria through our three hospital campuses, a sizable network of community programmes, and 16 statewide services.


     We provide care for people from our neighbourhood and all across Australia through a variety of outpatient clinics, investigation suites, and sizable inpatient facilities. 

    General Cardiology

     Patients are often referred to our General Cardiology service to be diagnosed and managed. Depending on the tests and treatments required, patients are sometimes referred to our more specialised cardiology clinics. 

    Specialised Cardiology

    We conduct a range of specialised clinics for specific conditions and apply a multidisciplinary approach to offer the best patient care. 

    FAQs About Cardiology

    A cardiologist is a heart doctor. They specialise in treating heart conditions and diseases and helping patients manage their heart conditions as much as possible.

    A cardiologist will treat any symptoms of heart conditions and diagnose any possible conditions.

    Cardiologists are qualified to treat heart attacks, heart failure, heart valve disease, arrhythmia, and high blood pressure. Cardiologists work in hospitals as well as private practices. 

    To make a diagnosis, cardiologists may give physical exams, order tests — such as an electrocardiogram (EKG), blood tests, exercise stress tests — and interpret tests.

    They may also prescribe medicine, recommend lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, reducing stress levels and managing weight. Cardiologists can perform procedures such as implanting a pacemaker or inserting a cardiac catheter.

    Cardiologists may teach at universities and research within labs to develop new treatments. 


    A pediatric cardiologist is a medical professional who specialises in treating heart conditions in infants, children and adolescents. 

    They provide diagnosis and treatment of both congenital and acquired heart conditions. Their services can include fetal and pediatric echocardiography, cardiac catheterisation, electrophysiology, cardiothoracic surgery and cardiac transplantation. 

    They may also prescribe medications and work with parents and patients to develop lifestyle strategies for recovery from procedures and/or management of chronic conditions.

    As a pediatric cardiologist, you would specialise in treating heart issues in children. You would detect abnormalities and look for heart and blood vessel diseases using state-of-the-art medical equipment, such as echocardiogram machines and x-ray machines. You would also conduct stress tests and order various other medical tests.

    There is no definitive age recommended starting seeing a cardiologist. It is advised to have an annual physical examination from a primary care physician when you get into middle age. They may refer you to a cardiologist if necessary. You may need to see a cardiologist early if you have:

    • Congenital (inborn) diseases of the heart
    • Been referred by your primary care physician
    • Unhealthy lifestyle: Lack of physical activity, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, unhealthy diet and stress factors
    • Chronic health conditions
    • Symptoms of cardiovascular disease like chest/jaw/shoulder pain, palpitations, excessive sweating, dizziness and uneasiness.

    The only tests related to the heart that most people, who are not experiencing symptoms, need are blood cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

    Melbourne Heart Care

    03 9592 2174

    Modern, all-inclusive amenities are available at Melbourne Heart Care's main offices in Brighton. In our other locations in Moorabbin, Bentleigh East, Mulgrave, Clayton, Rowville, Warragul, Alexandra, Wonthaggi, and Morwell, we also offer a variety of consultation and testing services.

    Dr. Jeff Alison and Prof. Ian Meredith founded Melbourne Heart Care in 1996. Since then, the practise has expanded to include 23 cardiologists, guaranteeing that no matter what your heart symptom or condition is, we have the proper doctor to care for you. Our experienced administration, nursing and tech team provide support to our doctors and ensure quality care and assistance to our patients.

    Connected Cardiology Melbourne

    1300 856 163

    At Connected Cardiology, you can expect a detailed assessment of your heart condition, delivered with a caring and compassionate approach and an emphasis on helping you understand your heart condition. We provide cardiac care that is accessible to patients within both metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. Our office welcomes LGBTQI patients and families.

    Medical Specialists on Rathdowne offers both in-person and telehealth consultations. Please specify your preference when making an appointment.


    We believe that open and respectful communication is essential in any medical consultation at Connected Cardiology. You can anticipate a thorough discussion of your symptoms, a thorough examination, and an explanation of any additional tests or treatment options. You can be confident that there will be plenty of time to ask questions, and that they will be answered with respect and understanding. We will work hard to improve and maintain your cardiovascular health in collaboration with you.

    Telehealth Consultations

    Telehealth reviews are available for patients in regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne during the COVID-19 pandemic. We provide consultations using a secure video conferencing platform. Many aspects of a telehealth review are the same as in-person consultation, including the ability to discuss your condition in detail and to ask questions. An in-person consultation may still be organised at a later stage.

    Heart Clinic Melbourne

    (03) 9509 5000

    We pride ourselves on being accessible, professional and excellent in what we do. We are confident that you will have a positive experience with our care as a patient, family member, or referring doctor and will entrust us with the care of you and your patients.

    Meet Our Team

    Dr Mark Freilich

    Dr. Mark Freilich is a General and Interventional Cardiologist with a focus on interventional cardiac procedures. After receiving training in this technique in the United States, he was one of the early adopters of the radial (wrist) approach to coronary angiography in Melbourne.

    Mark earned an honours degree in medicine from Monash University in 1999. He then undertook his residency & cardiology fellowship at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne.In order to start a two-year interventional cardiology fellowship at Lahey Clinic Medical Center, Mark moved to Boston, Massachusetts, in 2007. He went back to Australia in 2009 to start his profession as a cardiologist.

    Melbourne Cardiovascular & Diabetes Centre

    (03) 9802 9259

    We are committed to treating our patients with compassion, respect, and expertise in order to improve their cardiovascular health. Our doctors are also fluent in several languages, including Malay, Hokkien, Cantonese, and Mandarin.


    We treat our patients with the highest standard of technology and knowledge available for reliable results.


    Our knowledgeable and pleasant doctors, who have training in a variety of cardiac disciplines, make sure you get the right care based on your unique needs.

    Victorian Cardiovascular Services

    03 9590 0354

    Our commitment is to provide high-quality cardiovascular care to patients, including a 24-hour emergency service for acute cardiac syndromes. Consultations, procedures, and cardiac testing are available in Glen Waverley, Richmond, Melbourne City, North Melbourne, and Seymour.

    Private individuals can have surgery and interventional procedures at Epworth Hospital, Richmond's top-notch cardiac facilities.

    Victoria Heart Cardiologists

    (03) 9510 9029

    Victoria Heart is an independent Cardiology practice with locations adjacent to The Avenue Hospital in Windsor and Epworth Freemasons in East Melbourne. 

    George Proimos – Interventional Cardiologist

    03 9429 6095

     Cardiologists are specialists in this field of medicine. As an Interventional Cardiologist, George counsels patients on heart disease prevention. George performs angioplasty stenting procedures, valvuloplasty, and other coronary procedures as needed to restore your health and the health of your heart.

    About Interventional Cardiology

    Interventional cardiology is a branch of cardiology dealing with catheter-based treatments for structural heart diseases. Interventional cardiology uses catheters for the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases.

    The catheter is a long, tubular, flexible instrument inserted through blood vessels in the radial artery in the arm, the femoral artery in the groin or neck, and threaded to the heart. By inserting a catheter, it helps to assess the patient’s heart condition. It can be used to repair a damaged heart valve or clear a clogged artery.

    The Cardiologists Melbourne

    (03) 9112 3960

    Our services

    The Cardiologists offers a wide variety of heart examinations and operations that are carried out by senior cardiologists with extensive experience and cardiac technicians using the latest tools and methods.

    These investigations and procedures are performed invariably without out of pocket expense and are meticulously reported and sent promptly to your referring doctor. This allows you to receive excellent, accessible, and affordable cardiac care while also communicating effectively with your referring doctor.

    Justin Mariani - Cardiologist Melbourne

    03 9288 2210

    Associate Professor Justin Mariani

    A/Prof Justin Mariani was trained as a specialist cardiologist in Melbourne at The Alfred Hospital,. He then completed a PhD at Monash University and the Baker Institute. This was followed with an Interventional Heart Failure Fellowship in Toronto, Canada, at the University of Toronto. He achieved specialist status as a cardiologist in 2006.

    His expertise is in all fields of cardiology, but he has special interest and training in heart failure and cardiomyopathies, surgical implantation and follow-up of devices such as pacemakers and defibrillators (and recognised nationally as a leader in cardiac resynchronisation therapy), and clinical and research interest in haemodynamics (pressure) and cardiac catheterisation.

    What is Interventional Heart Failure?

    Interventional heart failure is a subspecialty of cardiology. It is a field where cardiologists have had extra training and developed expertise in advanced heart failure and also have interventional (i.e. procedural) skills that can manage heart failure problems. This includes special pacemaker and electrical techniques, cardiac catheterisation techniques, and many other procedures.

    Not all patients with heart failure need a procedure, and not all patients needing a pacemaker or angiogram have heart failure. The majority of pacemakers that A/Prof Mariani implants and manages are in patients with electrical issues and not heart failure. However, he is able to manage both, which is convenient to patients, especially for complex technologies, such as cardiac resynchronisation therapy and defibrillators.

    Southern Cross Cardiovascular Services

    1300 432 780

     Our cardiologist is highly experienced and places emphasis on patient care and outcome, along with a support staff that provide a friendly and welcoming environment for all.

    Our cardiology clinic provides services such as cardiac risk assessments, cardiology consultations, and echo/stress echocardiography. Our vision is to promote healthy living in the community and promote early detection of cardiac disease.

    Heart of Melbourne

    1300 122 883

    One of Melbourne's largest cardiology organisations, Heart of Melbourne, has offices around the greater Melbourne area. The HoM team is made up of highly skilled cardiologists, technicians, and nurses who are dedicated to providing patients with cardiac conditions with individualised, top-notch healthcare.

    To the assessment and treatment of cardiovascular problems, we contribute years of clinical experience, research, and innovation.

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